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HAPPIER ABROAD Why You Will Have A Better Love and Life Beyond America



Photo Collage of My Dating Life Abroad


Visual Proof that location alone skyrocketed my Dating Life from zero to infinity!


(Like I've always said, if the problem is me, then why don?t I have the same problems beyond America?)


They say that pictures say a thousand words. So see this Photo Collage below for visual proof of my claim that location alone transformed my Dating Life from complete hopelessness to everlasting abundance, and that women are much more warm, open, friendly and easier to meet! (Even without reading this Ebook, these Photos alone are sufficient to explain why I?m happier abroad :))


See what happens to a lonely isolated guy when he steps beyond the US Matrix to countries and cultures where he is in the action and game everyday, where he truly starts LIVING, where meeting girls comes naturally and is part of the flow of things, and where love, dating, sex, beautiful girls, romance, fun, adventure, and pleasure are no longer things he only sees on TV, but experiences in real life! See why many expats consider foreign countries a dating paradise. See my dating and love life skyrocket from zero to infinity!






image001image002image003睆咟彍￾￿閩睁隌睁障睁Russia9dDVC000073RUSSIA9睆咟彍￾￿閩睁隌睁障睁RUSSIA8睆咟彍￾￿閩睁隌睁障睁image010image011RUSSIA7DVC00030Image300Winston and Natasha StPRUSSIA4Image112睮计￾￿閩睩隌睩障睩睮计￾￿閩睩隌睩障睩Winston and JuliaDVC00048睮计￾￿閩睩隌睩障睩Katya_blow_kissImage400Winston and KatyaImage60Image113DVC00017Image120DVC00029DVC00063睮计￾￿閩睩隌睩障睩睮计￾￿閩睩隌睩障睩睮计￾￿閩睩隌睩障睩Image500DVC00158Image11image020image021DVC00255DVC00059Neva_Bridge_Night_ColorsImage222Image444image026DVC00023睆咟彍￾￿閩睁隌睁障睁睆咟彍￾￿閩睁隌睁障睁DVC00071image028Winston Elena IzhevskImage80DVC00165Image66aDVC00074Image102DVC00088Volgograd%20intro%20photoRussia85Image888Image777Olga%20mm6221Olga%20mm6221bRussia86bRussia81Image5Russia92Russia92Image6Image7Russia82Image4Image3Image21Russia97aNatalia ferryRussia95Russia95Russia95Image999Image2222Image1111image037DVC00084DVC00092image044Photo10Image1image040image041Katya%20restaurant%202睆咟彍￾￿閩睁隌睁障睁睆咟彍￾￿閩睁隌睁障睁DVC00102DVC00148image045睮轿퐢￾￿閩睩隌睩障睩DVC00028睆咟彍￾￿閩睁隌睁障睁Image2Moscow_Kremlin_NightMoscow_Cobor_River睆咟彍￾￿閩睁隌睁障睁Image3Image14Image15Image17Image10Image1Winston and Anna close upMoscow%20VDHX%20postcardImage2Image11Photo60Image4DVC00229睮轿퐢￾￿閩睩隌睩障睩睮볟�￾￿閩睩隌睩障睩Photo58image063AlinaImage5Image103Image20Photo73睮轿퐢￾￿閩睩隌睩障睩睮轿퐢￾￿閩睩隌睩障睩Image6Image101Image19睮轿퐢￾￿閩睩隌睩障睩睮轿퐢￾￿閩睩隌睩障睩睮轿퐢￾￿閩睩隌睩障睩Photo147Photo54Photo55aDVC00284Jenya_gift_photosWinston and Jenya close upImage27Image9050302_144501Marinanewphotocloseupimage082image083?DVC00312睮轿퐢￾￿閩睩隌睩障睩Image70


DVC00022DVC00021Image200Biruta RigaDVC00109Irva RigaTallinn PostcardImage111image084Kaunas Old Townimage085睮轿퐢￾￿閩睩隌睩障睩Image3333Image24DVC00109Image25DVC00103睮计￾￿閩睩隌睩障睩Image5555DVC00414DVC00357DVC00646Image10Inga new photo close upDVC00364睮幩￾￿閩睩隌睩障睩DVC00527image091Image21DVC00633Image26DVC00032DVC00033Image19Image20Image18DVC00932Image17DVC00781Photo245Image14Image13image094Image23Image22image095DVC00385DVC00395Photo206DVC00383Image16Image29Photo220Image15Image28Kashka%20KrakowOlsztyn_postcardDVC00377Gdansk_photosPhoto242DVC00015




philippines1P9150225Boracay-Rock-01mP9040020P9150232IMG_1966IMG_1843IMG_1919IMG_2011P9080115P2200163P7270162P7270161P8010002P7310178P9060989P8240747P9010921P6300848P8140294P9090158疿ፀ럀￾￿閩疺隌疺障疺P2160048P8290111P8290109P8290115P8290114P8290112P8290124P8130255P8280106P1230080P1290146P1290144P1280135P1180017P2090136image021P1230085P9040010P9040011P9040008P2180141P2200162P2210169P2100169P2110176P1250110P1260113P2200155P2190152image036image037100_0047image027P2240009image081P6020068P6250811P5210083P8060634P3301570P2110182P2110187P2200160P2210164P7080256Jobelle_closeupP8280848P9080126P9060085P9060078P8260791P8260787P6060005PA121290 (217)PA121290 (219)P8240759P6090048P4050222dP2230190P2230191P3100213Winston and two FilipinasP3030055Winston%20and%20middle%20class%20Filipinas801P051-aOShot filipina trade show girlP9101025P9101023P3260142P3260143image042image038image028P6150031P4180386P6290846P7201160P3291568P8270808P8270815P9201148P9201149P7040209P5030039P7030874P4240017P4121669 (41)P4121675 (90)P4121675 (96)P4121670 (2)P4121674 (14)Q New Camera Photos (95)P4121675 (116)P2191858P219185917872_1217303245121_1605068841_30578770_5790559_nQ New Camera Photos (154)DSC01776?DSC01826DSC01817DSC01827? SDC10860?DSC01782P9111043Untitled2?SDC11219SDC11217UntitledSDC11377SDC11898SDC12091SDC12399SDC12397SDC12437SDC12453Winston and Luisa Manila BayWinston_Luisa_FountainSDC12609SDC12644SDC13505SDC13446



Note: Also see my Videos, Photojournals, Slide Shows and Approachable Faces Gallery!


Not bad for a guy who couldn?t get any dates in the States, huh?


As you can see, once outside the USA Matrix, my dating life SKYROCKETS from ZERO to INFINITY, going from complete hopelessness to everlasting abundance! Love, dating, sex, beautiful girls, romance, fun, adventure, etc. are no longer things I only see on TV (like in America), but are what I EXPERIENCE in REAL LIFE! Thus, BEYOND America is where my dreams and fantasies come true and where I truly start LIVING! I don?t even need any ?game? or BS seduction techniques either. All I have to do is step OUT of the USA MATRIX and be my naturally charming, funny, cute, outgoing, sociable, passionate self, and that?s it! It all happens NATURALLY from there and my dating life turns around 180 degrees! As in real estate, dating is all about location, location, location! See these other testimonials that attest to this too!


And how do you like the rich cultural scenic environments of Europe and Russia shown above? Breathtaking aren't they? Now you see how dull and lifeless suburban America really is.


Now, compare all that above with my life in the States, which basically consists of working, watching TV on the couch, eating junk food, going to Walmart, and living a sterile monk-like existence without any fun, romance, love, sex, excitement, experiences or adventure, and perhaps then you'll understand why I'm so passionate about all this!


Do you also see now that the world outside the US isn?t as gloomy and dismal as the US media likes to portray? Being always ?in the game? and having beautiful cultural scenic environments to immerse myself in, I NEVER have to stay home and feel bored if I don?t want to (like I was forced to in the States)!? In fact, outside America I don?t even need to watch TV since my REAL LIFE abroad is much more exciting than what?s on the tube!


This Photo Collage, in addition to the book contents, are MORE than enough real life proof of the claims in this book! Since I can meet, date, and romance beautiful women anytime I want, naturally and mutually, I am truly FREE! Plus, I am finally VALIDATED in that now I know that the problem wasn't me after all, but with the US social environment and culture!



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