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US Feminism = female dominance, male bashing, double standards


"Woman is a violent and uncontrolled animal... If you allow them to achieve complete equality with men, do you think they will be easier to live with? Not at all. Once they have achieved equality, they will be your masters."

- Cato the Elder



Contrary to what its proponents claim, feminism in the US is not about equality between men and women, but about perpetuating female-dominance, male bashing, and double standards.

Their double standards are so glaringly obvious that pointing them out is like shooting fish in a barrel, yet few have the guts to do so.  Here are some great clips of comedians making fun of these double standards on stage in a revealing and funny manner:



I love the part near the end where the comedian says that when women claim it's unfair that they get paid less for doing the same job, he says


"Well it's the same fucked up reason why when we're on the Titanic, the women and children get to go first while we men have to remain onboard a sinking ship! Or why in a hostage situation, they always negotiate the women and children to be released first! Hey, bullets hurt me too! Or when there's a burning house, and the man has to be the one running back in to save others and risk his life! WHERE ARE THE FEMINISTS IN THOSE SITUATIONS? THEY'RE NEVER THERE!"

So true!  Men in the US know these things yet most will never point them out because to do so would be anathema.

Personally, I have no problem with equality between the sexes, but these modern feminists who dominate pop culture, political correctness and the media, assert their dominance and superiority over men, using "equality" as an excuse and cover.  You can see this both in the media and in real life. 

In the media, popular talk shows like Oprah, Dr. Phil, and
Ricki Lake do a lot of male-bashing.  When they discuss relationships and bring couples on their show, the host always bashes the male partner, who is portrayed as ignorant, clueless, backward, and has a learn.  And the female partners are always portrayed as smarter, in the right, and in the role of innocent victim.  You can't blame these hosts in a sense, because regardless of their personal views, that's what their audience (mostly female) wishes to hear.

And of course, on TV sitcoms, wives are often portrayed as smarter than their husbands, and always right during an argument.  For example, on Home Improvement, Tim Allen is portrayed as immature, impulsive, ignorant and needs to be leveled by his wife Jill.  Every time they have a disagreement, Jill is proven right in the end, and Tim apologizes, acknowledging the error of his ways.  The same scenario is depicted on the sitcom King of Queens, as well.

It’s as if the whole sitcom TV series is preaching some twisted form of new morality of right and wrong principles that men need to be emasculated and submit to female dominance.  It’s a very one-sided principle that teaches that men are ALWAYS wrong when they argue with women.  Ick.  I’d rather get my moral lessons from the old Aesop’s Fables, which are far more wholesome and do not degrade a whole gender over the other, than feminist mass media sitcoms.  There’s no way they’re brainwashing me with such twisted values, for I am immune to brainwashing!


The most horrible example of this that I saw in Home Improvement was in the episode where Jill demanded that Tim get a vasectomy (have his genitals surgically altered so as not to produce any fertile sperm during intercourse) done so that they could enjoy a normal sex life without the risk of Jill getting pregnant again.  At first, Tim resisted, lamenting his loss of “manhood” from such an operation, and even became the butt of jokes from others about it.  But as in every episode, he eventually gave in at the end and agreed to have the operation. 


In real life, a real man wouldn’t have given in like that.  But the wimpy emasculated feminist puppet Tim Allen character did.  Somehow, the scriptwriters of the show were insinuating that men need to obey every wish of their woman, even if it means getting a vasectomy against their wishes!!!!!  So in other words, a man’s sexual organs are owned by his woman too!  I can’t believe that this episode didn’t cause an outrage.  If there were a Men’s Rights Movement, I’m sure it would have though.


In any case, if that episode is a sign of the “wave of the future” in America, then I’m outta here!

Even on the radio, national hosts such as Delilah ( also take this tone of male-bashing and promoting female superiority.  For example, Delilah loves reading quotes from relationship counselors and psychologists that claim "The common denominator in successful relationships, is that the male partner listens to his wife."  Now, there is nothing wrong with listening to your partner in a relationship, as it's a good thing to understand each other.  But this is totally one-sided, as there is no mention of suggesting that the woman also listen to her husband. (a bit fishy don't you think?)  A form of male subservience is being proselytized here, that the man, to be a good man, must put the woman's needs above his own.  In essence, he lives to please her, and to keep the relationship stable and healthy, he must acknowledge that.  This is definitely a propagation of female rulership.

Likewise, in the family of one of my ex-girlfriend's, the same female superiority values were propagated. (But of course, since my ex-girlfriend's mom was a single mother, this was even more so)  I was indoctrinated by her mother and her mother's friends that "a good man must take care of the woman's needs" which I have no problem with, except that it was one-sided, as there was no mention of the woman taking care of the man's needs too.  One time, when I complained about feeling like I was sacrificing all my needs for her, and that our life was all centered around her, my ex-girlfriend's sister remarked, "That's the way it should be" implying that the relationship should revolve completely around the female partner.

Similarly, in a job I had where I marketing basement finishing systems, while talking to couples who were prospective clients, the man would point to his wife and tell me, "Well she's the boss".  Since when is the wife always the boss, I wonder.


And whatever happened to the feminist ideal that preached equality?  This is clearly dominance, not equality.  Any honest person can see that, though few are willing to complain about it in the US.


Also, among the feminist spokespeople, especially those who dominate college curriculum, there is a movement to also rewrite history to glorify women, and even a movement in religion to worship the Goddess, rather than God, and even to exclaim "Oh my Goddess!" rather than "Oh my God!"

The reason these feminists who dominate pop culture, the media, and political correctness, are termed "feminazis" by their critics (whose forbidden views you can't hear on TV or in the mainstream media, only on the internet or abroad) is because these folks are like "Nazis" in the sense that they seek to dominate others and maybe even the world, and they do not tolerate any disagreement or open discussion of their values of female superiority.  Anyone who challenges their views or disagrees is automatically labeled as "chauvinist pigs" and backwards, a product of a formerly oppressive culture against women.  Thus, you either assimilate into their values of female superiority, or you become vilified.


One of my readers vociferated:


“American feminists love to hide behind a false facade by pretending to "defend the rights of oppressed women".  But in reality it's just a smoke screen to obscure their real intentions which are much more sinister. Their goal is to proclaim their superiority over men, deprive men of all their rights, confiscate all their money, steal all their property and ultimately rule over them. Since it's difficult for most women to accomplish their objectives with aggression, they seek to distract their opponent with BS----otherwise known as feminism. So when you hear a feminist feign concern for oppressed women don't be so quick to sympathize. There's a hidden agenda behind her words of compassion. Feminists are not genuine or sincere. They're selfish phonies who'll say anything to get their way.” 


And an immigrant observed:


“Ask any non-brainwashed woman and you will find their disgust of the irony. Thanks to the feminist movement, they can now work 9-5 instead of sit home, do nothing; romance and chivalry is gone as the woman is now "strong" and could care less about any "stupid man," etc. Obviously any US-media consumer will relate to the "stupid man" who is always portrayed as less intelligent, more amoral, non-deserving, etc. I recently saw a funny one in an average feminist college textbook- men are only physically stronger because they have forced women to nurture the young while they have developed physical power over time by physical labor. They even included some B.S. charts and graphs. One must take heed and only attend US colleges if he is pursuing a science degree. Otherwise he will be used by the instrument of the new liberals- feminists, PC drones, and the like...”


As to how this all came to be, one internet forum poster explained:

“Women can get away with denigrating men because they have powerful political organizations that have a lot of influence in government. And men cannot do the same against women because they don't organize their politics along gender-lines. There are no politically powerful men's organizations whose purpose is to speak exclusively for the interests of men.

I suppose this is one of the dangers of democracy. People can organize themselves along gender lines, sectarian lines, or tribal lines and try to deprive each other of rights and privileges.

The Constitution is supposed to prevent this kind of thing. But the Constitution is only as good as the politicians who write it. Perhaps the
US constitution doesn't have good protection against sexism. And that's why women have been able to organize themselves along gender lines and change the rules in their own favor.”

This brand of feminism in the US is also rife with unfair double standards.  For example, women can bash men publicly and in the media, but men can't bash women that way. 


Here's a simple obvious example.  If a man says in any public situation in the US, "Men are smarter than women", he would automatically be labeled as a sexist and chauvinist pig, become abhorred, and lose respect among the crowd. And if it was a professional setting, he could lose his job of course.

But if he said publicly "Women are smarter than men", the men would passively tolerate it while the women would smirk and grin and think "It's nice that he pays us the proper respect where it's due, if only more men would too" and thus the statement would be accepted.

If that's not a double standard, then I don't know what is. There are many such examples that depict the unfairness of feminism of course, but this is just one of the simplest and most obvious ones.  I wonder how American adult women, who are basically intelligent and educated, not see the unfairness in that?


Marty Nemko, author, radio show host, and co-president of NOM (National Organization for Men, provides examples of how quotes of public attacks on men were allowed, but not on women:

“Another example of the New Double Standard: Leading women’s advocates have, with little substantiation, made statements about men that never would be tolerated if said about women:


 “As far as I'm concerned, men are the product of a damaged gene.” (Germaine Greer, in in an invited address at the Alert! Conference.)


"All men are rapists and that's all they are." (Marilyn French, author of the feminist classic, The Women’s Room, in a People magazine interview.)


"I believe that women have a capacity for understanding and compassion which a man structurally does not have, does not have it because he cannot have it. He's just incapable of it." (Former congresswoman Barbara Jordan)


None of those leaders suffered significant reprisals. In contrast, consider what happened when Harvard president, Lawrence Summers, in an internal brainstorming meeting, in response to a request to be provocative, merely hypothesized, with multiple qualifications, that innate differences might partly explain why more men are in science.  That statement, especially when opined in a private meeting, is not only less devastating to women than the above statements are to men, substantial research supports Summers’ hypothesis.  Yet, a national firestorm led by NOW ensued demanding Summers’ firing, and Harvard’s 762-member Faculty of Arts and Sciences issued an unprecedented and career-devastating vote of lack of confidence in Summers. 


This establishes a new double standard: you can, without reprisal, viciously denigrate men without substantiation but dare you make a milder statement about women, your career is eviscerated. That double standard will make academics, leaders, and the media think 10 times before saying something negative about a woman, but not about a man. That will immeasurably hurt how men are treated today, and in future generations.”


As you can see, that's an example of why I dislike the "politically correct movement" for it places its agenda (in this case, feminism and male-bashing) over the truth, while I prefer the truth over what's politically correct.


Likewise, a hiring manager can say that he wants a female for a position because females are more empathetic, kind, and understanding, but he can't say that he wants a male for a position because men are stronger and more rational, or else he is finished.  The "feminazis" would eliminate such a person for saying that, hence what I said earlier about intolerance and double standards.  Nemko points this out well in an article:

Or even worse, imagine if a feminist overheard a male manager saying,


“I prefer to hire men because they’re less emotional most of the month and dramatically so the rest of the time. I also prefer to hire men because they devote more time to their careers. More women want to work shorter hours so they can have enough time for family, friends, and so on. Yet another reason I like to hire men is that women, on average, are more devious.  Guys are more direct; you’re more likely to know where you stand.” Even though there is a reasonable basis for that manager’s assertions, he would be fired faster than you could say, “sex discrimination.” 


Yet if that same manager were to say, “I prefer to hire women because they’re more interpersonally sensitive and better team builders,” that equally gender-generalizing statement would likely be met, not with a lawsuit, but with praise. There is a new double-standard. People, the media, and the colleges can attack men but not women.” 


And if a woman acts rude or inconsiderate to a man, it is acceptable because she is a woman, but if a man does that to a woman, it is an unpardonable sin.  Also, it is not a crime for a woman to hit a man, but it is for a man to hit a woman.  Such examples of double-standards are among many.


In response to my question as to why American women tend to be the least friendly in the world, here is what one man had to say:


“>Second, about RW friendliness, I forgot to tell you that in almost every country outside the US (Japan may be an exception) women are more friendly to strangers and less paranoid than in America..<
True. Because most places in the world women know how to act feminine and are comfortable in their roles. The main reason why things are so different here is because of orgs like N.O.W. The
Battle of the Sexes started in this country in the late 70's and American women have wanted to compete with men and become like them (in their mind). So they figured that if they act like total bitches and are aggressive (usually overtly so) instead of assertive they will be more like men. So now you have legends of unhappy women from that era onward thinking they have succeeded,  when in fact all surveys done since 1970 have shown a steady decline of happiness in women. They were told they could do and have it all, career,marriage,children etc and very few can handle any of it successfully. They were set up to fail and their failure also took down the men around them. They do not want to admit they were lied to by the feminist leaders, and the dream doesn't work. They are women and should be happy they are.  The N.O.W. org in this country is and always has been run by man hating ball buster types who are also predominately Lesbians.  Gloria Stienham et al has done complete 180's of their views from back when they started the movement, but they have left 2 generations of totally messed up women in the process.
It is no wonder that American women drown their sorrows in food. It is becoming the norm in this country to be obese, especially with women.  Even "happily married career women".  I think it was the latest edition of JAMA that stated that nurses are finding it difficult to give IM injections in the glutes of women in this country because of the excessive fat thickness!  The needles can't reach the muscle!!  For decades women like Oprah told women that being "large","heavy", BBB, was okay and it is what is on the inside that counts. RIGHT  Total denial of what is in the mirror!  Oprah has worked hard to try to reverse that body shape and image in the last year, and finally she is looking like she wanted to in the first place!  She finally figured out men do not find fat women attractive and she lost most of the excess poundage.  But now she has had to eat her words and tell women her position  was wrong and they were lying to themselves (mainly because Dr Phil told her she was wrong and showed her why!). They will not feel happy weighing 300 pounds and downing bon bon's to ease the pain.
They have come a long way as far as equal pay and rights, but they have also taken a giant leap backwards as far as how they got there and their idea of how a real woman should act.”


What these feminists and feminazis don't realize is that they are actually an odd quirk in the world.  The rest of the world sees them as unnatural, anti-feminine, and anti-men; and that includes foreign women as well.  They may delude themselves into thinking that the rest of the world admires them as a progressive liberation movement, but in reality they are perceived as haters of their own femininity.  One reader noted:


You are right that feminism has run amok in the US. However, many women in Europe (especially the Former Soviet Union) reject feminism and consider it a dirty word.  They view a woman who is a feminist as either unattractive or a lesbian.  Feminism in the US also has made men feel guilty about their masculinity. This guilt leads to more and more men becoming "sensitive new age guys", which women claim they want, but in reality do not.“


Therefore, if we take the American conformist mentality that the majority is always right, and that the misfit or odd ones are "the problem", then by that standard these US feminists and feminazis are "the problem" since they are different than the rest of the real world. (Incidentally, since American culture has always made me feel like an alienated misfit, my citing its culture as an odd quirk in the context of the rest of the world is a form of sweet revenge, you could say :))


Even foreigners within the US often view its feminism as unwholesome and unnatural.  As one Russian woman wrote to one of my readers:


”I see that most of american women are very independent and strong but in Russia independent and strong woman trying to set up for her man. I think that the main point for Russian woman is to belong to someone she loves. Here in America I see that man and woman instead of equality get an opposition sometimes. In Russia the family for woman is always on the first place. We don't need equal rights because the strength of woman and man is different but in relations it is something that called harmony. What do you think? Am I right? Man is always a conqueror and woman is born to love but not to fight. I think that on the natural level every woman trying to find a man that better and stronger then she is. If she doesn't find love of such man she becoming a feminist. I am not a feminist and think that there is something wrong in that idea. I believe that any man can win the heart of any woman in the world if he has enough of persistence, patience and fascinated mind. Do you share my point of view? I think that any woman can have enough of her heart and energy to keep the house and do her career but it is possible only if she gets inspiration from her man. And nothing could make a woman more beautiful than love.”


And though rare, there are still some old-fashioned women left in America who disagree with the current trend of US female culture:


“I think it's hot and surprising that any man from any culture is dominant.
There are so many men that are feminized and wimpy. What happened to old
fashioned roles and values? I am miserable because of all those bra burning
feminists that ruined things for my generation. I'd rather stay at home and
cook and take care of babies, and be married, then be a single struggling
mom trying to make it in this harsh world alone. No support. No love. It's
misery. Sheer, pure, misery. Put that down for all the American girls out
there. A nice dose of reality coming from your friend Kristy.”



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