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"Photos prove everything they backup the talk. You walk the talk so to speak and very few of these other men on these Blogging sites can ever claim this not even the agency owners whom many are scamming many men." - Derek, WA

Dating Abroad Slide Shows

These Dating Abroad slide shows are a photographic testament to why I am "Happier Abroad". They show you how Location transformed my Dating Life from complete hopelessness to everlasting abundance overseas, skyrocketing from zero to infinity! See for yourself. The images speak for themselves. The first three were created by me, and the rest are video tributes created by fans. See also my Russia Dating Adventure Photojournals.

See also my Female Encounters of the Foreign Kind Video Series

(Note: The images in the slide show can also be viewed in my Photos Index)

Part 1 - 3

Photo Collage of my Dating Adventures

Foreign Female Encounters Film

HA YouTube Channel

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Winston in the Philippines from James Bond on Vimeo.

Video Tributes by Fans

Winston in Russia from James Bond on Vimeo.

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