Attacks and Rants from Critics and Bashers of Winston Wu


The Worst and Meanest Things Ever Said About Me


Updated 08/14/08


“I tell ya Winston, you are gathering quite the little fan club… Well, its like the old World War II motto goes; "If your taking flak, you must be over the target."

Grunt from Winston’s Forum


“Winston, as I was watching your adventures, I was thinking what a lucky person you are to have experienced so many things - regardless if they were positive or negative.  You did this on your own, and you should be proud of yourself.  Most of your enemies simply sit and write behind a computer, but you have lived it - which means a lot more.  Think of how many men in the US will never have the chance to do what you have done.  I guess what I admire most about you is that you been willing to share your experiences with the rest of the world to enjoy, and I am happy to have come across your site 3 years ago…“ - Giovanni


"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because  there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually  strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least  fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."

- Teddy Roosevelt


“Something to consider .. and my own Master has revealed the truth of this for me... Whenever we perceive a flaw or a "problem" with another being?  THAT very flaw actually LIVES WITHIN our very own BEing.  What is happening is... that other "individual"  ( who is nor really separate from you but VERY connected at the sub atomic level of Consciousness)  is acting as a MIRROR for us.    People REFLECT BACK to us  what our own issues are.   IF... we did not have any issues  about  .. say ... BEING CHEATED, as our OWN INNER issue ... then it would literally be IMPOSSIBLE to recognize that perceived "flaw" in others.  AND .. if it keeps coming up?  Guess what?  We have yet to successfully concur that issue which is very alive within ourselves.

- FaithRada, Winston's spiritual advisor


(Note:  For more eloquent comments about my bashers, see the bottom of this page)



Not everyone that watches my life is my fan.  As with any public figure, there are those who wish to ridicule and try to bring me down as well.  For those with a morbid desire to read vicious attacks and flame wars, here is a collection of the worst things that my critics, bashers, and enemies ever said about me.  They are taken mostly from the hate forum dedicated to bashing me at, the Talk Lounge at, and of course my arch nemesis Dave Fuller (whose rants I've collected can be found here).


Now, you might wonder WHY I am hated by some and why there is a hate forum out there directed at me.  Well your guess is as good as mine.  I NEVER EVER wronged any of those guys on my hate group.  Hence, they have no logical or legitimate reason to hate me.  But nonetheless, “hate” is an illogical emotion anyway, which is highly personal and subjective.  They seem to feed off of hate, as those with dysfunctional emotional imbalances, character flaws and psychoses do.  They are “bullies” who have picked me as a target for one reason or another, especially since I’ve exposed myself with almost total honesty in my writings and adventures.  And in my book, anyone who hates someone they never met and who never wronged them, has got some serious issues and problems.  They are the kind of people that healthy sane people best stay away from.  

As Alfred the Butler said in the the Batman movie Dark Knight, "Some people just want to see the world burn in flames."


Nevertheless, I think it can be argued that when one achieves a status where one is regarded as a hero by some, and hated by others, that that person has achieved SIGNIFICANCE. 


What these folks don’t understand is that as in the Star Wars universe, the more you hate something, the more power you give to it.  Hence, the more these critics and bashers hate me, venting their derision and energy at me, the more power it gives me over them.  Just like when you hate the fact that your back it itching, it makes it itch even more.  Likewise, the more you hate an attention-seeker, the more he will feed off of it to gain more power and influence over others.  These folks don’t understand the metaphysical principle that hates make the hated more powerful. 


Now, if these phonies were truly wise, they’d employ the Zen method of non-resistance and going with the flow, to subdue my influence; giving me no more power over them.  But, these folks have their own issues obviously, and are addicted to venting off of me.  The more hate and attacks these people direct at me, the more powerful I become, and the more elevated my importance is, hence why I put these comments up on my site, to use to my advantage!


Some of them are mere armchair quarterbacks.  Others are losers or dysfunctional people who seek an easy target to bring down and belittle to make lower than themselves, to feed their own dysfunctional egos and control dramas.  And of course, since I write and reveal so much openly, I provide such an easy target for them.  It is probable though, that these people like me in some subconscious way, for if they truly disliked me, they would not email me but ignore me instead.  The fact that I attract them in a morbid way where they feed off of ridiculing and hating me, suggests this.


If you wish, you can their join a Yahoo group hate forum that these bashers of mine formed (if you actually have nothing better to do with your time, and if so I pity you) by going to this link and clicking “Join This Group”:


You can also see some other vicious and funny comments directed at me in my Guestbook archive at:


Here are the flaming rants.  You can read some eloquent comments about these “enemies” of mine by my fans way down at the bottom too, which I think accurately sums them up.




Take a look at this completely wretched venomous comment made about me from someone who calls herself AliceFromMoscow, a moderator on


”winston you are ugly chinese. face it already.

Not that i have something against chinese, but winston is definitely the best example of combination of both outside and inside ugliness and rot. winston you are a loser. you are the kind of person who have "kick me" stickers on their back. Thats why fate keeps kicking you in the back. Though, judging your stories, it sometimes kicks you in the balls too. Let me tell you a secret. People will always treat you like shit, because shit you are.

But hey, shit can dry up and stop smelling, so no one would notice it. Thats what i'd advice to you. Dry up, shithead!”


W:  Fortunately though, one eloquent comment someone made erases all of that "sh**" above:


(From a list member)


Hey winston, take heart!


"Great Spirits Have Always Encountered Violent Opposition From Mediocre Minds" - Albert Einstein



Subj:    Why do these bad things keep happenin'  to our little


  Date:    10/4/2004 11:08:32 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:    Bart Darfler <


  Sent from the Internet (Details)




There's little doubt that most all of the trouble

that's befallen you is solely of your own making.  You

take advantage of others almost on a daily basis so

you can save pennies.  The money you've saved by being

an incredible cheapskate banks you the extra cash so

you can argue for hours on end with a skanky whore

over the principles of a deal????  That she tired of

your pudgy little ass and was willing to argue for

hours on end rather than accomodate your over-sexed,

school boy erotic obsessions is of little surprise,

but that's not the point.


You scam the unemployment system, sell videos on EBay,

and solicit donations to fund your travel adventures,

and then bankroll hos???  Am I the only one who sees

the irony here??  You've taken advantage of most

everyone you've come in contact with, but cry foul

when the tables are turned??  Believe me, you've only

tasted the appetizers thus far.  Karma has got one

helluva buffet waitin' on your slimy little ass,



Is it possible that just maybe the whore in Vyborg,

your dear friend,Vadim, and all the others who have

exhibited little tolerance for your cheap,

self-serving, pubescent school boy, mysoginistic

antics have read your collection of idiotic posts

about your travels?  I would not doubt it for a

minute.  You cut a swath of miserly misery where ever

you land, and then spew the details about them as if

you had no hand whatsoever in their eventual outcome.

If I was anywhere in the vicinity of your travels, I'd

jump at the chance to be your "friend" too.  What an

mind-boggling waste of humanity you are!!!


Beyond the entertainment value, and a primer on what

not to do while visiting a foreign country, there is

an upside to all have skillfully managed

to paint a big red target on your egotistical ass.  On

the other hand, quite sadly, the collateral damage

you've managed to inflict on the well intentioned who

will travel in your wake is appalling.  They'll suffer

for your conceit and avarice.  Of course, that would

be of little concern for someone only out for

themselves, now wouldn't it???


Learn some humility, you parasite.  Try considering

other's wants & needs ahead of your own just for once.

Despite what your well intentioned, but twisted daddy

may have told you, the world was not created to be

your oyster alone.  What a concept, eh?


And what about that merry little "band" of advocates

that cheer you on???  What a sad bunch they are.  The

sane ones only egg you on for the entertainment value

of your written travails, little else.  Those that

truly think you're some kind of lofty adventurer with

admirable qualities to emulate, well they're just as

fucked up as you are. 


More likely than not, these cretinous voyeurs would

NEVER do what you've done, but salivate with envy as

they relish the vicarious thrills of reading about

your buffoonery.  Yep, with few exceptions, it's

doubtful that most of these bottom feeders have

ventured outside their own city limits, had a genuine,

successful, long-term relationship of any measurable

substance with another, living human being, or possess

the communication skills to carry on a meaningful

conversation that doesn't include topics of hate,

conspiracy theories, comic books, vibes, or Star Trek

reruns.  Mighty Wu and his gaggle of misanthropic

misfits!!  That's right, you know who I'm talking



Winnie, you're nothing more than a nasty, little,

festering, anal lesion, and an embarrassment to any

self respecting human with an I.Q. over 34.  But, then

I certainly don't expect that you'll get the message

until someone really shit-hammers your ass into the

ground for good!  I, for one, look forward to reading

the obit.


Until then, keep those hilarious diatribes a-commin,'

you fuckin' loser!!!  ROTFLMAO at YOU!!!!




W:  From my former manager at Estates News gazette


Fuck you once again, Wu!!!!


I have no hatred for you but I only despise you.  I am

not judging you.  You are a worthless piece of shit.  You are despicable.

You are a beggar.  You asked me to let you stay in our office which I did not

let you do.  You are a scum.  You asked Nitesh to let you stay in his

apartment and we never asked you about such things.  We were very honest with

you and paid every cent that you were supposed to receive.


I completely agree with what Dave Fuller writes about you.  My life is not a 100% the way I wanted it to be.  You constantly change your mind about everything.  You are inconsistent.  You can't get girls from Moscow, St-Petersburg or New York City.  If you think, you will be happy in Eastern Europe (Poland, Lithuania or Latvia), then you are a 100% wrong.  You can only hook girls from Yoshkar-Ola and Cherepovets and other provincial towns like that.  You once said you suck anyone's dick for a million dollars but somehow I am sure you could do it even for USD500

becaise you look like a bum, and in Russia you are a bum.  I assume your

parents help you, a fucking cocksucker  financially while you instead of renting a room to live in, spend endless nigths for USD3 per night in internet

cafes in Moscow.


I am lucky I won't see you anymore and congratulate you with your Engagement with your childish girl, who is 19 years old, from the Yoshkar-Ola region.

Poor girl.  I don't envy her.  I guess it would be best for her to come to the USA and tell you to fuck off in couple of years. You saiid you had bought her a ring for USD 35 an engagement ring.  This is probably a copper ring.


I really do not give a shit about you.  You are both a mistake of nature and an abortion victim.


Bye, Wu, a dirty worthless piece of shit and stupid

filthy cocksucker.

I wish all the best in all your beginings and, please,

do not distrub me anymore.  Dave Fuller's e-mails are always welcome.




Slava’s 11 point attack on me+his combat challenge


Dear all,

For those interested, first of all, here is an example of how childish, immature, and bullyish Slava is.  Here is a portion of his email where he attempts to woo my best friend Amber, and show her how manly and studly he is, by challenging me to physical combat.  Wow, this goes to show how mature and mentally healthy this guy is, no better than the typical dysfunctional internet junkie who flames people all day.  I’m sure it makes him look so sexy, manly, and attractive to Amber.  Wooooooo!


> 11) You called me "a coward" in your previous e-mail.  What did you

> mean?  I

> think Wu is a coward.  I am ready to meet him in a hand-to-hand


> after

> work.  See, if he agrees to that.  You'll understand at once who the

> coward

> is.  Wu is a shiftless braggart and a total flake.  All Wu is good


> is

> writing his boring stupid updates, which is the main idea of his


> Isn't it so?  I guess this is a rhetorical question because the


> is

> obvious.


Now here is his letter in full, which consists of a meaningless vain 11 point attack on me.  The thing is, he must be madly deluded if he thinks that any of these points show me to be any less of a person.  Nothing he brings up shows me to be bad or despicable.  But it only goes to show how petty he is.  He can’t find anything of substance to attack me on, so he nitpicks at whatever he can.  This demonstrates his “hater mentality” of looking for any excuse to hate someone.  Nevertheless, my response to each of his points is included below as well.


> Hi, Amber darling!


> Hope all is well with you and you have had a change of your heart

> today.

> That makes me think you'll be a lot nicer to me  in your next letter.



W:  Slava, if you think there is even a 0.0000001 percent chance that Amber will like you after what she knows about you, you are the most deluded insane person in the world!  Let me tell you something else.  Even if by some magical chance, Amber flew over to Moscow to meet you right now, she would not like your personality, character, or vibes in person at all.  I can guarantee this 100 percent to you.  And this would be true even if you put on your best character.  The foul smell of what you really are is unmaskable, especially to one as perceptive as her.


> When I occasionally mentioned your spelling mistakes to Wu, I was not

> being

> judgemental of you.  It was Wu who emphasized that when he had

> returned from

> Russia (I mean from his first visit to Russia) and started telling


> about

> his adventures in  Russia, you had no idea which part of the world

> Russia

> was in (according to Wu).  He added it was so because you failed to

> leave

> your high school. 


W:  Yes I did say that Amber didn’t know where Russia was on a map when I first brought it up to her.  But I didn’t say it was because of her education or dropping out of high school.  It wasn’t relevant to her life up until then, so why would she know or care where it was on a map?  Most Americans aren’t very good at geography anyway, cause it’s not interesting to them.  But I have NEVER EVER used the derogatory words to describe her or others like you did.


Amber, I don't really (!!!!!) care why you did not

> manage

> to complete secondary education. 


W:  Then why did you keep asking me about it in the office, and then using nasty words to judge her intelligence and character, based on such little information?  You did so on at least THREE OCCASSIONS TOO! You know you did it, I know, Amber knows, and God knows.  You can’t hide from the truth Slava!


I feel you are a very kind and

> good-hearted person but let's state to the facts and return to our

> muttons:


W:  Then how come last time we met and I told you how highly I regarded Amber, you kept spouting “F*** Amber!” over and over again?



> 1).  I did not use the word "dumb" about you and I do not use it in


> vocabulary.


> 2).  I do not use the following slang words Wu mentioned in your

> letter such

> as " He (Slava) said you were stupid, moronic, nimb-com poop, a


> etc.

> because you didn't finish high school, had a child out of wedlock,




W:  Slava, you used those words and words that were much worse.  Would you put your hand on the Bible and swear that you didn’t?  Of course you would, cause you’re an atheist without conscience.  But God knows you did so, you know you did so, I know you did so, Amber knows, and our other colleague in the office heard it all too.  There is no escape Slava.  Plus, you said those things at least on three occasions too! 


Slava, dude, buddy, anyone who even looks at your photo and mine would know who to believe.  The photo I have of you smiling (which I will scan and show to the list someday) shows you as a mischievous person, who looks a lot like the mythical “Loki” character from the Norse myths, who is always engaging in mischievous pranks and deceit.  The eyes and face often manifests the true nature of the person on the inside, and in your case it’s true.  No one will see an honest person in your photo.  But my honesty here is not only seen on my photo, but has been well known for many years, in fact I am considered too honest.


> You said nothing in your reply about that.  Why?  Can you still

> believe Wu

> after that?  Do you still consider him your friend?  Wu used the


> that

> people who critisized him about his adventures had written in their

> e-mails

> to Wu.  Yes or no?  These slang words are: "moronic, nimb-com poop". 

> I hope

> you will be smart enough to digest it and realize who is who and who

> is Wu,

> or you still want to believe Wu.


> 3).  Wu wanted in the past to have you for a wife but for some


> nothing came off.  Yes or no? Why did you turn him down?  He might

> make a

> good father for Gabriel.  Yes or no?  Wasn't  it so?


W:  Oh my gosh.  Slava, I never said I wanted Amber for a wife, just that I desired a romantic relationship with her before.  Amber, I would not answer his question if I were you, because in asking this, he is not looking for honest answers, but for anything he can use against me.  That’s the purpose of the question.  The answer is none of his business anyway, and is something between me and her.


And don’t try to lie to her that you’d make a good father for Gabriel.  She knows as well as everyone that you’d make a horrible father, and you are the last example that she’d want as a role model for him.  She’s take me over you anyday.  Who would want their child growing up with hate and the teachings from a gorilla intellect?


> The problem with you Amber that you cannot pass judgements on people. 

> To

> make a judgement, one has to listen to the aguments of the two


> and

> witnesses.  What do you think?  You'd better consult your grandfather

> about

> that since he is one the US 100 prominent corporate lawyers.  I am

> 100% sure

> he will educate you about that.


W:  She did listen to your side, and smelled the BS.  Slava, you never even worked as a lawyer, so you are not in a position to comment.


> 4) I never called you "dumb" or "stupid" because of your spelling

> errors.  I

> never (!!!!!) called you "dumb" or "stupid" at all.



W:  Now I have lost all respect for you, since you are lying 100 percent, in the face of truth and all who know it.  You are SCUM, big time!!!!!!!


> 5)  To believe Wu or not is your personal right and not an


>  Wu

> knows your weak points and he skillfully implemented them in his

> endless

> boring updates by stating that I was saying them against you.  But he

> overdid it having used the above mentioned slang words.  Yes or no?


> 6) You wrote you'd never met Dave in person. You never met me in


> either but you called me "an asshole and a rude person".  You made


> conclusions basing on Wu's lies.  Do you know that Wu's life is full

> of lies

> as a collander full of holes?  Yes or no?  Or is it just because you

> want to

> believe him?  How can you believe him?  Did you live with him under


> roof?  I advise you  to spend a couple of days with him in one


> without leaving it and you will immediately understand me.


W:  Slava, I’ve never lied or done anything wrong to you, and you know it.  Amber has spent much more time with me than you have, and she knows me much better.



> 7)  Wu calls people that he met in Moscow his friends.  Did it ever

> occur to

> you if those people considered Wu their friend?  Yes or no?  I wish


> could ask those firends.  Think it over.


W:  Many in Moscow and other cities call ME their friend.  I am not sure if I would call them friends or acquaintances as most of them would not help me in an emergency, though they are willing to hang out.  In any case, I would certainly be glad to hand over to Amber or anyone my large list of contacts in Moscow so she can call them and ask about me.  Most of them will not say anything negative about me.  Nevertheless, I’d love to contact people on your list Slava, including those you scared away with your nastiness.



> 8)  You write Wu "never once lied to you".  Don't you Amber know from

> psycology, which you think I need to discuss with your Mom, that


> person lies many times during the day. This is a stated fact of

> science.

> Even you lie.  You may lie to you kid, you Mom but these lies are



> little things (trifles).  So where is the truth then?


W:  I would agree that almost everyone, 99.99 percent of people, have lied sometime in their life.  So what?  She knows that I would not lie about this situation.  Based on what you say, should we all disbelieve everything we hear from now on?  She knows it is not in my nature to lie about what someone else says.  And in this case, I have told the truth about you and what you said.



> 9)  Wu says in his updates he is getting a lot of phone numbers from

> girls

> in Moscow but can you ask if these grils (I mean Muscovites and not


> girls who are on a visit to Moscow, that is,  guests in Moscow) why

> they all

> refuse to see or date Wu.  Why?  Did you know that?  Wu asked me

> personally

> to call them to arrange a date with them.  I called them several


> and

> they told me  they did not want to see Wu and had given him their


> numbers just for fun, or they found excuses not to see Wu because


> were

> busy after their work and had other better things to think of.



W:  Slava, first of all, not all of them refuse to see me.  You know that I’ve gone out on many dates with these girls.  Yes, some flaked out on me and wouldn’t see me or never made time, even after giving me their number.  But so what?  You said at the time that that’s how some girls are, and that it’s happened to you before too.  But what is your point here?  Just because some girls who don’t even know me, refuse to go out with me based on their superficial reasons (perhaps I’m not their taste or they are just teasers) doesn’t make me any less of a person, especially to Amber.  That you hope that Amber’s opinion of me will be lowered based on this, is an insult to her intelligence.  She is not like that at all, fortunately.  She is wise, kind, open minded, and beautiful inside and out (and I’m not just saying that because she’s my friend, a lot of guys do hit on her in person).


And your previous comment about me not being able to get girls in Moscow, and only in small Russian cities in the province, is lame and pointless too.  What were you trying to prove?  Do you really think Amber is going to think less of me because big city women don’t like me, and only small town women do?  Sheesh.  That was an insult to her intelligence.


When I tell her about the girls that flake out on me, she usually tells me that it was their problem anyway.


> 10)  I remarked in my previous e-mails toyou that I was once in the

> sauna

> with Wu.  Wu was all the time in his dirty pants.  After the sauna he

> was

> sweating  profusely but to my amazement he did wash his body with gel

> or

> soap.  Nor did he shampoo his hear.  Men and women were admitted to

> this

> sauna. 


W:  So what?  Everyone sweats in that sauna.  I did rinse with a shower there, and that’s all I needed.  I don’t go to those kind of places often, so I didn’t know if there was a custom of bringing soap or shampoo.  I take a full shower everyday nevertheless.


Wu did not go there any more since he had save money to for


> trips to Yoshkar-Ola.  Once I went there with my friends and  Wu was

> calling

> me while I was there to ask how many naked there had been in the

> sauna.  I

> told him there was only one and her body was covered with a towel.  I

> felt

> that Wu got really disappointed.  It clearly shows that Wu is a

> pervert and

> a voyeur.  He obviously has sexual problems and needs psycological

> treatment

> from your Mom.  What do you think of that, Amber?  Help him with


> if

> you still like to endure his presence.


> 11) You called me "a coward" in your previous e-mail.  What did you

> mean?  I

> think Wu is a coward.  I am ready to meet him in a hand-to-hand


> after

> work.  See, if he agrees to that.  You'll understand at once who the

> coward

> is.  Wu is a shiftless braggart and a total flake.  All Wu is good


> is

> writing his boring stupid updates, which is the main idea of his


> Isn't it so?  I guess this is a rhetorical question because the


> is

> obvious.


W:  Oh wow, geez.  I’m sure by challenging me to a fight, you appear so manly, sexy, and attractive to Amber.  Oooooooo!  And so mature and mentally healthy too!  Slava, it’s too bad you don’t see how childish you look.  When Amber called you a coward, it was for talking bad about her behind her back.  I am not a coward in that way.



> Amber, try to answer all these questions in this letter if not to me,

> then

> to yourself, and you'll have a pretty clear picture of Wu.  I have a

> hunch

> that you trying  to deceive youself.  Why?  You should always remain

> honest

> with yourself.


> I advise you, Amber, to come to Moscow and see everything in person. 

> You'll

> have a chance to speak to people whom Wu thought were his friends in

> his

> opinion but not in reality. 


W:  Actually Slava, I have a dose of reality for you, BEFORE I came to Russia this trip, I had Amber talk to about 4 or 5 of my friends in Russia over the phone, who spoke English well.  None of them said anything negative about me, and both Amber and they liked talking to each other.  It was a mutual positive interaction.  So again Slava, you LOSE on this point.


I promise you nobody will either touch

> you or

> do you any harm as you'll be under my personal protection.  Consider

> it my

> invitation for a goodwill visit to Russia.


> Looking forward to hearing from you.  Send my love to Gabriel.


> Love,


> Slava.


W:  What a total devious liar and con artist.  Fortunately, my best friend can see through it all.  Slava, let me give it to you again.  EVEN if Amber were to somehow magically come to Russia now, she would NOT like your personality, vibes, or behavior at all.  I can guarantee that to you 100 percent.  I know the types of people she likes and doesn’t like, and you definitely without a doubt fit into the latter category big time.  So your efforts are in complete vain and foolishness.


And finally Slava, everyone here ought to see your latest short but revealing letter to me.  It shows what a mature dude, full of happiness and good mental health, you are.




Fuck you.


Don't send me your shit you areonly good for.  I am not interested in


You are a total flake and you obviously need the attention.  I bet, if


lose Amber as your friend, you'll commit suicide because you have no






Press release: Winston apprehended for stealing flowers!


Dear all,

During the flame wars between Fuller and I a few weeks ago, some of you may have missed or deleted the joke press release about me below that Fuller sent me on my birthday (what a nice present).  Nevertheless, it's a MUST READ so I'm sending it to you all again.  Not only is it funny as hell (last night me and several Aussie and British guys here in this hostel were laughing at it for hours), but even more funny is that my dad thought it was real and wrote an emergency letter to me about it.  I've copied and pasted that below as well.  Last night, me and these guys read the joke press release and my dad's letter over and over again word for word, in belly aching laughter.  Fuller's comment about my dad's emergency letter was funny as well, and I pasted it below too, so you can see it all, and know what we were laughing about for hours last night. LOL


One Aussie in particular, an older guy who was very intellectual, articulate and inquisitive, told me that after reading all of Fuller's writings, he doesn't think that Fuller actually hates me, but probably in fact likes me, and is just having good fun with what he writes.  He also explained to me that British and Australian humor was similar, and typifies a lot of dry witty sarcasm and satire.  And that Fuller's style of satire was best appreciated and understood by Brits or Aussies, not by Americans, since they have a more literal sense of humor and might be more offended, finding it repulsive and distasteful, as they don't appreciate the art in it.  He said that Aussies typically put down others in a dry sarcastic way as humor, but Fuller's style was more extreme than usual. 


Nevertheless, though he disagreed with the content of what Fuller wrote, he admired his wittiness, skill, talent, and style, and complimented him as a gifted writer.  Several other Aussie guys here said the same thing and that Fuller ought to get a job as a professional critic in some media publications they know.  They were all amused and enjoyed reading Fuller's posts though, especially the faked press release about the stolen flowers. 


One British guy I've been hanging out a lot with til late night, also said that the judgmental colorful words that Fuller used in that joke press release reflected the typical style of British journalists, so by their standards, the joke press release does look realistic, for that's how a real British journalist might write it.



Dave Fuller's joke press release:


YOSHKAR-OLA (AP) - Late yesterday afternoon the Yoshkar Ola Militsaya

apprehended one Winston Wu of Seattle, USA. According to the arrest

report Wu is to be charged for the sale of stolen goods and with the

theft of the flowers.


"This Wu character tried to make a few extra dollars on International

Womens Day by selling stolen flowers." Yuri Salimov, spokesperson for

the Yoshkar ola Militsaya said. Salimov continued "Usually we just

fine someone like this but because of where he stole the flowers from

we have decided to arrest him."


Although sketchy, reports claimed that Wu had been helping himself to

flowers left at a local graveyard and selling them on the street to

the locals. Wu was foiled when widow Elena Tinkalova who happened to

be passing by, recognized one of the bouquets Wu was trying to sell

as one she had placed on her deceased husbands grave early that day

and informed the local militsaya of this. "What sort of man steals

flowers from a grave" a visibly distraught Ms Tinkalova said.


When asked if he knew of the squnity eyed Wu, Salimov said "We have

heard of this Wu person. He regularly begs for alms outside the local

church and has been seen in pizza restaurants eating leftover crusts

off peoples plates."


Elaborating on Wu's crime Salimov said "Wu had been shopping around

for some cheap flowers for his childlike fiancee when he stumbled

across the local graveyard. He saw flowers in the graveyard and

helped himself to some left by a grave for his fiancee. After giving

the flowers to his fiancee he then decided to revisit the graveyard

and collect more flowers in an attempt to sell them for some money."


Wu, who has been released on bail was asked to comment on his

actions, to which an unrepentant Wu said "I do not see anything wrong

with what I did. The flowers were in the graveyard and nobody was

holding them so why cant I use them. Besides it is not like anyone

else was using them. People do it all the time where I come from so

why not here."


After hearing this an angry District Commissioner Pavel Polotsky

said "What sort of filthy lowlife steals from a graveyard. This

despicable grave robber will bear the full brunt of the law."



What my dad wrote to me when he read the above:


Dear Win,


Are you in trouble with Russian police as Dave Fuller said? What is the situation right now? I tried to call your new cell and was told it was out of service. Buy a phone card and call me. I am worry. Do you need help?


You would never get out of trouble with police through smart mouth or arguing. Admit that you are wrong and plead for forgiving. Say that you are not knowing you were breaking law. You could ask your accuser for forgiving and compensate her by buying more flowers to her late husband and hope she will drop the charge. Just do whatever you can to get out of that trouble and get out of Russia ASAP. If you are on bail, don't make the thing worse by trying to sneak out of there. Comply with them. It is not a serious crime if you handle it properly. Let me know what I can help. Call me.






Fuller's response to my dad's emergency letter:


ROTFLMFAO!! I have not stopped laughing since I read this post

Winnie. The fact your own father could not see this was purely

fictional and a joke was funny. What was even funnier though was that

he could even think for one second that his son could even do

something like this. This speaks volumes about what sort of character

you are Winnie in that your own father would not rule out the

possibility you could do something as low as steal flowers from a




The Riddler



Press release: Winstonitis spreads in Eastern Europe!


Folks, look!  I'm in the news media yet again!



MOSCOW, RUSSIA (Reuters); Health Officials in Moscow

today declared a state of emergency as a new strand of Winstonitis

reached epidemic proportions throughout Eastern Europe. The strand,

dubbed Winstonitis B has been reported as causing severe rectal rash and

uncontrollable giggling amongst its female victims and penile

shrinkage and uncontrollable urges to grope amongst men.


Apparantly a lesser strain of Winstonitis, now dubbed

Winstonitis A appeared around 3 years ago in the cities of Tula,

Cheverepots, St Petersburg, Volgograd and Yoshkar Ola with record

cases of rectal itch being reported from females from these cities.

When quizzed one common factor emerged, that being they had their arses

groped by a small disfigured asian man by the name of Winston.


When asked what caused the latest outbreak Dr Vitaly

Salinikov of the Moscow Institute for Sexual Transmitted Disease

Research attributed this outbreak to the original carrier, one Winston Wu

of Washington, USA revisiting Russia for a more prolonged period. "We

believe Winston came from the US with the disease again which

he then transmuted to his victims by groping their buttocks

with his unwashed hands. If he would have taken the time to wash his

hands after going to the toilet this whole epidemic may have been

avoided but I suppose soap was too expensive for him to afford." Salinikov



Reports have been coming in from all over Eastern

Europe and have been for 8 months now, in what the World Health

Organization describe as a tragedy of immense proportions. Worst affected

with Winstonitis B have been Yoshkar Ola, Volgograd, Irkurtz, St

Petersburg, Moscow, Chevrepots, Nizhny Novgorod and Vyborg in Russia and

Vilnius and more recently Kaunas in Lithuania. "It is not uncommon to

see large groups of young women scratching themselves uncontrollable

around the rectal area in public and giggling stupidly. It is rather

off-putting I must say. I'd like to give this Winston what for if you

know what I mean." Clive Wilson, a British sex tourist in St Petersburg

angrily said as he shook his fist.


When asked about a cure Salinikov just shrugged his

shoulders and said "Hopefully the disease will cure itself like

Winstonitis A. It is good that Winston is out of Russia but some

preventative measures must be put in place for the people of Lithuania".

When quizzed about what measures Salinikov said "We are looking at

getting the authorities to force him to bathe with soap and water

and trying to enforce a law that he must wear surgical gloves when

out in public. Other than that we just have to wait for him to



At this stage authorities are still trying to locate

Wu as they piece together his potential whereabouts from his sordid sex

tales and hope to have him bathed by the end of the week.


New song lyrics composed about Winston


Oh Lord, it's sucks to be Winston

lyrics by Mac Davis and Dave Fuller


{sung to the lyrics of 'Oh Lord, it's hard to be



Oh Lord it's easy to be humble

when you're Winston in every way.

He can't stand to look in the mirror

'cos he gets uglier looking each day


to know him is to hate him

He's one pitiful excuse for a man.

O Lord it's easy to be humble

when Wu screws up as best he can.


He used to have a girlfriend

but I guess she just could'n't complete

with all of these lovestarved Russians

who keep clamouring at his feet.


Well he'll probably find another

but I guess they're all in awe of he

who cares Wu never get lonesome

cause he treasures his own company.


Oh Lord it's easy to be humble

when you're Winston in every way.

He can't stand to look in the mirror

'cos he gets uglier looking each day


to know him is to hate him

He's one pitiful excuse for a man.

O Lord it's easy to be humble

when Wu screws up as best he can.


I guess you can say Wu's a loner

a asian fuckwad, obnoxious and loud

Well he could have lots of friends if he wanted

but then he wouldn't stand out from the crowd


some folks say that he's "egotistical

well he don't even know what that means

I guess it has something to do with the

little three inch pecker in his jeans.


Oh Lord it's easy to be humble

when you're Winston in every way.

He can't stand to look in the mirror

'cos he gets uglier looking each day


to know him is to hate him

He's one pitiful excuse for a man.

O Lord it's easy to be humble

when Wu screws up as best he can.



Comments about my new photo from Fuller’s chronies (funny)


--- Dave TPG <> wrote:

> From: "Dave TPG" <>

> To: "Winston Wu" <>, "Dave TPG"

> <>

> CC: <>, <>

> Subject: RE: Winston portrait resized

> Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 07:46:32 +1000


> You like to post only the few positive comments from

> the many many people

> who subscribe to you so lets see what a few of the

> RWL-Open folk had to say

> about your appearance. Personally the last one is my

> favorite. Enjoy

> Winnie...

> -----------------------------------------------


> Get it made into a bobble head doll or a matrushka

> and you could

> probably stay in Eastern Europe indefinitely!!

> Widiot, you're the

> spittin' image of a slant-eyed Babba Yagga.  Would

> scare the bejesus

> outta any unruly kid, especially throughout the

> "Stans."  Creeeeepy!


> But, I'll bet yer Daddy-whorebucks just loved it.

> ------------------------------------------------


> Your head is perfectly round, just like Charlie

> Brown's, and the

> comparison doesn't end there ...................

> And I think you

> look a lot like Brad Pitt.  No wonder the women

> swoon as you walk by.

> ------------------------------------------------


> Winston looks like a boil on the ass of humanity. No

> wonder he posts pics

> of him kissing the ugliest girls in russia and is

> actually proud of what

> would drive most men to suicide.


> When he admitted to being Brads top it proved his

> bisexuality

> ------------------------------------------------


> Winnie,


> If I were you, I'd shave my ass and learn to walk

> backwards...


> HTH,

> Shanebilly



What Buddha said about Dave Fuller and those like him


Dear all,


Check out my dad's analogy about Buddha's description

of Dave Fuller types.  It's so simple yet completely

pragmatically true, so much so that Fuller could do

nothing but lash back vainly like a wounded animal

whose true colors had been revealed in clear view. lol

 You can see his response below my dad's comments, and

a follow up response from another on my list, and then my dad’s final comment.


From dad:


> > I read the comments of your photo. Ignore the

> internet bully, Dave

> > Fuller. I

> > read a line of Buddha sutra that he described 4

> kinds of people. One

> > of them

> > is the one who is like a stick. One end of the

> stick is dipped with

> > human

> > waste, the other end is on fire. He suggested not

> to touch that stick.

> > You

> > will either get dirty or get burnt. Fuller is the

> kind of person that

> > everyone should not touch.

> >

> > Good luck, love,

> > Dad


W:  Even before those comments, my dad reflected and

wrote this about Dave Fuller types as well.


<<Dear Win,


The last couple of days I keep thinking about the

insensive acts of the bully. I have to get them out of

my mind because it was mentioned constantly in TV. The

sufferings caused by those bullies are tremendous,

like the Columbine in Colorado and recently in Red



I don't know why there are so many bullies in American

schools, unlike other countries in the world that

seldomly ever a problem. Those school bullies became

internet bullies later because in the work places no

one will tolerate them. You know who I am referring

to. They have to hide behind computers. These internet

bullies usually the people who are insecured and don't

have much to show for in their life so they harrass

other internet users to compensate their lack of

confidence.  It is very true that peo[ple with enough

confidence themselves usually make fun of themselves

and the insecured people make fun of others.

Unfortunately, we cann't do much about them. The bad

karma will catch up with them sooner or later. But, no

use to talk karma to them because those people usually

don't have enough conscience or wisdom to believe in

karma anyway. What do you think?>>


W:  In reply, Fuller wrote this response seemingly

addressed to me, but he didn't send it to me oddly

enough, only to others.


> On Apr 16, 2005, at 3:06 PM, Dave TPG wrote:



> > Newsflash Winston. The stick is you. Have you not

> figured that out

> > yet? Have

> > you not figured out that nobody can stand to be

> around you for any

> > length of

> > time. This is why you have been such a failure in

> Russia. That is why

> > you

> > are such a failure in life. That is why you are

> despised by everyone

> > on all

> > these lists. That is why people cant stand you.

> You treat women

> > disgustingly, disrespect people and customs and

> take no accountability

> > for

> > your filthy disgusting life. As for your father he

> is without a doubt

> > one of

> > the worlds most stupid people. This is obvious by

> the way he bought

> > you up.

> > He has raised an egotistical greedy dysfunctional

> selfish little

> > creep.  Any

> > father that would be proud of a son who cheats on

> his fiancee, begs

> > off the

> > internet and begs off his own father to fund his

> obsession for hookers.

> > Enjoy your life of misery Wu. You will forever be

> alone and you can

> > blame

> > your father in part for this due to the poor way

> he bought you up. The

> > real

> > human waste is your father and your are just a

> fucked up genetic

> > by-product

> > from him. He is responsible for creating you and

> for your upbringing.

> > He is

> > the reason you are what you are Winnie and trust

> me, you are one

> > despicable

> > must despised piece of human garbage and hundreds,

> if not thousands,

> > think

> > this way of you.

> >


W:  In a rage of disgust, a friend on my list wrote

this in response, in all brutal honesty and sincerity,

with a tone of righteous indignation.


> Winston,


> I've been disgusted from what Dave 'fuckwad ass

> fooler' wrote about

> your dad.

> It's outrageous. Now he's not only insulting and

> swearing on you but an

> elderly

> man too. Dave has a serious problem with his own

> upbringing. This much

> he has

> proved by his recent letter. Anybody who would curse

> somebody's parents

> without

> even knowing or seeing them seriously lacks any

> moral, ethical,

> cultural or even

> decent human upbringing. He must belong to a

> destitute family devoid of

> any values.

> And finally he's got so much shit in him that its

> coming out of his ass

> and mouth all

> at the same time!!

> On the other hand, you should not have forwarded him

> your father's

> letter. He had to react the way he is made to!



W:  And my dad’s response to Fuller’s outrage whine was this.


“Dear Win,

I didn't anticipate my email will generate such turbulance. Please stop here before you upset other nice people in your list.

As to Fuller's response, I am not surprised. Like an old Chinese saying "You don't expect ivory grows out of dog mouth".

Have fun in Poland. If you get the opportunity to stay in a Buddhist center in Warsaw, try to participate their activities. You could learn something from them. Good luck, love,



From: exitrow007 <>
Sent: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 12:02:15 -0000
Subject: Fuck you Winston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck you, Winston, you moon-pie faced little puke! Dave is RIGHT

about you, and so are many, many, many others who can't stand you. 

You are absolutely pathetic, and MANY of us know exactly why the

entire countries of U.S. and Russia rejected you (soon to be joined

by the other countries you've visited).  You are a little boy,

desperate for attention, desperate to touch girls' butts.  What an

asshole you are.  We are SICK to death of your spamming every list

out there with your sad crap!  YOU lose, because you ARE a




From: weazmasterflash <>
Sent: Sat, 14 May 2005 01:01:03 -0000
Subject: Top Ten Ways Winnie Should Have Responded

--- In, "weazmasterflash"

<weazmasterflash@y...> wrote:

> --- In, WWu777@a... wrote: 

> > Then one of them pointed at me and staunchly said, "I just want


> >know why he's in my country!"


Top Ten Ways Winnie SHOULD Have Responded...


#10  "Don't make me BUS'-a-cap in 'yo ass, be-otch!"


#9   "Don't worry, once I leave your women will appreciate you a

helluva lot more!"


#8   "I'm here rating your park-benches and 24-hour Internet cafes

for 'Penniless Merry Wanderer' magazine..."


#7   "Me so HOR-NY, Me ruv you rong time big boy!"


#6   "You see these bruises?  I'm here shooting the new Jackie Chan

movie as a stunt-double in: 'Crouching Weasel, Hidden Trouser Trout!'"


#5   "I'm here to see what all the fuss is about these dickless, burr-

head assholes I keep hearing about..."


#4   "Winston Wu, codename: 'Sum Ting Wong' - The weasel is in the

henhouse...I repeat, the weasel is in the henhouse..."


#3   "I'll leave as soon as I can bum enough for bus fare to



#2   "Winnie's the name, professional 'victim' and whining-about-it

on the Internet's my game..."


And, The #1 Way Winnie SHOULD Have Responded...


#1   "There's NO time for that shit now, take me to your skank-ho's,




From: "Dave TPG" <>



Subject: Poor Marina, I pity this girl and the crap she will have to endure

Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 12:38:36 +1000

HTML Attachment [ Download File | Save to Yahoo! Briefcase ]

 <<< I'm home, need feedback on Marina's photos >>>


Like every other woman in russia and the rest of the world, she is more than what a worthless sack of shit like you deserves. I cant wait to read how you f*ck this relationship up, like every other relationship beforehand. You are filth Wu. Pure unadulterated filth.

 <<< the US seems and feels like a giant machine unaware and oblivious to anything outside its existence,  >>>


Kind of like a particular brainless twit bumbling around russia, insulting and disrespecting all who have the misfortune to cross his path and completely obl;ivious to the obvious cultural difference.


  <<< Anyway, I was wondering anyone could tell me what vibes they get from the photos of Marina that I sent out in the prequel update.  Here are the links again.  Let me know what vibes you all get. >>>


The vibe is get is she is naive and in for a rude shock when you eventually cheat on her. She is way to good looking for an ugly creep like you as well. 

 <<< cause it's a total waste and shame to a man to pay for a girl to go home if she's not going to his home or taking him with her, and it's a total act of leeching on the girl's part which is a disgrace to the man's pride.  >>>


Oh please. Tell me BTW, is your friend single? Wouldn't be surprised to find that out. Proper etiquette says if you invite a woman somewhere then you offer to pay her way home. You invited her out, she took time out of her day to visit you and how do you repay her? You refuse to pay a mere 50 roubles for her to get home. I suggest you look up etiquette in a dictionary because you have none.

 <<< b)  I didn't even have 1400 roubles in my pocket at the time.  So what did you expect me to do Brad and cronies?  Pull out 1400 roubles from my hat magically? lol  Why don't you guys pay for it?  Cause you're cheapskates too?  Well?!  You have a right to call me cheap for any reason you make up, so don't I?  PAY UP YOU CHEAPSKATE BASTARDS!  YOU MISERLY SCROOGES!  Or admit you are poor and on a budget too!  >>>


LOL. You are a bum Winston. What a cretin like you does not realise is that most of the people who have criticized you in this regard would have no problems spending this money, or have even gone through this situation and bought the jeans for their fiancee's/wives. The difference between them and you are they have shown they can look after a woman and her needs and as such are in relationships with a future. As for you, well you cant even look after yourself without daddy having to bail you out....


<<< I did NOT come to Russia to be everyone's sugar daddy and Santa Claus!  >>>


LOL! You are anything but a suar daddy or santa claus you penny pinching little creep. The only time you ever opened up your wallet was to buy hookers. You are nothing but a cheap nasty sex tourist, posing as a potential spouse to get free sex. You are filth Wu, PURE FILTH! 

 <<< And don't even try to use the copout that Russian women have a right to leech off people or not pay because they are poor.  >>>


And this is why you are single and will never find anyone in Russia or anywhere else. Have you ever considered it is your poor judgment in women and your disgustin behaviour that is the problem. Any decent woman cant stand to be with you for more than 2 dates because of the poor way you behave and treat them. The only women that put up with you are those who want to use you. You are just too dumb to realise it and are easily manipulated by sex. You are a fool Wu who thinks with his dick and not his brain.

 <<<  Furthermore, women in Philippines, India, and China, among others, are just as poor as Russian women if not even more poor.  >>> 


There are women in every country who will take advantage of you and there are good women in every country as well. Having the common sense to weed out the good from the bad and treating the good ones well you you find them is what seperates everyone from you Wu.

 <<< "Hi Winston:
I just want to tell you that I loved reading this story you wrote. I was glued to it although it was very long. I thought Alina was definitely in the wrong for being so inconsiderate. and you did right by ending the relationship. It was really kind of hopeless situation and you saw no need in prolonging something that was painful............"


This is without a doubt a brainless comment from a complete scumbag who fully endorses infidelity. Alina was definitely wrong? Why, because she was upset you cheated on her. Shame on her for not embracing your infidelity 

 <<< "Dear Win,
A zen master is not someone who has no opion about the mundane things happen around him and not concerning about them and not everything is okay, no problem. A zen master is someone who is fully aware of things happened around him and is very clear about what is right and wrong. He just doesn't associate himself with them. He will do whatever necessary and not be afftected of the outcomes. I don't think Alina is in that catagory. She is probably has good nature and was caught up with some personal difficulties and could not deal it. 


And your pitiful son is definitely nowhere near this. He adopts nothing of zen philosophy and fails to know right from wrong.


 <<< I feel you should have paid the taxi fare for Janna. You should always weight the pro and con. By not paying the taxi fare, you destroyed the friendship and both you and Janna felt bad. It is not worthy to do that. For 50 rubbers? You stood up your principle for trivia stuff. Same situation goes to the flat rent. You should have just paid the total rent. Like you said, Alina has no money and you put the burden on her sister who is good to you and has financial problem as well. You have right to be angry, but you are also quilty of your acts before that (secrect update?). And it is not very nice to ask both Alina and Marina to see you off. It is very unconsiderated to Alina.  >>> 


Hilarious. Your own dad reckons you where wrong in your behaviour. Will you take his advice or disregard him as another freak  ROTFLMAO!!



From: []On

Behalf Of preduroc

Sent: Sunday, 29 May 2005 4:03 AM


Subject: [RWL-Open] Welcome HOME, Widiot !



Welcome back to the states, you misbegotten bastard.  Along with

literally thousands of people worldwide, we're most thankful you are no

longer terrorising the good people of Eastern Europe with your scabrous



Just for the helluva it, let's summarize just a few of the noteworthy

accomplishments from your most recent overseas excursion.  There

certainly were some hilarious highlights (H) & many lamentable

lowlights (L), eh?  Obviously, this list barely scratches the surface,

but it's a start.


Through no one's fault but your own:


(L)   With few exceptions, you exhibited an unrivaled level of social &

cultural insensitivity, equal only to your incredibly cheap, and

smarmy, self-serving agenda.


(L)   You managed to disparage the general population of an entire

country because you were denied your god-given right to freeload.


(H)   You were 'played' by so many.  People who saw you coming from a

mile away.  Agencies, merchants, landladys, money changers, so-called

friends, women, your employer.  All out to take advantage of the Widiot.


(H)   You were deservedly beaten like a bass drum by a few, scrawny

hooligans because YOU decided it financially prudent to sleep in

internet cafes & save your money for hookers rather than pay for a

night's lodging.


(H)   Your 15 minutes of FAME (infamy?).  The media is always looking

for a humourous, off-beat story.  Stories like these tend to lighten up

the typical tenor of the day-to-day, depressing news fare.  During what

must've been a terribly slow news week, along comes Mr. Wu!  The media

portrayed you & your little story of woe as nothing more than the

visiting village idiot gets his comeuppance.  "Look, comrades, here's a

goofy lookin' Chinaman with a head shaped like a football.  He got

himself robbed & smacked around cause he was too stupid to know you

shouldn't skip through alleys in the middle of the night.  Ha Ha Ha!

Another cheap, stupid sex tourist gets what's was coming to him.  Ha Ha



(H)   Then you basked in the 'glory' of your notariety, showing the TV

news clip to anyone you could cajole into watching it.  What you didn't

realize was they didn't think, as you did, that this was something to

be particularly proud of.  Kinda like you saying;  "I just created this

really neat "Kick ME !" sign.  Isn't it awesome?  Would you mind giving

me a hand taping it to my back?"


(L)   You got laid (albeit infrequently) using the only two resources

you, and by duping more than one innocent, well-

intentioned, but naive young lass into actually believing you had

honorable intentions.


(L)   You have single handedly created a unique subset of the tourist

term: Ugly American;  Ugly, Cheap, Clueless, Ass Grabbing, Asian-



(L)   You have made the challenges all the more difficult for those

sincere, well-intentioned, marriage minded men who seek their 'other

half' in the FSU.


(H)   You now hold the enviable record for having collected more

women's phone numbers than any other non-native male in Russia.

Interesting to note that most will ring at various Metro phone booths &

police stations when dialed.


(L)   Beyond sponging what you could off your daddy, you shamelessly

financed your nefarious escapades by defrauding your government and

then created a paypal account, pleading for handouts.  Those who

foolishly bought into your "Oh, woe is me!" con game were duped.  You

wrote that you would use their 'donations' exclusively for food &

lodging, which we all know is a lie.  By your own admission, you had no

qualms taking money from strangers while you still additional funds at

your disposal.  Nice.


(L)   With the combination of your whimsical nature and obsessive focus

to satiate your libido, you have established a new low for being an

undependable, unreliable. and utterly detestable little cretin.

Countless times you failed to keep commitments you had made, most often

for another chance to grab some ass.


(H)   Your laughable, short term gig as a so-called journalist in

Moscow lasted almost as long as all your other relationships.  And in

familiar fashion, you parted company with them on less-than-positive

terms.  There's something to be said for being consistent.


(H)   For the thousands not previously aware, by your own hand you have

shown the true Widiot for all to see.  Not by the endless stream of

hollow, self praise you spew, nor by the infrequent accolades culled

from the clueless acquaintances you met in hostels.  It is in your

personal stories, your telling behaviour & actions which reveal the

true Widiot.


In summary, there has been a common thread evident throughout your

misadventures.  It's been your oblivious detachment from reality, your

inability to connect your actions with their inevitable consequences, a

delusional self-image, and your voracious appetite for garnering (any

kind of) female attention, especially from women way, way outta your

league. Mercifully, this folly has run its course.  Slava Bogu!


As difficult as it is to believe, not everyone is thrilled about his

return stateside.  Besides the Widiot, of course.  To him the

phrase "There's no place like home" is incomplete without adding "and

I'd rather be any place but."


Among the few who seriously regret Wu being back include all the self-

respecting residents (especially the women of child bearing age &

everyone who drives a car) living in his quaint, little city.  Word is

most of 'em were regular contributors to Widiot's paypal account,

hoping to God he'd never return.


Also, let's not forget all of widiot's loyal 'fans,' now deeply

depressed that his journey has ended.  That sick & misguided cadre of

insipid, virginal voyeurs that believe a box of cereal answers their

mommie's admonishment; "Get a Life!"  Those closeted, socially inept

losers who egged Winnie on solely for their own deranged entertainment,

thereby filling the void between the next X-Files convention,

paranormal symposium, and the release of the new Star Wars movie.

Nope, they're not at all happy.


One final thought, Wubird, that you're back in your old,

familiar stomping grounds, I'm just curious.  Got any HOT dates lined

up yet????







--- In, "preduroc" <preduroc1@h...> wrote:
--- In, WWu777@a... wrote:
> In a message dated 6/25/2005 5:18:43 PM Pacific Standard Time,  
> fuller_d@t... writes:
> Roosevolt was  referring to a worthy cause here Wu. Satisfying your 
> perverted sexual  needs is anything but a worthy cause you 
fruitcake. If Roosevolt 
> were alive  today he would probably have you shot as a favor to 
eastern europe 
> for all the  misery you have caused there. 
> W:  No you dweeb.  I go there to better myself,  self-fulfillment, 
and to 
> make a better life.  Those are our God given  rights.  And I have a 
right to 
> pursue to better myself and my life.   That's totally 
understandable, except to 
> haters like you.
Aspiring to better yourself, and your life while tossing in a little 
self-fulfillment along the way IS understandable.  Not understandable 
at all is the manner in which you seek these so-called "God given 
rights."  Did ya ever consider, dimwit, that one country's "God" may 
just be a tad more benevolent compared to another country's "God" 
because of who's in charge, and how they happen to wield their 
When things don't go Wu's way, you show your selfish & insensitive 
nature by mocking other cultures.  Calling THEM stupid or inept cause 
they don't let you have your way.  Or, God forbid, disagree with you.
When satisfying your self-indulgent, personal needs isn't everyone 
else's top priority, too, you're quick to make broad, incredibly 
naive, and disparaging generalizations.  With few exceptions, it's 
almost always the other person's fault.  "Why can't they just do 
things the way I feel is best??"  
What's difficult to accept is that a contributing source of 
the 'problems' you encounter are NEVER within you.  It's easier to 
lay the blame on someone or something out of your control.  
Much less frequently you'll spew an excuse like; "I'm Asian," or "I 
have a small pee-pee," or "I'm not an ATM machine!" or "Just cause 
I'm engaged doesn't mean I can't play grab ass with someone else," 
or "It's MY BIRTHDAY so your focus should be on my satisfaction, your 
problems are insignificant," or "It's a good thing my Russian is 
limited.  If I was fluent I'd have to concentrate on what you're 
saying instead of figuring out the best way to get into your 
panties," or "Umm, cab fare on a long shot, or save it for a hooker, 
a sure thing??  That's a no brainer!"
Worst of all, you regularly & blatantly shit on anyone who doesn't 
cow-tow to your delusional perceptions & myopic, self-indulgent 
Whatever entitlements you might deem as your "God given rights," 
doesn't give you (or anyone else) license to walk all over others to 
get 'em.  That's what YOU will NEVER understand.
On a lighter note...Here's some really helpful advice.....
If that Zen Master enabler you fondly call 'daddy' harbored any 
genuine compassion for his progeny, he'd do the right thing.  Instead 
of encouraging & underwriting your misbegotten assault on an innocent 
continent (twice!), maybe getting you some SERIOUS help would be a 
step in the right direction.  Long term, limited access, intensive 
stuff with lots of electricity for starters.
Sure, daddy enjoyed a most welcome (and probably well-deserved) 
respite while you were spreading your cretinous mayhem overseas.  The 
holiday from hell has now mercifully come to an close.  You're ready 
for that next step, and he should see that you take it.
If for no other reason than a sense of civic duty, it's high time he 
helped you drop the light saber.  Seek a balance in your life, 
focusing on long term objectives/rewards.  Make the hard choice to 
learn new things that will serve you beyond your next premature 
ejaculation.  Wax on....wax off.  Eschew the dark side of the force 
in favor of a substantial & regular regimen of prescription 
medication.  Get your priorities straight, and no, satisfying your 
carnal fixations should not hold the top three spots.
Think seriously about your future, long term career goals.  Take 
measure of your strengths & weaknesses, and what you have to offer a 
potential employer.  Try to remember that even though you're much 
smarter and 'deeper' than everyone else you may end up working for, 
it's probably best you don't make it obvious right away.  Things like 
integrity, dependability, and dedication to the tasks never goes out 
of style, no matter how mundane or constrictive you find them to be.
Accept that mediocre writing skills, coupled with a penchant for 
dramatic, unabashed self-aggrandizement and internet access does not 
automatically make you a journalist.  Come to grips with the fact 
that career opportunities for paranormal agnostics with solid 
experience performing two dimensional vibe interpretation has all but 
dried up.  Use these unique tools as a back-up.
Oh, and I wouldn't make mention of that sex addiction thing during 
the job hunt if I were you.  Pick the right time to impress 'em with 
tales of your conquests.  That is unless you've got your sights set 
on doing stand-in/stunt work in the soft core porn/sci-fi, amateur 
video niche.  You'd be a natural, fer sure.  
Hope it helps.



--- In, "preduroc" <preduroc1@h...> wrote:
--- In, "kurthunter57" <kurthunter57@y...> 
> Hmmm, I don't know for certain, but I don't THINK TR was referring 
> to cheap-ass, stingy, ugly (inside and out), narcissistic, 
> obsessive, psychotic, unemployed, whoremongering, idiot beggars who 
> use and abuse women.  But I could be wrong .......
Waddyamean, you could be wrong??  Wrong?  No friggin' way, KH.  
You're spot on!
For widiot to imply that T.R.'s quote somehow explains away public 
reaction to his European 'holiday' misadventure is beyond ludicrous.  
Talk about a stretch!  That's like saying weasel enjoys an amicable 
relationship with the truth.  Not even close.  
It's been known for some time that widiot's beloved 'critics and 
bashers' far outnumber his dwindling 'fan' base.  Always have.  And 
with each new post he merely widens that divide.  What's a widiot to 
Can you say "DESPERATE???"  Resigned to the inevitable, and frantic 
to stem the departing tide of support, widiot now invokes quotes from 
the dead for his 'props.'  WTF?!??  The mad hatter has gone 'necro!'  
Leave it to the Wuzer.  He has revealed yet another unique talent.  
From simply reading a few sentences written by deceased folk 
generations ago, he claims the ability to interpret 'if they were 
alive today, they'd have my back.'  Amazing!  
Wu-speak translation:  It's just one more incredibly pitiful, yet 
vain attempt to validate his consistent, psychotic behaviour, and 
resuscitate a self esteem that flat-lined decades ago.   
You lookin' for something to really be proud of???  Try this.  Any 
remaining whisp of doubt regarding your absolute & complete deranged 
mental state, Winscum, has been totally eliminated.  Hell, a crack 
team of forensic psychologists would find nary a trace of sanity on 
you!  Now that's an accomplishment you've managed single handedly.  
Dude, you elevate "creepy" to whole new level.  
Faggy must be manic with jealousy! LOL!



--- In, "weazmasterflash" 
<weazmasterflash@y...> wrote:
I can't decide if this is the funniest thing ever posted in this 
bizarre forum - or the most fucked-up?  LOL!!!
> > W:  ....  I go there to better myself,  self-fulfillment, and to 
> > make a better life.
The hilarious part here is that Weasel would probably say EXACTLY the 
same thing - using exactly the same words.  ROTFLMFAO!  I just want 
to know what self-help books they've been reading, "Better Living 
Through Back-Stabbing", "Hooker-netics"???  WTF???
"To better myself," - How?  I guess everyone has their own standards 
of self-improvement but, in this case, I really would appreciate a 
more in-depth explanation.  For example, I'd like to know how 
victimization and martyrdom makes one, who is so mentally fucked-up 
from the get-go, better?
"self-fulfillment" - I think we can trust Winscum on this, don't 
you?  ROTFLMFAO!  No comment.
"make a better life," - How?  Look, Winnie, the first thing you need 
to do is follow the lead of your surrogate daddy, Weasel: marry a 
former strip-club employee, bring her to the USA, put her work at the 
local greasy spoon wiping-off tables, where you can confiscate her 
weekly paycheck AND collect money from renting her old apartment, 
back home, to other sex-tourists.  PAY ATTENTION!  It's high time you 
hopped up on daddy-Weaz's lap, put your huge, misshapen head on his 
shoulder, and had a serious heart-to-heart.  It's all right there in 
front of you, dipshit.           
>> Those are our God given rights.
Nelly Walker and I want to see some scripture to back-up this claim, 
you blaspheming heathen!!!  Burn in Hell!!



Subject: READ THIS DAMMIT!!!!!!

Date: 7/20/2005 6:22:30 AM Pacific Standard Time


Reply To: 



Sent from the Internet (Details) 


    I didn't even bother to read your lame bullshit, but I will say
this:  Just because you might find someone who's a bigger asshole
than you, it doesn't make you any less of an asshole.  You always
want to justify your juvenile and abusive behavior by focusing on
other people, because you're afraid to look in the mirror and deal
with the stinking pile of human excrement that stares back at you.
    You're not "the man".  You will NEVER be "the man".  You're not
even "A" man.  You're human filth and nothing more ......




Reply To: 



    Are you really THAT stupid?  REAL men don't make
out with skanks and post lame photos of the whole
stupid incident on the internet (which is what little
boys do).  REAL men go out on REAL dates with REAL
women and have REAL relationships with them.  REAL men
aren't so insecure that they have to let everyone know
they "got some" or "made out" with skanks at IHOP.
REAL men have enough experience with women that it's
not like fucking Christmas every time they kiss one.
REAL men know that men who "kiss and tell" don't get
kissed very much.  REAL men have maturity and class.
REAL men have respect for themselves and the women
they're with.  REAL men eventually have steady
girlfriends, fiances, or wives, with whom they have
satisfying sexual relationships as PART of the whole
    In other words, a REAL man is everything you are
not.  You think men are jealous of you????
ROTFLMAO!!!  Most of us could walk into a bar 7 nights
a week and get your kind of "action" if we wanted to.
But many of us have no need (because we have women in
our lives), and many of us have more self-respect than
you do.  Every time you post your shit, Widiot, it's
like you're flashing a big neon sign that says, "I AM
    You're no man.  You're just a horny, loathesome,
little immature asshole moocher with no job, no clue,
no class, no respect for yourself or others, and no
concept what it takes to be a REAL man.  In all my
life experience and travels and getting to know
thousands of people, I've never encountered anyone as
pathetic as you.
    To quote Harry Truman when someone encouraged him
to "Give 'em hell, Harry!":  "I don't give 'em hell.
I just tell them the truth and they think it's hell."


Note:  Incidentally, I was able to obtain a photo of this man Kurt Hunter, so here he is, the man who wrote the above insane rants.




Subject: The Winston Wu Song:
Date: 7/23/2005 10:12:14 PM Pacific Standard Time




Ching Chong Chinaman runs a brothel shop
Him afraid, lose his trade, they all got the pox
Now he broke, now we joke, while he shut his shop
Ching Chong Chinaman, a lot of hot cock 

Chinaman had twenty women working for him there
Some root on the floor, some root on the chair
Then one night they got stopped, Police'ee' man he come
Saw what was going on and join in the fun

Chinaman had torture room on the second floor
Some liked to be whipped and chained by a whore
And he's got a hay-bed and a water-bed too
To ad that little extra to your screw

This story may not seem very real to you
If you're feeling down and out and you need a screw
Go to China's place but when you get back
Be sure that while you're there, you didn't get the JACK.




Subject: You Are My Hero
Date: 7/24/2005 5:53:25 AM Pacific Standard Time
Reply To:



Hey, I know Wienie doesn't want to brag like his hero, Weasel, but
when you got it, you got it. And when it comes to picking up RW with
severe personality disorders, the boy's definitely got it. Based on
the photographic evidence, it seems like whenever he's in the same
room with a sexy young Russian nutcase looking for some hot
dysfunctional action, they lock eyes and he can gaze right into the
twisted, abnormal recesses of her psyche, and then-bam! They make an
instant, undeniable, and incredibly unhealthy connection. What can
Wienie say? When it comes to women, he's a fucked-up-RW magnet

I know what you're thinking: "Who is this guy so full of himself?"
Well, Wienie's not being egotistical-it's just true. Hey, he knows he
ain't perfect. Who is? We've all got problems. I'm sure I've got some
myself. But here's one problem Wienie doesn't have: Russian hookers.
When it comes to charming prostitutes, Wienie Wu takes second place
to no man. I guess he just gives off that "Hey there, pletty rady
with the riferong unresolved emotional issues" vibe. It can't be
taught-you either got it or you don't. And Wienie's got it.

It's obvious that everywhere Wienie goes, all kinds of
psychiatrically disturbed RW come running-women who never got over a
traumatic childhood accident, or habitually cut themselves, or slept
with their fathers, or abuse substances while locked in self-
destructive cycles of internalized loathing and rage. They just can't
keep their hands off Wienie Wu.

And It's been that way Wienie's whole life. When he was 14, he got
lucky with a Jamie Boden-Johnson's mom. In high school, he dated
every bipolar suicide risk in town. In the nuthouse, he had at least
a dozen girlfriends who couldn't decide whether they were mental
patients or lesbians. It's just the way it is: Deranged chicks dig
Wienie Wu.

And I'll tell ya, Wienie doesn't even have to try. Maybe it's
chemistry, or pheromones, or these women can tell that Wienie is
afflicted with a complimentary set of psychiatric disorders that
their fucked-up-RW intuition just can't resist. Whatever it is,
Wienie's not complaining. All he has to do is show up at a Volgograd
strip-club with his surrogate father, Weasel Sharp, and before last
call, every damaged woman in the place will make a beeline for
Wienie, looking to entangle him in their horrific web of
codependency, manipulation, and mutual denial.

Wienie says the sex is great, too. Just like Wienie, all those highly
unstable RW have so many self-esteem issues, identity crises, and
subconscious needs for approval from absent or emotionally abusive
father figures, they'll do practically anything to try to please, no
matter how self-destructive it is. Sweet!

Take the nutjobs slobbering over Wienie in his photos. Talk about
crazy between the sheets! They cleaned his pipes six ways from Sunday
before breaking down in tears out of nowhere at 4 a.m., screaming
irrational threats, and trying to throw his stereo out the second-
story window. Luckily, he was able to calm them down with a little
TLC- time-release lithium capsules-and get them into a cab before
they caused any serious property damage. But still, they can't stay
away- hey, once they get a little taste of the old Wienster, they
always go back for more... even after multiple restraining orders and

All Wienie can do is shrug and say, "Crazy RW go crazy for me."

Lots of guys have asked for Wienie's secret, saying stuff like, "Wow,
you sure can pick 'em," or "Dude, you need help." They can't
understand how Wienie manages to attract so many hot, wild,
desperately pathological RW. But I can't tell you his secret... It's
just some kind of inexplicable magic.

Well, whatever it is, Wienie is obviously enjoying every fucked-up
minute of it.

You Go Wienie!!!

Your #1 Fan,




Subject: Wu hoo hoo
Date: 7/24/2005 3:59:51 PM Pacific Standard Time
Reply To:


Well Winnie, I've had enough.  Not only are you vain,
shallow, callow and abusive to women, you are also a
poor example of what could be an interesting con.
Your recent posts only remind me of one person, YOU. 
So far, by my count you have criminally exploited the
american public, reeked emotional, physical and sexual
abuse on the women of FSU (and god only knows who
else} and made the ugly american a living reality for
those you meet.  You are truly the most disgusting
character I have met online since I arrived here 9
years ago.  If you were real, which I doubt - I think
you would be a good candidate for the beast (old 666).
  Those who laud you are equally as ridiculous.  You
are colossialy immature but you know what your
Get some kind of life, working in a cannery would
probably be good or maybe bussing tables in an all
night greasy spoon in some large city china town.
Better yet, why not just mysteriously dissappear.  You
   be surprised, I'm sure at how little people would
care or even notice.  Your family would probably be
the first to say, "what, excuse me - Winston who?"

Worst wishes to you, ttfn  Ken



Subject: Brothel Keeper Arrested
Date: 7/25/2005 12:40:57 PM Pacific Standard Time
Reply To:


Seattle, Washington  - A Taiwanese-American man was arrested Thursday for running a prostitution racket in low rent apartments he was alleged to have owned.

The Seattle District Atorney's Office has charged  one Winston Wu, 30, of acting as a pimp by leasing the apartments to mostly Russian prostitutes in 2004 and 2005. If convicted, Winston Wu faces up to two years and three months in prison and pay more than  $206,000 in damages.

It was not immediately clear if Wu was the ringleader of the operation, but was quoted as saying that, "I have a right to pimp as many women as I want, whenever I want" pointing to a particularly traumatic experience with school yard bullying as the reasons for his actions.

The apartments were allegedly supplied to Wu by two Russian accomplices,  who have since fled back to Russia, thus hampering a police investigation.

Dozens of prostitutes used the apartments before undercover officers broke the prostitution ring last week, Seattle police said.

This was not Mr. Wu's first brush with the law, he was arrested in Russia late last year for allegedly stealing flowers from a Yoshkar-Ola cemetary.

 "Allegations about my son's participation in pimping are completely unfounded," Winston Wu's father angrily told a group of reporters in a statement made yesterday. "My son is always broke and have had to ask for small donations of money from his supporters. If my son were guilty of pimping why would he resort to begging?" He later added, "besides my son isn't bright enough to run a prostitution racket."

pictured below is an undated photo of the suspect:   

Note:  This Nicole girl who composed the above fake press release and poem earlier, is from Los Angeles and a former supposed strip dancer.  Just to show you who she is, here are some of the photos she sent me.






Subject: O' Wienie, Our Wienie!
Date: 8/4/2005 7:10:39 PM Pacific Standard Time
Reply To:

Sent from the Internet (Details)

O' Wienie, Our Wienie!
by Shane Neff, as inspired by Walt Whitman

O Wienie! Our Wienie! The pilgrimmage to daddy for money is done;
Your site has weather'd every attack, the attention you sought is won;
The hookers are near, the bells I hear, and the Weasel is exulting,
While we follow the words of Wienie, the clueless, dim and

But O shit! shit! shit!
O the flaming words of dread,
Where on the list our Wienie spams,
Incoherent bullshit instead.

O Wienie! Our Wienie! rise up and take your pills;
Rise up you bastard son of Weasel Sharp,
A fellow-purchaser of cheap thrills;
For you a gag and groan-for you bullshit to what you're saying;
For you they call, a stupid ass, the one who won't stop braying.

Here Wienie! dear Wienie!
This paranoia in your head;
Is it just some dream you won't spam,
Incoherent bullshit instead?

Our Wienie does not answer, common sense eludes him still;
Our Wienie does not realize it, but someday hopefully he will;
Wienie is safe and sound, thoroughly medicated and done;

Exult, O Weasel, and ring, O bells!
But I with mournful tread,
Read the post that our Wienie spammed,
Incoherent bullshit instead.

W:  Now, apparently, some of my bashers have started a Yahoo group dedicated to bashing me and Brad Sharp. LOL  If you’re interested and want to participate, here’s the link and the intro to it below.


Ever seen two more worthless pieces of sh*t than Weazel or Woo? Neither have we!

That's why you are cordially invited to the "WeazelWoo" group - a celebration of all-things Weazel and/or Woo! Come, share your righteous indignation and all-out contempt with other like-minded individuals.

Welcome and by all means, sound-off!


Comments:  Of all the nerve, I can't believe that someone on another list would go through the trouble of printing out my photo and getting some of my posts translated, just to bring them to some nightclub, get critical opinions from girls, and use that to flame me.  That's a lot of trouble to go through just to attack a stranger.  What a loser!


In any case, my comments to the below findings are below it.


In a message dated 8/15/2005 3:06:33 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

Hey Wu Wu. What a ukranian lass discovered about you....



-----Original Message-----
From: []On Behalf Of anyaodessa2000
Sent: Tuesday, 16 August 2005 2:21 AM
Subject: [RWL-Open] Bad news for winnie wu

  Winston I am sorry but you should give up!

  I decided to put you to the test, and when at a club last night I
showed as many girls as possible your pictures first,,,,,then I
showed them some of the things you wrote about  ( I translated to
russian for them,,,,,,the bad news is this winiie

   Not one girl said she found you attractive to look at,,,,

   after reading your posts, all said you were disgusting person

   asked if they would ever marry you even if you were a great
person the answer form all was  " absolutly NOT "   asked why  "
because you look asian.

   Now before you get all racist about it, it is a fact Russian and
Ukrainian girls dont like asians,,,its maybe racist maybe not but
they think you are second class citizen so it would be like marring
a pakistan farmer......just not done sorry !!

   Now you know why you had such bad luck with girls here,,,,none of
them had any feeling for you, none would ever marry you unless you
were a millionaire and she was a cheap go away and
make some millions then go and buy a cheap suka for your bed



Comments:  Ok so you found out that most white girls do not like asian guys.  So what's new?  I came to that sad realization back in 1995.  It's nothing new.  However, just because that's true, doesn't mean that no asian male/white female couples exist, nor does it mean that there's no chance for asian men.  The point is, our goal is to find one quality girl to have a quality meaningful relationship with, not to be wanted by most of the female population.  And if that means having a minority to work with, then fine.


In any case, white girls in Russia have genuinely liked me before, and the "keepers list" that I sent out demonstrates that.  In addition, in Moscow I saw more asian men/white women couples than I've seen in the US.  And also, it's been said that the white Russian women in Eastern Russia would be more open to marrying Asians, since they are closer to Asian culture and geographically closer as well.


For instance, here is one beautiful Russian woman that's attracted to Asian men below, and she even admitted it.  Though she was somewhat a greedy gold digger, she was attracted to me, which I could tell from her touch, body language, and gaze.  Here are her photos below, and as you can see, I've "scored" with her too :)






Also, this cutie below from Latvia didn't mind kissing Asian men :)



OMG! Nicole turned me into Yoda!





--- In, "weazmasterflash"
<weazmasterflash@y...> wrote:

UNITED NATIONS- Wienie Wu's roughly dozen-or-so sex partners in
Eastern Europe have been "pretty much" accounted for, according to a
report released Tuesday by the U.N. and Department Of Homeland

"The U.N. is confident that virtually all of Wu's bodily excretions
have been inventoried and catalogued," said Paavo Ostersund, chair of
the United Nations Wu-Spoo Investigative Committee. "For those of you
who fear that Wu's DNA may be in the hands of rogue states or
terrorists,let me assure you that this is, to the best of our
knowledge, not the case."

The report details the whereabouts and 'going price' of the vast
majority of hookers Wu was known to have relations, including their
used-condom disposal locations.

The report also outlines the status of a half dozen or so women in
Yoshkar-Ola who have all claimed, at one time or another, to be
engaged to Wu. Details on their cleansing and therapy remain on hold
until it is determined to what extent Wu's threat to visit "a bunch
of former Soviet-bloc shitholes until Daddy cancels my credit card"
was realized.

In addition to completing a "pretty thorough" Wu-Spoo census, the U.N.
also determined the location of a great deal of weapons-grade Wu
semen located in Lithuania.

"We worked with the firm objective of really getting a handle on this
whole Wienie-screwin-everything-in-sight deal," said Robert L.
Chang, a U.N. Wu-Spoo inspector in Vilnius. "And we accounted for gobs
and gobs of it spread across 300 miles. You'd really be surprised how
little's actually missing."

According to Chang, the total volume of missing semen is "barely even
anything." The amount of jiz still unaccounted for, Chang said, is so
small, it could fit in Weasel Sharp's empty Krispy Kreme box.

"You'd be surprised how low the possibility is of Wienie Wu clones
ever finding their way from a former-Soviet splinter faction into the
hands of terrorists wanting to infiltrate America's mental health
facilities," Chang said. "The chances are a thousand to one."

"Besides," Chang continued, "the girls here said they couldn't take a
pis and have a douche fast enough after sex with Wu. My guess is that
the best part of Wienie Wu got flushed down a Lithuanian toilet."

The State Department is optimistic about the report.

"When talking about something like Eastern European mental
instability and possibly thousands of Wienie Wu clones turned loose
on a civilized society, it's critical to maintain a sense of
perspective," State Department spokesman Kenneth Bacon said. "After
all, what's more important? Ten hookers that are accounted for, or
the comparatively tiny couple of dozen that may not be?"


In a message dated 9/24/2005 8:33:01 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

Yes, Wienie,

Before you go blaming the wrong person AGAIN, it was I who added you back to the Woo Weasel group - not Dave, not Kurt.

Indeed, you ARE missed:

*your utter cluelessness

*your naiveté

*your persecution complex

*your narcissism disorder

*your asinine, fantasy-based Russian travel propaganda

*your misogyny

*your shirking of responsibility for your own actions

*your two-bit, Weasel-like huckstering 

I could go on but, why should I?  I think even you gets the point:  WooWeasel just ain't the same without you - so, in that way, yeah, you've been 'missed' all right?  LOL!  Beautiful!  Only you would find some type of validation in a group dedicated to bashing your worthless-ass.

Shanebilly wrote:Dear all,
Apparently I've been added to the wooweasel group again, without my permission, because the moderators miss me they said. lol  I guess my friend James in Poland was right when he said that Fuller deep down probably likes me. lol  Another person said that the opposite of love is not hate, it's disinterest. lol



Re: [wooweasel] The 23rd psalm of Winston Wu

The 23rd Qualm

Wu is my shepherd; I dwell in want.

He maketh porn to sell on the internet.

He taketh from the government by means of unemployment fraud.

He beggeth off the internet for prostitutes.

He leadeth the ignorant in the paths of international disgrace for his ego's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of prostitutes and scammers,

I will find no exit, for thou art in office.

Thy women who ask for taxi fares home, they discomfort me.

Thou preparest an agenda of deception in order to covet sex.

Thou anointest my little head with foreign prostitutes.

My unemployment may runneth out by I shall covet and beg.

Surely megalomania and false proposals of marriage shall follow me all the days of thy life,

And my jobless butt shall dwell in my daddies basement forever.


In a message dated 10/30/2005 4:32:06 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

And a big SPACIBO to you, too.  Thanks for all the merriment you've
shared this past week, Widiot!  Rants of the Wu!  Now that's
entertainment!  LOL!  Figured I could spare just a few ticks outta that
60 minute bonus (DST) to say thanks.  Otherwise, you just aint worth
it, assmunch.

Your insipid, psyco-babble du jour would be hilarious if it wasn't so
fuckin' creepy.  Almost rivals the 'lurking' weasel's all-too-frequent
whackjob antics.  You're both delusional, attention-starved, egomaniacs
suffering the long term effects of a total disconnect from reality. 
The only difference being he's trounced you in the criminally insane,
emotionally twisted, sociopath department.  Hands down.  For all the
mayhem & misery you've spread, time & precious resources squandered,
you're both oxygen bandits, and nothing more! 

How appropo, here it is almost Halloween & you're two of the scariest,
most reviled & hideous monsters on the planet!  Anyone know where I can
get a widiot or weasel mask for Halloween??  Can't seem to keep 'em on
the shelves.

Up to now it's all been about ME, ME, ME with you two parasitic
fucktards.  How about you two put your 'talents' to some good uses for
a change? 

Here's an idea.  Let's make a few calls.  Hook you two up with some
well-established lobbyists/PACs in DC.  With a little cooperation &
minimal effort on your parts (just be yourselves), imagine what could
be done.  Just go along with taking a few medical tests, and some
extensive psychological research.  Let's get the skinny on why you're
both such cretins.  You get tons of the attention you crave & the
results could accomplish awesome things. 

Here a few positive outcomes to ponder.....

There'd be huge increases in federal spending for mental institutions. 
Especially those maximum security, extended term, inpatient
facilities.  You two are the Poster Boys on this one, fer sure.

Budgetary windfalls for specialized DNA research.  Identify the
microscopic source of your toxic commonality, and then develop the cure
for it.  Maybe they could create an anti-wooweasel serum.  Kinda like
an antivenom for those minor cases.  Hell, lots of folks would relish
the thought of you two as lab rats.  Strapped down to a gurney, gettin'
prodded & probed everyday for the benefit of all mankind.  Gotta
believe many would eagerly volunteer to assist with that.  And just
think of the contributions that'd pour in, too!  Fuck PayPal, and
Jerry's kids...we're talkin' big bucks here.  There'd be no PORK in
this program.

Once these miscreant genes were identified & isolated, it's not too far
a stretch to imagine legislation enacted to allow mandatory testing and
(in similar affected cases) involuntary sterilization laws.  Granted,
there's a minute percentage of the general population afflicted to the
degree of weasel or wutard, but consider the alternatve. 

And don't allow the virus to be passed on.  Not that everybody would be
happy, but Pro-Choice & Planned Parenthood would also get a
generous 'boost.'  In these (specific) circumstances, it's even likely
views on abortion from certain religions would be modified.  "An ounce
of prevention," as they say.

Down the road, women's shelters and crisis/trauma centers would benefit
from increased funding, too.  New training seminars would be
developed.  Special attention would be given to recognizing early
stages of wooweasel whackjob behaviours, spotting a sexual deviate
before an unwanted encounter, & avoiding lower leg spooge attacks.

Imagine the resultant windfall to the international tourist industry. 
Culturally sensitive, respectful travellers would eventually outnumber
Ugly Americans.  Figuratively & literally. 

There'd be additional financial support for intensive research in
abnormal behaviour, criminal psychology, and general law enforcement,
with an emphasis in the profiler (serial crimes) arena.  It's obvious
there exists a common link between serial killers and wuscum & lard

The government would find little opposition to throwing large chunks of
cash at educational programs aimed at helping people who are reality
challenged.  Delusions of grandeur would equally be addressed.

PETA would be able to redirect funding to other causes as demand for
felching gerbils dropped.  Gerbil ranchers in Ohio would get career
training in other fields.

And that's merely the beginning!  But, hey, time's up.

So, weasel,'s about givin' a little somethin' back? 

Or, if you prefer, you could save everyone any further grief, and
simply go smoke a 12 gauge!  Your call.





In a message dated 10/31/2005 7:45:00 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

--- In, scott walyer <bagalia@y...> wrote
> Yes, there are others that share your viewpoints. Two words for you
woo, "Richard NG" one of your fellow Taiwan countrymen. He solved his
women problems by just taking a few female slaves. You never have to
worry about paying for sex and they never leave you for your
personality problems. You already have the basement.

> Ckott
> ---------------------------------
>  Yahoo! FareChase - Search multiple travel sites in one click. 
> [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

You know I don't think having female slaves would satisfy Wutard
based on his behavior on his travels.  We all know he masks his
adventures as looking for "love," but in reality all he wanted was
sexual gratification he couldn't get in America (even if it was just
humping every woman's leg he encountered).  If he ever found a woman
to marry, he no doubt would leave her once he becomes bored of her. 
He won't be satisfied with anything, he'll only keep being self
destructive because all he has is a never ending quench for
satisfying his needs and his needs alone without any regard for
others.  Just a train wreck.



In a message dated 11/14/2005 3:03:47 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

--- In, WWu777@a... wrote:
> Dear Wooweasel group,

> I have some serious questions for you that I want straight answers
too, as 
> I'm nearing my tolerance point for you folks.

> 2.  Some of you folks said that I was not a spiritual person nor did
I  have
> an inner life.  The thing is, it takes one to know one.  And  since
you folks
> are not spiritual people, how would you recognize someone who 
> is?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

> All spiritual people that I've met have told me in one way or
another that  I
> am a spiritual person too, based on the vibes they get from me, my
>  conversations with me, etc.  Like identifies like, and the truly
> recognize me as one of their own.  Since you folks aren't among
them,  doesn't
> that disqualify you?
> Winston Wu,
> Respected, Experienced, Intrepid  Traveller throughout the Baltics,
> Europe & Russia.

I am relatively new to this list and, from what I have seen, will not
be staying long. I agree with a previous poster who wrote that the
creation of this group basically gives Wu what he most wants and that
is attention. There is a term that I like, agent provacateur, to
describe the behavior of people whose main interest is in stirring
things up and then standing back and watching their handiwork as
others take the bait and get riled. When I used to go to AOL
chatrooms, it never failed that one person would say outrageous,
provacative things, and then others would focus their time, attention,
and, inevitably, anger on that one person for hours. No one seemed to
be able to use the ignore feature to block that person out. Maybe it
is human nature to want to rebut the rantings of such people, but it
sure displaces a lot of energy that could be focused elsewhere.

Over the past few days, I spent a little time reviewing Wu's writings,
some of which I was familiar with from RW-TT but I had not seen the
biographical materials that he posted on his website. After reviewing
(skimming) these, I agree with the diagnosis of NPD. There is nothing
in his history as he recounts it to indicate schizophrenia and this
was a horrid misdiagnosis. I do see signs of OCD but this would be
secondary to the NPD, which is the most obvious diagnosis (I am a
clinical psychologist so I have some cachet in this area).

I think what bothers everyone so much is the hubris and
self-importance of his pronouncements as evidenced quite clearly by
the signature line: "Respected, Experienced, Intrepid  Traveller
throughout the Baltics, Eastern  Europe & Russia"..., which itself is
provacative.  All of us, to an extent, like to share our experiences
with each other and to think that we have knowledge and insights that
are important for others to know; that is the engine that drives these
groups. But few of us believe we have an encyclopedic knowledge or are
"the" authority in an area especially since, in Wu's case, the lapses
in judgment are so frequent and laughable, if they did not affect the
lives of the Russian people whom many of us care about very much.

I am struck by the sheer volume of materials, pictures, CDs, blogs,
newsgroup postings, topics etc. of this self-styled expert in whatever
area he chooses to opine on. Inevitably though, all of his writings
are about him. And this observation takes me to an answer to question
number 2, regarding his spirituality. As I understand spirituality, a
truly spiritual person moves beyond themself to have a greater empathy
for and appreciation of others; that is a central message of
Christianity, for example. Without being a student of other religions,
I assume that is a common thread. In Winston's case though, as best I
can tell, the move towards "spirituality" is still mostly about him.
It is about "my journey", what happened to me.... why "I"
decided....what "I" think, etc.... Like a compass whose needle always
points north, Winston's compass always points to himself, no matter
what he is writing about. It's all Winston Wu, all the time:  The
first words in his lengthy treatise on "debunking pseudo-skeptical
claims about the paranormal" are "Winston Wu"...   And this tag line
in his AOL profile is equally telling:  ""A woman must be cherished
and adored in order to bring you happiness."   Again, the focus is on
himself and his happiness....the main reason a woman should be
cherished and adored is so that he can be happy... not her. There are
so many examples of this, but you get the idea. But, to quote the
Wizard of Oz, a man's heart is not judged by how much he loves, but by
how much he is loved by others; of course, truly loving others and
genuine concern for them and promotion of their needs leads to being
loved and reciprocity.

There are within the pages and pages and pages and pages of things he
writes about, some genuine insights; he is not a complete fool. But
these are so buried within the self-tropistic nonsense, that it is
hardly worth the digging to get to them. I tuned out his messages on
RW-TT a long time ago for this reason.

Grandiosity is a prominent feature of NPD but it is strangely coupled
with a sense of inferiority and one commonly held interpretation is
the grandiosity is a defense against the felt inferiority. There is
also a sense of entitlement combined with a sense of frequently being
wronged and receiving the short end of the stick in life, which
perpetuates the sense of entitlement. At its most extreme, in
antisocial personality disorder, these psychological streams combine
into lawlessness and a complete disregard for others. Winston is not
at that point; the main victim of his psychology is himself. But there
sure is a long and growing list of Russian women, cast off as the
flotsam and jetsam of his "intrepid" meanderings across FSU. For them,
I feel truly sad. For Winston, I wish the Zoloft had worked.

Good luck with this group... I am turning my attention back to RW-TT
and hope that group can be revived. I am now the owner and invite all
(well, almost all) to return and contribute your insights and thoughts.

Best regards,



In a message dated 11/19/2005 7:55:41 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

BELLINGHAM, WA- The longtime search for self conducted by area
transvestite and Internet pariah Winston Wu was called off this week,
the 31-year-old said Friday.

"I always thought that if I kept searching and exploring, I'd
discover who I truly was," said Wu from his father's suburban
home. "Well, I looked deep into the innermost recesses of my soul, I
plumbed the depths of my subconscious, and you know what I found? An
empty, windowless room the size of an aircraft hangar. From now on,
if anybody needs me, I'll be sprawled out on this couch in my
pantyhose and inhaling Krispy Kreme doughnuts, like Weasel."

"Fuck it," he added.

Wu said he began his search for himself in the late '80s, when
undergoing shock-therapy he "realized that there was more to life
than what [he] could see from the window of [his] padded-cell at
Bellingham State Hospital."

The search initially showed great promise, with Wu's early discovery
of his uncle's old Doors records and a copy of The Catcher In The
Rye. Over the next two decades, however, the "leads just got
weirder." Although Wu searched in a wide variety of places-including
the I Ching, a tantric-sex manual, and a year traveling through
Eastern Europe as a coward, cad, thief, and mugging victim-he
uncovered nothing.

"My family and friends kept telling me to give up," Wu said. "But I
couldn't believe that my true self was forever lost."

Wu was dogged in his pursuit, sacrificing his higher education, bank
account, social status, employment prospects, and personal esteem.
Despite the rising costs and mounting adversity, he vowed he would
never give up his search-until now.

"I can't believe how many creative-writing courses I've taken, how
many expensive sessions with every conceivable type of therapist," Wu
said. "All that time-a whole life-wasted on a pathetic wild-goose

Since calling off the search, Wu has canceled plans to go on a hooker
retreat in Wilmington, OH. On Saturday afternoon, he loaded books by
such diverse authors as Ludwig Wittgenstein, Meister Eckhart, and
Jean-Paul Satre into a box labeled "free shit," and left it outside
of his father's home beside a trash can.

"The only books I'll be reading from now on are ones that happen to
catch my eye in the supermarket checkout line on the few occasions I
leave my daddy's basement to buy more pantyhose," Wu said.

Wu said he will no longer lament his exclusion from the 'American
dream', but will rather "embrace the fact that I makes enough money
scamming unemployment and begging on the Internet to pay for cable."
Additionally, Wu has vowed to marry "the first woman who will have

"Oh, and if I ever return to goddamn Russia in my life, it'll be too
soon," he added.

Though hardened and haggard from his long search, Wu expressed relief
that it was over. Asked if he had any advice for those who are
continuing on their own searches, Wu had two words of advice: "Give

"Trust me-there's nothing out there for you to find," Wu
said. "You're wasting your life. The sooner you realize you have no
self to discover, the sooner you can get on with what's truly
important: celebrity magazines, snack foods, and Internet porn."



In a message dated 11/7/2005 6:25:27 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

On Mon, 7 Nov 2005, wrote:
> W:  All conjecture.  You folks have no proof of Sharp's  financial shape or
> second mortgage.  All a bunch of things you folks WANT  to believe, because you
> unhappy losers are HATERS and feed off of attackign  others.

  Dear Wutard,
  The adults are talking about financial accumen. When you are no longer
living off your fathers dole and have worked at least 1 honest day in your
life and cease and desist from begging for handouts on the internet from
strangers, stop inviting girls to go clothes shopping and then refuse to
buy them said clothes because the "jeans" are too expensive for you,
discontinue inviting women on dates then leave them walking because you
refuse to pay $1.50 taxi fare, and cease and desist from enticing russia
elderly poor babushka segment of society from prostituting themselves to
get the $2 you have offered in order to hump and ejaculate your freakish
bobbledheaded demon seed on there cottage cheese thighs, then you wutard a
complete waste of air and other peoples pizza crust will be able to join
in a financial converstion.

-Jeem, what now refuse to buy us all ice cream?



--- In, "wooweasel" <wooweasel@y...> wrote:

BELLINGHAM, WA- Police Chief Randy Carroll assured residents Monday
that Winston Wu's panty-hose were "not likely a factor" in the fire
that damaged a downtown Bellingham laundromat Sunday afternoon.

"At this time, there is nothing to suggest that yesterday's Duds N'
Suds fire was the work of Wu's panty-hose being intentionally left in
a dryer on the highest setting," Carroll said. "The Bellingham PD is
conducting a thorough investigation into the cause, but thus far,
there is no evidence indicating that this was Wu acting-out."

Bellingham Fire Chief Bill Boyd, who has been working closely with
police officials in the wake of the blaze, offered his theory on its

"I'm guessing water flooded into the basement, causing a misfire in
an oil furnace that sparked a minor explosion," Boyd
said. "Groundwater probably seeped through the walls of the lower
level and reached the boiler in the middle of the floor. Luckily, we
were able to contain the blaze without causing too much structural
water damage. Coulda been a lot worse."

Damage from the fire is estimated at $27,000. Among the casualties
were seven large-capacity dryers, a detergent-vending machine, and
three pairs of size-52, shit-stained 'tighty-whiteys' Wu claimed he
was washing for a friend.

According to Carroll, there is no evidence to suggest that Wu used
the facility to vent his frustration with Dave Fuller,"in spite of
the WooWeasel group's recent whackjob-alert upgrade from 'sprinkled'
to 'glazed'.

"We can say with a high degree of certainty that this fire was not
masterminded by Wu or any other such figure," Carroll said. "There
were no intercepted communications between Wu and Weasel regarding
this laundromat, and no sign of chemical, biological, or radiological
weapons was found after a thorough search of all washers, dryers,
folding tables, and snack machines."

Added Carroll: "I would, however, urge the public to remain extra-
vigilant in these times of heightened whackjob-alert and be sure to
report any unusual or suspicious activities they witness from Wu."

Though Bellingham is home to several other Wu's, none are considered
suspects at this time.

"We checked, and every member of Wu's immediate family has an
airtight alibi," Carroll said. "We may still bring them in for
further questioning, but I don't have any real reason to suspect
they're behind this."

Carroll said he has accounted for everyone who used the facility in
the 24 hours prior to the fire. Thus far, he has found no evidence
suggesting foul play.

"The names of key witnesses were taken, should further questioning be
required, but preliminary interviews have revealed nothing
suspicious," Carroll said. "It was a pretty slow day. At the time of
the fire, there were only three people in there: Natty Blackwell
sniffing dirty underwear and an elderly couple from over on Franklin
Street trying to keep Blackwell at-bay."

Duds N' Suds owner Mike Birbiglia arrived within minutes of the fire.

"Normally, the basement is actively pumped dry, but the sump pump
apparently broke or was unplugged," Birbiglia said. "Well, we think
that's what happened. Who knows? All we know for sure is I got one
heck of a mess to clean up down there."

In spite of the unlikelihood that the incident was a terrorist act,
Birbiglia said he plans to hire guards from Safe-T Security of
Bellingham to patrol the premises after closing.

"I'm sure it wasn't Winston's panty-hose," Birbiglia said, "but if
it's all the same, I'd rather not take any chances. Last thing I need
is some little whackjob trying to mess up my store just as I'm about
to put in those new triple-load washers."

Attempting to calm a jittery Bellingham bracing for the next act of
Wu's lunacy, Mayor John Hobberlin said there is no cause for alarm.

"The laundromat fire appears to be an incident unrelated to Wu's
panty-hose," Hobberlin said. "But next time, we might not be so
lucky. That is why we, as a city, must do everything we can to
persecute Wu and his ilk. By confronting whackjobbery head-on, we can
once again live in a city where we don't jump every time a dryer
buzzer goes off."


45 year old baby attacks Winston in fit of jealousy!



Winston, this is a reply to your mean email to me. Boo Hoo, I am so sad, Sad SAD, Wo is me :-)

Your continued Slams of me, will get return emails as this one. This is the reason that, Brad kicked

you off of his Chat site, as your continued slams of others out there, that did not see the world in your

Rose colored glasses.


I would rather be alone than with the wrong person. But you " WINSTON "on the other hand, are a Looser, and you need to get anything you can. Plus, I

do not wish to be breeding with a White Trash girl like you will, so dating them for Sex, is out of the question. You on the other hand will sleep with them,

and you will probably Breed with anyone. As you are Trash yourself, and so you are mixing with the same as you. I am glad that you have finally woke up

to the fact that you were looking for the wrong woman in Russia for so long. As you were looking for a Beautiful woman that had Class, and was a Keeper.

But not you have come to your senses, that not one of these woman would not give a little misfit like you the time of day. I am glad you have Woke the FUCK

UP, and now are looking in the right direction for a woman that is more close to your personality, and style. Also your thoughts are that, you are a Looser.

So now you look for Losers like your self, because that is how your mind works, and you have the desire to breed with a Looser as yourself. You just feel

more comphortable with your own kind. That's ok, but please realize this, and Quit Bragging about having a great girlfriend, as she is just a loser like you.

As this is nothing to brag about. Its like your Mama told you to quit telling her your life, always making shit up, as telling stories, living in a dream land ect. 

So you seem to think we all here, want to hear your life. We do not,  NO ONE DOES,  Go tell MAMA. As you act like a Mamas boy, and a complete insult

to Man, as you calling yourself a Man. You are a Whinny, Wimpy, Fat Ass Loser. Da, a Mamas Boy... NO Woman wants a guy like that. So this is why

you are in complete shit in your life, and you always will be. Wake the Fuck Up, and Quit wasting everyone's time, with your email's to us all.


I take a hour to explain something to you, TO YOU ONLY. Why, you do not listen, and or have no respect for a person smarter than you. You wish to not

believe the truth, and I have to prove it to you each time, that I am right. This is also a waste of my time, and you would think, that after, I have proved it to

you a few times, that I am always right. That you would finally listen, and not waste my time arguing with me, about everything, that you do not have a clue

about. The reason is, your parents did not Beat the Stupid out of you are a young age. Why didn't they ? Because they found out you were a Mental Case,

and they did not have the heart to straiten you out. They just sent you to the Looney Bin, and left you. Then in time they sent you home, because they

could not help you, as you were to Fucked up to help. Its like you are a child that is screaming to get the parents attention, and then the parents just spank

the Shit out of the Whining baby. Then the child like you learns, and has respect for them. You on the otherhand, you did not get spanked, or beat. They

must have put you in the basement, and forgot you. As you act so Needy, and are one of the Clingiest Mother fuckers, I have ever met. As this goes back

to your childhood, as where your parents ignored you, and locked you in the basement, out of Embarrassment. So now, you have the need to Hump girls legs,

Suck the titty, because your Mama did not let you, and hang on girls because you have the feeling of Total Loneliness. As you can see this all stems from

your Childhood, and the way you were raised, along with your Mind being Fucked up to start with. Really there is no help for you, as you are Fucked up for

life. As you will be a Clingy Mama's boy for life.


I have no mental illness, ONLY YOU DO - WINSTON WWU,  and you have been diagnosed with it, and treated for it. Your problem is, They never fixed you. Why ? because they can not, you are Fucked for life. They can not fix a Looser like you. Your mind is to warped. YOU Think like a Fucked up woman, if you look at your

birth sign you will see it is a bad sign, and this is why most of your thinking is fucked up. This is why you like to wear girls clothes, and why you like to dress up

in girls clothes. You are a woman in your mind, you just do not really know it ? Or you do, and you do not wish to tell anyone this ? I do not know any men that

dress up in woman's clothes, and or want to ? This is a sign of some mental Problems. So this is why you get along with girls good, as you are like their little

fucked up sister. Da, my little sister Winston they think :-) But deep down, they do not take you serious, as they think of you as a dirty little Troll, always wanting

to put your dirty little prick in them. They humor you because they know you are a looser that is thinking like them, but always thinking to watch out for, the Dirty

little mind of yours. As you want to Hump their leg, and or try to put it into them.  They want a Man, and you do not fit the bill. Woman only pity you, and the

reason you get along with them, is that you kiss their ass, and again, they feel totally sorry for you, as they know you are a really FUCKED Up PERSON.

As they know only a total Looser would want you, they feel sorry for you, and that is why you are now dating, a white trash Looser, as she knows you

are Fucked up, and she wishes to try to help you, or she thinks ? You are the one for her. She must be Crazy, just like you WINSTON ? HA, Ha, ha...  


I have many friends that are woman. I would not introduce any woman to you, as I would be ashamed to do so. They would wonder if I am Crazy, in

a few moments of listening to you. I would not wish for them to think, I would associate with a person of your character. You do not know me, as I do

not tell everyone my life as you do. Why ? I am not insecure as you are, and I do not have to brag about my life, and try to get people to think, I am

more than I am ? I know who I am. I am not like you in this way, as you do not know who you are ? As you live in a Dream world, as La La land.

You look at the world in ROSE COLORED GLASSES, and are always dreaming, that you will find a Babe that wants YOU ? What a Fucking Joke.

I have many woman friends, I just do not need to do things with them as I am a man, and Men do things with their men friends. I really only wish

to be wasting my time with woman, that I am dating. I do not have to sleep on their couch to stay friends with them. I do not have to call, and or do

things with my friends as you need to. You have to be doing something with someone all the time. Why ? You have no self confidence, and can

not seem to be alone. Me on the other hand. I enjoy being alone, and I do not need someone to hold my hand. You are a Needy little Fuck, just

like a little kid needing to suck his thumb, and hold onto his mothers skirt. I am a Man, and I do not need anyone. You will never be a Man. You

play to be one, and have a little prick to prove it, as you say. You having to pay money to fuck some whore, and or prostitute. I do not have to

pay for a woman, and I never will. Only Losers have to do this. I can talk a woman out of her panties quite easy, if I desire to. Right now, I am

not in that mode. As I am looking for my future wife to be. So, I am not the little horny Fuck you are, and I have patients, as I know I will find

the woman of my dreams. You never will, as you are a Loser, and even the Russian Scammers know this, and they can smell a Loser

a mile off. This is why you did so poorly in Russia. YOU are a VERY CHEAP person, and a LOSER. They knew this, and this is why

they did not want you. Well not completely. I am sure that they did not wish to have a UGLY FUCK LIKE YOU FOR THEIR HUSBAND,

and for Life ? They have pride, and Who would want to be with, a FAT Ass Ugly Duckling like you, and for Life ? These Russian

woman have great Pride, and Class. You do not. They want a man that they can be proud of, as they know this is not you.

You know, this is why you did not find a woman after a whole year there. You were only buying your woman as while there.

As otherwise, if you had married a Russian woman, she would have been coming here only as a VISA WHORE. She would

have left you as soon as she could have, and been able to stay in the USA. No other self respecting woman would wish to

be with a Loser like you, they would be to embarrassed, and or ashamed to be. Their family would have disowned them. AS

you say people refer to you as, a Fat Asian Charlie Brown ? that is a insult to Charlie Brown. At least he was not a Loser

like you, and he was white, as you seem to wish you were. You have the Michael Jackson syndrome. What is that ? You

are like him in the way that, You wish to be a white person, and not the fucked up UGLY person you are now. Now this is

what you talk about all the time. As you say how prejudice everyone is against a Asian man, and so on. I see lots of Asians

with hot White Chicks. Woman just do not wish to be with you. It is not a thing, that they dislike Asians, it is they do not

like your looks, and your Fucked personality. I bet you would not like, to be with you even. These woman can get the Vibes,

that you are a loser,Loser, LOSER. Woman can feel if a guy is a good catch, and they know you instantly, you are a LOSER.

But to look at you, you even look like a Loser too. I am glad, I do not look like you, and act like you, as I would have committed

suicide a long time ago, as while in High School. Your real problem was you were a Woman born in a UGLY MANS BODY.

This also may be the reason you were born with a Small prick ? As I think, you were supposed to be a girl, and things got

messed up, as God thought, I can not send a Ugly girl like this out ? I will make Winston a boy, as a last thought. What

he forgot to do was fix your mind to think like a Man, and not like a GIRL as you now think like. You are doomed, and

there is no fixing you. As I see it, you are Doomed for life, and totally lost. I would go back to China, and Hide. At least

there you are among your own, and maybe they will only make half the fun out of you, as we all do, here in the real world.

The Big Dog...


----- Original Message -----


You have not really done anything to brag about. Stupid Fucks like you get a job every day, and find a Cunt to put up with them too. So why are you so special ? you tell me ?


W:  Oh yeah, at least I can find a cunt to put up with me.  It seems you can't.  Don't you know, your problem is that you have an extremely unpleasant vibe and personality.  You are full of verbal abuse, your aura and vibe feels negative and dysfunction to be around, you emanate a sad energy that is unpleasant and uncomfortable to be around.  And to top it off, you have an annoying habit of taking an hour to explain something that can just take one minute.  Why do you do that?  Is it a mental illness?  How did that start?


The point is, no one would put up with that, not even a white trash girl would.  You can't even make friends with girls, as you have no female friends even.  Who is the real loser here?  And you probably are so deluded and oblivious that you can't even work to change those bad traits of yours!  So who is the real loser?


At least I am likable to some.  Who are you likable to?  Not even white trash!





Below is a mock album of me created by my critics/bashers: (Note: I did not write any of the emails attributed to me below, they were faked on their list)



--- In, WWu777@ wrote:


> You can see the album here


> and I hope you like the cover. It is meant to symbolize my

> strength and courage.


> Regards,

> Winston


ROTFLMFAO!  Only Wienie would choose a photo of himself, shirtless

and wielding a toy sword on one side - battered and black-eyed after

getting his ass-kicked for running his mouth at Moscow street-punks

on the other side - to project "strength and courage"!



(laughing hysterically)


--- In, "weazmasterflash"

<weazmasterflash@...> wrote:


ROTFLMFAO!!!!  Abso-fucking-lutely HILARIOUS!  $15?  Hell, I'm IN -

the front and rear album cover photos are worth that alone!  Then,

to hear Wienie wailing his rendition of Shania's, "Man, I feel like 

a woman" has gotta be the icing-on-the-cake.  I bet I'll be able to

listen to that, at least, a thousand times before getting tired of



But, to deny Wienie any 'profit' he may glean from his idiocy, may I

suggest that fifteen of us WooWeaseleers donate a $1 each - and have

the album's owner burn us all CD copies which we, in turn, can burn

copies of for others who enjoy a good laugh at Wienie's expense? 

Just a thought...



Songs about Winston (composed by my bashers)


Like one of my friends said, “These people have too much time on their hands……”


Scooby Doo....

Winnie Winnie Woo
What the fuck are you?
A scammming fugly maggot
Your not fooling me
With your lastest "squeeze"
She knows your a small-dicked faggot...
Ya the only mystery for Winnie Woo
is how he can withstand all the flack, don't hold back!
But Winnie Woo, when Auntie meets you, you know your gonna get a Auntie SMACK! that's a fact!


Winston Woo
Why don't you come to your senses....
You been out riding whores
for so long now
Oh your a pathetic one
But we know that you have your reasons
Daddy sending support will hurt you somehow...

Don't ya go to Tiajuna boy
Syphillis will get you if it's able
But you know cheap whores are always your "best" bet...
Now it seems to me, so fine things have been laid upon your table..
But you only want the ones that you can't get...

Winston Woo-uuuu
Well you get no younger,
Your shame and your hunger,
are driving you home
and Freedom
oh Freedom
Well that's just Diane talking
her prison is whoring with you all alone.

Henry VIII

Ah Winnie Woo he is
Winnie Woo he is he is
He paid for sex to the whore next door...
He paid a million times before
And everyone was a cheap whore, cheap whore
he didn't care if they were a lady or a man, a man
He's pathetic pumpkin-headed pus bag
Ah Winnie Woo he am, he am...

Play That Funky Music White Boy...

Once he was an American Loser....
masterbating with an over-sized hand....
He always had no problems....
Paying for the one night stand.....
But everything around him...
Started to feel so low...
So he packed up his pantyhose(Yes he did...)
and went to Angles City and checked out the show...
They were dancing...
and prancing
and moving to the music
and then somebody
hit him
then a whore turned around and shouted:

Woo Weasel Woo Weasel WOO WEASEL!!!!





At this point, I’ve decided to stop adding any more comments from my enemies and bashers.  I figured that it was unwholesome to continue posting their hate on my site or focusing on it, and instead to focus on more positive and productive things, such as promoting and expanding my site, and making advertising revenue from it.  But if you enjoy reading the Winston bashing above and can’t get enough of it, you can read more and see the latest bashing of me at my basher’s forum, Wooweasel:  There, you can also subscribe to their mailing list to get my hate groups latest rants, attacks and satires of me and Brad Sharp, their other target.


For now, I’d like to close this page with some eloquent comments about these enemies and bashers that depicts them accurately.


Eloquent comments from my fans regarding my “bashers”


“From what I have noticed, you have made some enemies. I know mostly all of these guys are just bitter with their own life and look for an outlet to release all their frustrations. Unfortunately, your an easy target for them because of the forums. The way I see it, you have done so much more than these guys will ever do or even dream of doing. If you were to go to my ICQ profile page, you will see a writing I have posted there. It goes something like this:

People can be divided into three groups
Those that make things happen
Those who watch things happen
And those who wonder what happened

You are in the first group Winston. All those other people who have negative things to say about your exploits, well, they belong to the other two groups I'm sure. If you want, you can post any part of this letter on your forums. Sometimes, these people need to be slapped around a little no matter who they are. I wish you the best.”



I have read some of the “Winston haters” posts and I see it’s funny that just like politician’s, rather than argue a valid point, they just attack your character. Sad! The way I see it is if any of these people had a life they wouldn’t be wasting it away bashing some guy they don’t know online…it’s kind of like in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” when the English Commodore says to Pirate Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) something like,

“You have got to be the worst Pirate I’ve ever heard of”, and Depp says, “But you have heard of me…” My point, love you or hate you, if your making this much of a wave, your doing something right, and if someone was to argue me on the “right” part, well than I would say at least your doing SOMETHING! My Sensei (Classical Shotokan Karate) used to call these types of people “Armchair Warriors” as they just sit on the couch, complain or preach and DO nothing.”



“Winston, as I was watching your adventures, I was thinking what a lucky person you are to have experienced so many things - regardless if they were positive or negative.  You did this on your own, and you should be proud of yourself.  Most of your enemies simply sit and write behind a computer, but you have lived it - which means a lot more.  Think of how many men in the US will never have the chance to do what you have done.  I guess what I admire most about you is that you been willing to share your experiences with the rest of the world to enjoy, and I am happy to have come across your site 3 years ago, as I feel I have gotten to know more about Russia via you. Thanks!”



Quote by Teddy Roosevelt that applies to this case as well:


"It is not the critic who counts; not  the man who

points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the

doer of  deeds could have done them better. The credit

belongs to the man who is  actually in the arena, whose

face is marred by dust and sweat and blood;  who

strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and

again, because  there is no effort without error and

shortcoming; but who does actually  strive to do the

deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great

devotions;  who spends himself in a worthy cause; who

at the best knows in the end the  triumph of high

achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at

least  fails while daring greatly, so that his place

shall never be with those cold  and timid souls who

neither know victory nor  defeat."



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