Dave Fuller

The Arch Enemy and Nemesis of Winston Wu




His funniest, wittiest, and meanest rants, fake press-releases, poems, songs, and doctored photos against me


Updated 08/14/08


“He hates everyone and everyone hates him”

– A source in Russia who met Dave Fuller in person


“I tell ya Winston, you are gathering quite the little fan club… Well, its like the old World War II motto goes; "If your taking flak, you must be over the target."

Grunt from Winston’s Forum


“Winston, as I was watching your adventures, I was thinking what a lucky person you are to have experienced so many things - regardless if they were positive or negative.  You did this on your own, and you should be proud of yourself.  Most of your enemies simply sit and write behind a computer, but you have lived it - which means a lot more.  Think of how many men in the US will never have the chance to do what you have done.  I guess what I admire most about you is that you been willing to share your experiences with the rest of the world to enjoy, and I am happy to have come across your site 3 years ago…“ - Giovanni


"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because  there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually  strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least  fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."

- Teddy Roosevelt


“Something to consider .. and my own Master has revealed the truth of this for me... Whenever we perceive a flaw or a "problem" with another being?  THAT very flaw actually LIVES WITHIN our very own BEing.  What is happening is... that other "individual"  ( who is nor really separate from you but VERY connected at the sub atomic level of Consciousness)  is acting as a MIRROR for us.    People REFLECT BACK to us  what our own issues are.   IF... we did not have any issues  about  .. say ... BEING CHEATED, as our OWN INNER issue ... then it would literally be IMPOSSIBLE to recognize that perceived "flaw" in others.  AND .. if it keeps coming up?  Guess what?  We have yet to successfully concur that issue which is very alive within ourselves.

- FaithRada, Winston's spiritual advisor


(Note:  For more eloquent comments about my bashers, see the bottom of this page) 





This page is dedicated to my arch enemy and nemesis Dave Fuller of Sydney, Australia (aka “The Riddler”).  No dramatic story is complete without its villains, after all, and this man is chief among them.  He’s certainly earned it with the monumental energy and time he’s put into defaming me, bring upon me his vicious rants, nasty insults about my appearance, racial slurs, satirical press releases, poems, songs, and funny photo composites of me.  His attacks on me have been as relentless and persistent as my own debate wars, which are unparalleled, meriting him the title of my rival adversary.  Throughout all my adventures, he has waged a constant campaign against me.  Though I hate to admit it, I sort of enjoy having an arch enemy for in a way it gives me a morbid feeling of importance, elevating my adventures to the status of a drama show worthy of significance and attention.


He is now chief moderator of my online hate group WooWeasel.  If you love to hate others and if you feed off negativity and wish to waste time, you can join it by going to this link and clicking “Join Group”:


Now, you might wonder WHY I am hated by some and why there is a hate forum out there directed at me.  Well your guess is as good as mine.  I NEVER EVER wronged any of those guys on my hate group.  Hence, they have no logical or legitimate reason to hate me.  But nonetheless, “hate” is an illogical emotion anyway, highly personal and subjective.  They seem to feed off of hate, as those with dysfunctional emotional imbalances, character flaws and psychoses do.  Simply, they are “bullies” who have picked me as a target for one reason or another, especially since I’ve exposed myself with almost total honesty in my writings and adventures.  And in my book, anyone who hates someone they never met and who never wronged them, has got some serious issues and problems.  They are the kind of people that healthy sane people best stay away from.


Nevertheless, I think it can be argued that when one achieves a status where one is regarded as a hero by some, and hated by others, that that person has achieved SIGNIFICANCE. 


Who is Dave Fuller?


As far as I know, he is a big tall man in his 30’s from Sydney, Australia.  His claimed profession is that of a computer programmer.  Like me, he sought a Russian bride before, but the funny thing is that though he ridicules me and my attempts, he actually did worse than me, and behaved more cowardly too.  You can read about his first trip to Russia in his own words and testimony at  However, his current claim now is that he has a great relationship with a woman in St. Petersburg, though he seems ashamed to show her photo.  He changes his email frequently, as mischief makers usually have to, but his last known email is


Fuller first heard about me through one of the many Yahoo group email lists for men seeking love or marriage in Russia/Ukraine.  Since then, he’s targeted me as well as several others he finds easy targets.  The group he most often posts on is at, an unmoderated no holds barred forum used mostly for flame wars.  He also posts on the Talk Lounge forum discussion board at under user name “kiwiguy_os”.  Though he had his own website before, he later took it down, perhaps out of shame.  The only photo I have of him is the one above, which he uses for his avatar at  As you can see in it, he sort of has a mischievous face and grin. 


And in fact, I would give him the “best hater” award, for he has definitely earned it.



As for his possible motivations, I can only speculate.  I surmise that he is probably a bully in need of a target to morbidly boost his own ego.  Perhaps as a child, he got used to bullying other kids who were weak and easy targets for him, but as an adult when he no longer could do that, he used the internet to do it instead.  He is definitely a hater, seeing the worst in everyone, even if it’s not there, exercising extremely selective perception.  As someone who met him told me, “He hates everyone and everyone hates him.”  It even gets to the point where he sees only what he wants to see, as he often twists facts, and uses partial truths against his targets like me.  Fuller has had a constant propensity to get facts mixed up to his advantage, which has given me a trifling time in correcting his mistakes.  For instance, when I said that I spent a few weeks in a rehab center, he went on to say that I spent most of my teenage years there.  He can also use deceit to weasel his way out of things.  For example, when I first quoted the above comment about him hating everyone, he accused me of fabricating my source.  Yet, when I revealed the source to him in private, he suddenly claimed that he was 95 percent sure that that was my source.  Obviously, one of those statements must be a lie.


In either case, some of my readers have remarked in disbelief that Fuller could not be a real person, for real life people would not do what he does, and that he seems “larger than life”.  My dad described Fuller as one of the types of people that Buddha said not to touch, for “Some people are like a stick.  On one end is fire and on the other is human waste.  If you touch it, you will either get burnt or dirty.  So better not to touch it at all.”  Perhaps he is right, for that describes him very well.  In spite of this though, he is interesting and never boring.


Though Fuller claims to utterly despise me, calling me the worst filth that exists, I conclude that such is not possible, for if he really hated me, he would ignore my emails and posts, not spend so much time and energy on me.  Obviously, he finds me to be of high entertainment value, and therefore could not harbor hate against me, for those two emotions would conflict.  Therefore, I conclude that he either likes me in actuality, gets some kind of morbid entertainment out of me, or somehow has a dysfunctional addiction toward me.  Whatever the case, he is definitely an enigma.


Here now are his wittiest, meanest and most vicious anti-Winston works.



The Anti-Winston Works of Dave Fuller



From: "Dave Fuller" <>  Add to Address Book  Add Mobile Alert 


Subject: Wu, what a fucking loser

Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 21:47:36 +1100


<<< 1. She is kind of simple minded, and seems incapable of being

analytical, skeptical, or examining anything. >>>


Obviously. These are pre-requesites for any woman who spends an

inordinate amount of time with you.


<<< Most women do by asking me questions about myself, my life, my

goals/plans, personality, beliefs, etc. but she never does for some

reason. >>>


It's because she can see you are a loser already, but still you are a

ticket to a better way of life for her. Your her green card dipshit.


<<< 2. One of the things she dislikes about herself is that she is

too giving to others. She said that she always expends too much

energy for others and not for herself, neglecting her own needs. >>>


Figures with a parasite and user like yourself bludging off her.


<<< She says that others often take advantage of that, which is not

surprising given that many Russians strongly prefer taking over

giving. >>>


Very much like you prefer taking as well Winnie taking advantage of

free accommodation, food etc


<<< 3. Another issue is in regards to sex (not that I like talking

about this openly, but hey). >>>


ROTFLMAO!! You talk about and sell pictures and videos in your crappy

video collection of sex you idiot. How more open can you be?


<<< In short, she isnt much into sex.  In fact, she is ashamed and

unwilling to even discuss anything related to sex. >>>


Considering she is with a 3 inch endowed casanova like yourself with

known erection problems this is surprising.


<<< She will not even say the word sex if I ask her to.  Ive never

met a Russian girl like that before. >>>


Maybe thats because she isn't your run of the mill hooker or slut

that you usually associate yourself with Wu.


<<< Perhaps she has either prudish inhibitions, isnt interested much

in sex or me, or lacks experience.  I dont know, but she never

initiates it, only I do. >>>


HaHaHaHaHa. She cant stand you Wu. She finds you physically

repulsive. This is why. No sexual chemistry whatsoever and given your

laughable endowment I doubt very much you can give her any pleasure.


<<< What do you all think?  Are these bad qualities that I should be

worried about? >>>


I think you have no sexual chemistry whatsoever little Wu. By the

sounds of it you have to beg for sex and any romantic advances are

made from you to her and not vice versa. As much as you may think she

is being prudish I am sure if she found someone she was sexually and

physically attracted to she would not be so prudish. Have a look in

the mirror Wu. You are FUGLY. You are ugly, poor, sleazy and dress

like a bum. You probably make the poor girl vomit with your ugly

rotund head, squinty little eyes, non stop yabbering mouth and fat

little bread filled belly.



Press release: Winston apprehended for stealing flowers!


Dear all,

During the flame wars between Fuller and I a few weeks ago, some of you may have missed or deleted the joke press release about me below that Fuller sent me on my birthday (what a nice present).  Nevertheless, it's a MUST READ so I'm sending it to you all again.  Not only is it funny as hell (last night me and several Aussie and British guys here in this hostel were laughing at it for hours), but even more funny is that my dad thought it was real and wrote an emergency letter to me about it.  I've copied and pasted that below as well.  Last night, me and these guys read the joke press release and my dad's letter over and over again word for word, in belly aching laughter.  Fuller's comment about my dad's emergency letter was funny as well, and I pasted it below too, so you can see it all, and know what we were laughing about for hours last night. LOL


One Aussie in particular, an older guy who was very intellectual, articulate and inquisitive, told me that after reading all of Fuller's writings, he doesn't think that Fuller actually hates me, but probably in fact likes me, and is just having good fun with what he writes.  He also explained to me that British and Australian humor was similar, and typifies a lot of dry witty sarcasm and satire.  And that Fuller's style of satire was best appreciated and understood by Brits or Aussies, not by Americans, since they have a more literal sense of humor and might be more offended, finding it repulsive and distasteful, as they don't appreciate the art in it.  He said that Aussies typically put down others in a dry sarcastic way as humor, but Fuller's style was more extreme than usual. 


Nevertheless, though he disagreed with the content of what Fuller wrote, he admired his wittiness, skill, talent, and style, and complimented him as a gifted writer.  Several other Aussie guys here said the same thing and that Fuller ought to get a job as a professional critic in some media publications they know.  They were all amused and enjoyed reading Fuller's posts though, especially the faked press release about the stolen flowers. 


One British guy I've been hanging out a lot with til late night, also said that the judgmental colorful words that Fuller used in that joke press release reflected the typical style of British journalists, so by their standards, the joke press release does look realistic, for that's how a real British journalist might write it.



Dave Fuller's joke press release:


YOSHKAR-OLA (AP) - Late yesterday afternoon the Yoshkar Ola Militsaya

apprehended one Winston Wu of Seattle, USA. According to the arrest

report Wu is to be charged for the sale of stolen goods and with the

theft of the flowers.


"This Wu character tried to make a few extra dollars on International

Womens Day by selling stolen flowers." Yuri Salimov, spokesperson for

the Yoshkar ola Militsaya said. Salimov continued "Usually we just

fine someone like this but because of where he stole the flowers from

we have decided to arrest him."


Although sketchy, reports claimed that Wu had been helping himself to

flowers left at a local graveyard and selling them on the street to

the locals. Wu was foiled when widow Elena Tinkalova who happened to

be passing by, recognized one of the bouquets Wu was trying to sell

as one she had placed on her deceased husbands grave early that day

and informed the local militsaya of this. "What sort of man steals

flowers from a grave" a visibly distraught Ms Tinkalova said.


When asked if he knew of the squnity eyed Wu, Salimov said "We have

heard of this Wu person. He regularly begs for alms outside the local

church and has been seen in pizza restaurants eating leftover crusts

off peoples plates."


Elaborating on Wu's crime Salimov said "Wu had been shopping around

for some cheap flowers for his childlike fiancee when he stumbled

across the local graveyard. He saw flowers in the graveyard and

helped himself to some left by a grave for his fiancee. After giving

the flowers to his fiancee he then decided to revisit the graveyard

and collect more flowers in an attempt to sell them for some money."


Wu, who has been released on bail was asked to comment on his

actions, to which an unrepentant Wu said "I do not see anything wrong

with what I did. The flowers were in the graveyard and nobody was

holding them so why cant I use them. Besides it is not like anyone

else was using them. People do it all the time where I come from so

why not here."


After hearing this an angry District Commissioner Pavel Polotsky

said "What sort of filthy lowlife steals from a graveyard. This

despicable grave robber will bear the full brunt of the law."



What my dad wrote to me when he read the above:


Dear Win,


Are you in trouble with Russian police as Dave Fuller said? What is the situation right now? I tried to call your new cell and was told it was out of service. Buy a phone card and call me. I am worry. Do you need help?


You would never get out of trouble with police through smart mouth or arguing. Admit that you are wrong and plead for forgiving. Say that you are not knowing you were breaking law. You could ask your accuser for forgiving and compensate her by buying more flowers to her late husband and hope she will drop the charge. Just do whatever you can to get out of that trouble and get out of Russia ASAP. If you are on bail, don't make the thing worse by trying to sneak out of there. Comply with them. It is not a serious crime if you handle it properly. Let me know what I can help. Call me.






Fuller's response to my dad's emergency letter:


ROTFLMFAO!! I have not stopped laughing since I read this post

Winnie. The fact your own father could not see this was purely

fictional and a joke was funny. What was even funnier though was that

he could even think for one second that his son could even do

something like this. This speaks volumes about what sort of character

you are Winnie in that your own father would not rule out the

possibility you could do something as low as steal flowers from a




The Riddler



Press release: Winstonitis spreads in Eastern Europe!


Folks, look!  I'm in the news media yet again!



MOSCOW, RUSSIA (Reuters); Health Officials in Moscow

today declared a state of emergency as a new strand of Winstonitis

reached epidemic proportions throughout Eastern Europe. The strand,

dubbed Winstonitis B has been reported as causing severe rectal rash and

uncontrollable giggling amongst its female victims and penile

shrinkage and uncontrollable urges to grope amongst men.


Apparantly a lesser strain of Winstonitis, now dubbed

Winstonitis A appeared around 3 years ago in the cities of Tula,

Cheverepots, St Petersburg, Volgograd and Yoshkar Ola with record

cases of rectal itch being reported from females from these cities.

When quizzed one common factor emerged, that being they had their arses

groped by a small disfigured asian man by the name of Winston.


When asked what caused the latest outbreak Dr Vitaly

Salinikov of the Moscow Institute for Sexual Transmitted Disease

Research attributed this outbreak to the original carrier, one Winston Wu

of Washington, USA revisiting Russia for a more prolonged period. "We

believe Winston came from the US with the disease again which

he then transmuted to his victims by groping their buttocks

with his unwashed hands. If he would have taken the time to wash his

hands after going to the toilet this whole epidemic may have been

avoided but I suppose soap was too expensive for him to afford." Salinikov



Reports have been coming in from all over Eastern

Europe and have been for 8 months now, in what the World Health

Organization describe as a tragedy of immense proportions. Worst affected

with Winstonitis B have been Yoshkar Ola, Volgograd, Irkurtz, St

Petersburg, Moscow, Chevrepots, Nizhny Novgorod and Vyborg in Russia and

Vilnius and more recently Kaunas in Lithuania. "It is not uncommon to

see large groups of young women scratching themselves uncontrollable

around the rectal area in public and giggling stupidly. It is rather

off-putting I must say. I'd like to give this Winston what for if you

know what I mean." Clive Wilson, a British sex tourist in St Petersburg

angrily said as he shook his fist.


When asked about a cure Salinikov just shrugged his

shoulders and said "Hopefully the disease will cure itself like

Winstonitis A. It is good that Winston is out of Russia but some

preventative measures must be put in place for the people of Lithuania".

When quizzed about what measures Salinikov said "We are looking at

getting the authorities to force him to bathe with soap and water

and trying to enforce a law that he must wear surgical gloves when

out in public. Other than that we just have to wait for him to



At this stage authorities are still trying to locate

Wu as they piece together his potential whereabouts from his sordid sex

tales and hope to have him bathed by the end of the week.



New song lyrics composed about Winston


Oh Lord, it's sucks to be Winston

lyrics by Mac Davis and Dave Fuller


{sung to the lyrics of 'Oh Lord, it's hard to be



Oh Lord it's easy to be humble

when you're Winston in every way.

He can't stand to look in the mirror

'cos he gets uglier looking each day


to know him is to hate him

He's one pitiful excuse for a man.

O Lord it's easy to be humble

when Wu screws up as best he can.


He used to have a girlfriend

but I guess she just could'n't complete

with all of these lovestarved Russians

who keep clamouring at his feet.


Well he'll probably find another

but I guess they're all in awe of he

who cares Wu never get lonesome

cause he treasures his own company.


Oh Lord it's easy to be humble

when you're Winston in every way.

He can't stand to look in the mirror

'cos he gets uglier looking each day


to know him is to hate him

He's one pitiful excuse for a man.

O Lord it's easy to be humble

when Wu screws up as best he can.


I guess you can say Wu's a loner

a asian fuckwad, obnoxious and loud

Well he could have lots of friends if he wanted

but then he wouldn't stand out from the crowd


some folks say that he's "egotistical

well he don't even know what that means

I guess it has something to do with the

little three inch pecker in his jeans.


Oh Lord it's easy to be humble

when you're Winston in every way.

He can't stand to look in the mirror

'cos he gets uglier looking each day


to know him is to hate him

He's one pitiful excuse for a man.

O Lord it's easy to be humble

when Wu screws up as best he can.



What Buddha said about Dave Fuller and those like him


Dear all,


Check out my dad's analogy about Buddha's description

of Dave Fuller types.  It's so simple yet completely

pragmatically true, so much so that Fuller could do

nothing but lash back vainly like a wounded animal

whose true colors had been revealed in clear view. lol

 You can see his response below my dad's comments, and

a follow up response from another on my list, and then my dad’s final comment.


From dad:


> > I read the comments of your photo. Ignore the

> internet bully, Dave

> > Fuller. I

> > read a line of Buddha sutra that he described 4

> kinds of people. One

> > of them

> > is the one who is like a stick. One end of the

> stick is dipped with

> > human

> > waste, the other end is on fire. He suggested not

> to touch that stick.

> > You

> > will either get dirty or get burnt. Fuller is the

> kind of person that

> > everyone should not touch.

> >

> > Good luck, love,

> > Dad


W:  Even before those comments, my dad reflected and

wrote this about Dave Fuller types as well.


<<Dear Win,


The last couple of days I keep thinking about the

insensive acts of the bully. I have to get them out of

my mind because it was mentioned constantly in TV. The

sufferings caused by those bullies are tremendous,

like the Columbine in Colorado and recently in Red



I don't know why there are so many bullies in American

schools, unlike other countries in the world that

seldomly ever a problem. Those school bullies became

internet bullies later because in the work places no

one will tolerate them. You know who I am referring

to. They have to hide behind computers. These internet

bullies usually the people who are insecured and don't

have much to show for in their life so they harrass

other internet users to compensate their lack of

confidence.  It is very true that peo[ple with enough

confidence themselves usually make fun of themselves

and the insecured people make fun of others.

Unfortunately, we cann't do much about them. The bad

karma will catch up with them sooner or later. But, no

use to talk karma to them because those people usually

don't have enough conscience or wisdom to believe in

karma anyway. What do you think?>>


W:  In reply, Fuller wrote this response seemingly

addressed to me, but he didn't send it to me oddly

enough, only to others.


> On Apr 16, 2005, at 3:06 PM, Dave TPG wrote:



> > Newsflash Winston. The stick is you. Have you not

> figured that out

> > yet? Have

> > you not figured out that nobody can stand to be

> around you for any

> > length of

> > time. This is why you have been such a failure in

> Russia. That is why

> > you

> > are such a failure in life. That is why you are

> despised by everyone

> > on all

> > these lists. That is why people cant stand you.

> You treat women

> > disgustingly, disrespect people and customs and

> take no accountability

> > for

> > your filthy disgusting life. As for your father he

> is without a doubt

> > one of

> > the worlds most stupid people. This is obvious by

> the way he bought

> > you up.

> > He has raised an egotistical greedy dysfunctional

> selfish little

> > creep.  Any

> > father that would be proud of a son who cheats on

> his fiancee, begs

> > off the

> > internet and begs off his own father to fund his

> obsession for hookers.

> > Enjoy your life of misery Wu. You will forever be

> alone and you can

> > blame

> > your father in part for this due to the poor way

> he bought you up. The

> > real

> > human waste is your father and your are just a

> fucked up genetic

> > by-product

> > from him. He is responsible for creating you and

> for your upbringing.

> > He is

> > the reason you are what you are Winnie and trust

> me, you are one

> > despicable

> > must despised piece of human garbage and hundreds,

> if not thousands,

> > think

> > this way of you.

> >


W:  In a rage of disgust, a friend on my list wrote

this in response, in all brutal honesty and sincerity,

with a tone of righteous indignation.


> Winston,


> I've been disgusted from what Dave 'fuckwad ass

> fooler' wrote about

> your dad.

> It's outrageous. Now he's not only insulting and

> swearing on you but an

> elderly

> man too. Dave has a serious problem with his own

> upbringing. This much

> he has

> proved by his recent letter. Anybody who would curse

> somebody's parents

> without

> even knowing or seeing them seriously lacks any

> moral, ethical,

> cultural or even

> decent human upbringing. He must belong to a

> destitute family devoid of

> any values.

> And finally he's got so much shit in him that its

> coming out of his ass

> and mouth all

> at the same time!!

> On the other hand, you should not have forwarded him

> your father's

> letter. He had to react the way he is made to!



W:  And my dad’s response to Fuller’s outrage whine was this.


“Dear Win,

I didn't anticipate my email will generate such turbulance. Please stop here before you upset other nice people in your list.

As to Fuller's response, I am not surprised. Like an old Chinese saying "You don't expect ivory grows out of dog mouth".

Have fun in Poland. If you get the opportunity to stay in a Buddhist center in Warsaw, try to participate their activities. You could learn something from them. Good luck, love,


From: "Dave TPG" <>



Subject: Poor Marina, I pity this girl and the crap she will have to endure

Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 12:38:36 +1000

HTML Attachment [ Download File | Save to Yahoo! Briefcase ]

 <<< I'm home, need feedback on Marina's photos >>>


Like every other woman in russia and the rest of the world, she is more than what a worthless sack of shit like you deserves. I cant wait to read how you f*ck this relationship up, like every other relationship beforehand. You are filth Wu. Pure unadulterated filth.

 <<< the US seems and feels like a giant machine unaware and oblivious to anything outside its existence,  >>>


Kind of like a particular brainless twit bumbling around russia, insulting and disrespecting all who have the misfortune to cross his path and completely obl;ivious to the obvious cultural difference.


  <<< Anyway, I was wondering anyone could tell me what vibes they get from the photos of Marina that I sent out in the prequel update.  Here are the links again.  Let me know what vibes you all get. >>>


The vibe is get is she is naive and in for a rude shock when you eventually cheat on her. She is way to good looking for an ugly creep like you as well. 

 <<< cause it's a total waste and shame to a man to pay for a girl to go home if she's not going to his home or taking him with her, and it's a total act of leeching on the girl's part which is a disgrace to the man's pride.  >>>


Oh please. Tell me BTW, is your friend single? Wouldn't be surprised to find that out. Proper etiquette says if you invite a woman somewhere then you offer to pay her way home. You invited her out, she took time out of her day to visit you and how do you repay her? You refuse to pay a mere 50 roubles for her to get home. I suggest you look up etiquette in a dictionary because you have none.

 <<< b)  I didn't even have 1400 roubles in my pocket at the time.  So what did you expect me to do Brad and cronies?  Pull out 1400 roubles from my hat magically? lol  Why don't you guys pay for it?  Cause you're cheapskates too?  Well?!  You have a right to call me cheap for any reason you make up, so don't I?  PAY UP YOU CHEAPSKATE BASTARDS!  YOU MISERLY SCROOGES!  Or admit you are poor and on a budget too!  >>>


LOL. You are a bum Winston. What a cretin like you does not realise is that most of the people who have criticized you in this regard would have no problems spending this money, or have even gone through this situation and bought the jeans for their fiancee's/wives. The difference between them and you are they have shown they can look after a woman and her needs and as such are in relationships with a future. As for you, well you cant even look after yourself without daddy having to bail you out....


<<< I did NOT come to Russia to be everyone's sugar daddy and Santa Claus!  >>>


LOL! You are anything but a suar daddy or santa claus you penny pinching little creep. The only time you ever opened up your wallet was to buy hookers. You are nothing but a cheap nasty sex tourist, posing as a potential spouse to get free sex. You are filth Wu, PURE FILTH! 

 <<< And don't even try to use the copout that Russian women have a right to leech off people or not pay because they are poor.  >>>


And this is why you are single and will never find anyone in Russia or anywhere else. Have you ever considered it is your poor judgment in women and your disgustin behaviour that is the problem. Any decent woman cant stand to be with you for more than 2 dates because of the poor way you behave and treat them. The only women that put up with you are those who want to use you. You are just too dumb to realise it and are easily manipulated by sex. You are a fool Wu who thinks with his dick and not his brain.

 <<<  Furthermore, women in Philippines, India, and China, among others, are just as poor as Russian women if not even more poor.  >>> 


There are women in every country who will take advantage of you and there are good women in every country as well. Having the common sense to weed out the good from the bad and treating the good ones well you you find them is what seperates everyone from you Wu.

 <<< "Hi Winston:
I just want to tell you that I loved reading this story you wrote. I was glued to it although it was very long. I thought Alina was definitely in the wrong for being so inconsiderate. and you did right by ending the relationship. It was really kind of hopeless situation and you saw no need in prolonging something that was painful............"


This is without a doubt a brainless comment from a complete scumbag who fully endorses infidelity. Alina was definitely wrong? Why, because she was upset you cheated on her. Shame on her for not embracing your infidelity 

 <<< "Dear Win,
A zen master is not someone who has no opion about the mundane things happen around him and not concerning about them and not everything is okay, no problem. A zen master is someone who is fully aware of things happened around him and is very clear about what is right and wrong. He just doesn't associate himself with them. He will do whatever necessary and not be afftected of the outcomes. I don't think Alina is in that catagory. She is probably has good nature and was caught up with some personal difficulties and could not deal it. 


And your pitiful son is definitely nowhere near this. He adopts nothing of zen philosophy and fails to know right from wrong.


 <<< I feel you should have paid the taxi fare for Janna. You should always weight the pro and con. By not paying the taxi fare, you destroyed the friendship and both you and Janna felt bad. It is not worthy to do that. For 50 rubbers? You stood up your principle for trivia stuff. Same situation goes to the flat rent. You should have just paid the total rent. Like you said, Alina has no money and you put the burden on her sister who is good to you and has financial problem as well. You have right to be angry, but you are also quilty of your acts before that (secrect update?). And it is not very nice to ask both Alina and Marina to see you off. It is very unconsiderated to Alina.  >>> 


Hilarious. Your own dad reckons you where wrong in your behaviour. Will you take his advice or disregard him as another freak  ROTFLMAO!!




From: "Dave TPG" <>


Subject: Classic Wu: Part One

Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 13:37:03 +1000


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Welcome to Classic Wu, a series dedicated to the wacky antics and

downright bizarre and misguided behaviours of Winston Wu. This first

part will look at some vintage Wu from his trip to russia two and a

half years ago and some of the more colourful and amusing experiences

as described by Wu himself. Enjoy...


Wu resourcefulness in finding a free feed


When we came back, the tall hot blonde had left but left a plate full

of leftover pizza crusts (I never understood why people did that

since it was my favorite part). Since I didn't mind eating the

leftovers from a totally hot babe, I took some of her leftover pizza

crusts and ate them (hell yeah, since I would exchange saliva and

fluids with her anyday, what's wrong with eating her leftover pizza

crusts?). Julia and Elena looked at me shockingly and then Julia

called me "durak" (fool) again.


Wu on having to pay $10 to enter the Hermitage


I was hoping to try to get the local fare. When we got to the ticket

office, they automatically charged me the foreign fare of $10 rather

than the local fare of $2. It was so unfair.


Wu proposing to Katya after meeting her for 5 minutes


During this conversation, I thought to myself "Winston are you nuts?

You just asked a girl you've only known a few minutes and paid to

kiss, to marry you?! What do you think you're doing?" Oh well, why

not try? If there's even a remote chance..........


Wu discussing career opportunities with fiancee Katya the same day


Then we talked about the opportunities available for her in the USA

and what Katya liked to do. I learned that she likes waitressing and



Wu generousity (note: This is with his fiancee at the time)


So we went into the living room and negotiated what was about to take

place. Eventually we agreed on 50 dollars for 15 minutes of topless

French kissing, and one photo of the action taken by Elena with my



(W:  Correction.  That had to do with Julia, my fiancee’s friend who introduced me to her.)


Wu the shrewd negotiator (same evening as Wu generousity)


At this time, I wished so badly that I had broken up that 50 dollar

bill beforehand! The next deal we negotiated was for her to do a

striptease for me for 10 minutes, followed by another 10 minute

makeout again, and then a 5 minute hand job, along with another photo

taken of it, for the same price.


Wu on McDonalds


I explained to the three of them that in the USA, taking a girl to

McDonald's on a date would insult her, and it was considered a low

class meal there. But of course, the McDonald's here tasted better

than in the USA.


Wu on paying $4 for 2 Ice Creams


When the check came, I looked at it and was shocked that both ice

creams cost 20 grivnas altogether! I couldn't believe it and asked

if there was some mistake. (Please note: Although 20 grivnas is about

4 dollars and for two ice creams in a cafe in the USA that would be a

normal price, you have to understand something. Normally I am not

that stingy and in the US I would not have been shocked by that price

for two ice creams, but you have to understand that for the last 6

weeks here I was used to paying for cheap prices for things.


Winnie gets duped by fiancee Katya


After a while, we went back to the table and Yanis said everyone

wanted to call it a night. When the check came, Yanis gave it to me

and said that he was out of cash and that if I could pay with my

credit card, he would reimburse me tomorrow on top of the 1500

roubles he already owes me. I said ok, and he said that he now owed

me about 3000 roubles, which was about a hundred dollars. Before we

left, Yanis and I went to the restroom together. Inside, he hinted

to me that he needed the 200 dollars cash that Katya returned to me,

to give to Julia as a present for having sex with him tonight. I

understood what he was signaling to me, so since he had already

gained my trust, I gave it to him. He now said he would give me back

100+200=300 dollars tomorrow,


Wu has a moment of clarity after being duped


How am I going to explain this to people, I thought. How am I going





Wu's behaviour being described by a lady called Vika


I have never met a men behaving like you. Our men (Latvian and

Russian) would never buy an ice-cream or milk-shake in McDonalds for

themselves (like you did) and let their friend to walk near and smack

her lips. If you don't want to buy an ice-cream for your female

friend, then you shouldn't buy it for yourself. It's our custom! And

it's very unbeautiful. Never do that any more when you're in Russia.

May be you didn't know about it, but now I told you and you know.


Wu calls Vika stingy for not buying him meals


The girl Gulechka in Kazan, and the St. Petersburg Katya both paid

for me sometimes. They bought me meals and snacks occassionally, even

though I told them not to. So they were generous to me too sometimes.

You didn't do that. So I could compare you to them and say you are




keep an eye out for part two of classic wu....



From: "Dave TPG" <>



Subject: Classic Wu: Part Two

Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 18:30:06 +1000


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Part two of Classic Wu looks at the early days of his most recent trip and reflects on some of those priceless moments as relayed by Wu himself. Rather than having to sift through the hundred of pages of crap from Wu here are the best bits in a more condensed form. Enjoy…


Wu on his ability to meet the right person (yeah right Wu)


Either things have changed, or I just have a better knack now for approaching the right people. Or my luck / karma is getting better now.


Wu on picking up women


but I don't want you all to think that every girl I meet here likes me. Not at all. In fact, lots of girls I approach here in Moscow per day have told me to "f*** off".


Wu and friend (Dumb and Dumber) on getting stiffed by a pro


She went in and disappeared into the huge masses of people inside.  I went in several times to look for her, but it was no use. She was gone. After almost 40 minutes of waiting, I realized that we were scammed and felt very bad for recommending my friend to come here and making him lose a hundred dollars for nothing.


Wu explains that sometimes wishes do come true


It looks like my enemy (or friend, or both?) Brad Sharp finally got his wish that I would be physically attacked here in Russia.


Wu the gullible takes his scamming mates bait


Vadim explained to me what was about to happen here. There were two levels of policemen here.  The city government police would work too slowly here and might take weeks to find my camcorder. Instead, Sergey was going to enlist a "private police firm" in this case.


Wu believing he will get his camera back for $60


However, he explained, they didn't work for free, and would probably want 30 percent of the value of my camcorder as payment for their services. I agreed, since I got that small   camcorder for 200 dollars on Ebay. I figured it would be worth 60 dollars to get back.


Wu pays $300 for his $200 camera


Sergey said that the police firm researched the name and model of my camcorder, and said it was worth 1000 dollars in Russia, rather than the 200 dollars I bought it for, so the police firm wanted 300 dollars from me for the search! I was aghast in shock and anger. I just wanted to get my camcorder back, and now I have to shell out 300 dollars?  That was more than what I paid for the camcorder!


Wu on business opportunities in Russia


Vadim said it was sold without it. I was also told that ten agents were used to track down the final guy who had it. He also said that the last guy who bought it paid $850 for it. No way, I thought.  If that was the price it went for here, then I ought to buy many of these 200 dollar mini-camcorders off Ebay and sell them here for that much!  It would give me tremendous profits.


Wu gets a beating and wonders why his mate Vadim did not help him


During the mayhem, I kept wondering where Vadim was and why he wasn't fending off this attacker so I had time to get up and defend myself. Where was he???? I kept wondering. Even while on the ground, I continued yelling in English "No!  You can't have this!" loudly.


Wu explains the attacker was lucky


Disappointed at myself, I remarked that I usually reacted quickly in such situations. But in this case, the guy moved so quickly, like lightning, and came at us in the dark too.  I merely had no time to react or realize what was going on. The guy was fast.


Wu on romance with a Vyborg Pro


I knew that 80 Euros was about 100 dollars, and I started thinking "I can have her all night and cuddle with her romantically on this romantic boat, for that price? Hell yeah. Especially since she had a charming pleasant personality and we seemed to have great personal chemistry."


Wu laments his romantic evening with the same Vyborg Pro


Inside, I was a bit shocked by what I saw. She had removed her makeup and looked somewhat different. She was a bit less attractive without her makeup, but that wasn't the only thing that changed. Her _expression and demeanor had changed too. And her voice as well. She was no longer as sweet and charming, and her voice actually sounded much more coarse and rough. 

"Oh great," I thought.  "So after I give her the money, she no longer needs to put on her sweet charming face for me anymore?


Wu on winning his feud and gaining nothing with the Vyborg Pro


The security guard had given in, and didn't want me to go to the hotel administrator about this problem, so he gave up and left. Tanya reluctantly stayed to complete the deal we made.  So I had won, but I had a grumpy girl next to me who wouldn't give me any affection or sex the rest of the night. She turned her body away from me and was cold to the touch.



Well that’s part two of Classic Wu. Stay tuned for more wacky Wu adventures in part three.



Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 09:09:36 -0000

From: "Dave Fuller" <>


Subject: Classic Wu: Part Three


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So many priceless lines from our little friend Wu in this part. As

he slowly descends into insanity we here about his problems with

impotency, obsessive women and those stingy russians among the many

timeless Wu quotes as written by the special little guy himself.



Wu calling other people stingy (oh the irony)


This country definitely by far has the most stingy people and

customs in the world. Come to think of it, a huge major double

standard here is that women are allowed to be stingy, and most of

them are super duper stingy


Wu re-unites himself with his ex fiancee Katya


While sitting on the couch bed with her, I kept trying to come on to

her but she kept backing off and saying Winston, no. I also started

flirting with her and asking if we could get back together and get

engaged again,


Wu showing his better judgment (just before getting pummelled)


When I saw a doorway above the lighted windows, I moved toward it,

but the guys told me it was the wrong way and told me to continue on

down the backstreet. It was all too suspicious now, but something in

me made me follow them just a bit further.


Wu lamenting his cheapness


I should have taken taxi here instead. The driver would have shown

me the real entrance to the internet cafe and drove me right to it.

What a stupid decision to walk instead! I saved 50 roubles on taxi

fare just to lose all my valuables!


Wu wonders why the real police don't charge him 30% finders fee


However, not once was I ever asked to pay a fee or donation for the

police's help. I even asked Lyuba about this, and she said she

didn't see why I would be asked for a fee or payment to the police

for their help.


Wu on public exposure


Maybe I'll get some interesting exposure, and anyone who knows me

knows that I love public exposure.


Wu gets made a fool of on National Russian TV


The funny part is that the broadcast's headlines were "He was on his

way to see his `love' but instead he found criminals!"  Somehow that

was too amusing to everyone.  The newscaster even said that while

walking out of the internet cafe, I was headed to meet my fiancee,

and then when I saw those thugs, I asked them "Where's my love?" and

in response, they robbed me and beat me.


Wu has penis envy of his friend Armen


They had unprotected sex three times. I'm not surprised since Armen

has a very big cock (especially in comparison to mine) and could

satisfy these girls much better than I could.


Wu has a rare moment of clarity


Some people are born losers and things always go wrong for them no

matter what they do or where they are, and all their successes are

only temporary. It really sucks to be me.


Wu hits rock bottom and resorts to begging


Those of you who know me know how much I hate asking for money and

those who do it.  But in this case, I am only asking for a small

amount of $5 since I have a large list and that's all I need.


Wu makes a false promise


Any funds I receive will be used for basic living expenses when I

return to Moscow, such as rent and food, and will be used very

economically for sure. They will not be used on entertainment,

gifts, or working girls.


(W:  Correction.  That promise was sternly kept to the tee.  Just because I go to a sex parlor 5 months after collecting those donations, does not mean that the promise was broken, for those funds were used up for food and accommodation expenses long before then, as any normal person would understand.)


Wu and one of his finest "Pot calling the kettle black" moments


Irina kept asking me "Why are you ignoring me?" which made me

think "Man this girl has mental problems.  She is so self-absorbed

and narcissistic!"


Wu's gets lucky after 9 months in Russia


And second, since I haven't had sex yet with a non-prostitute here,

I wanted to do so just to "make the record" so I could say I did so.


Wu blows his chance to get lucky with Irina


Unfortunately though, I just couldn't perform nor get hard.  There

were about 5 reasons for this:


Wu laments his lack of size (aka reason 2)


My dick is small and with her wide hips, it's hard to get it in and

keep it in,


Wu discover he is not like normal men, he is smaller


Eventually, she started blaming me, saying that she was sexy and hat

other guys had no problems performing with her and could get hard

for her and in her easily and quickly.



Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 06:32:02 -0000

From: "Dave Fuller" <>


Subject: Classic Wu: Part Four


Plain Text Attachment [ Download File | Save to Yahoo! Briefcase ]


Well it's the final part of Classic Wu. Part Four spans from December

when Wu was in Moscow right up until his long overdue departure from

Russia. Some priceless moments in this edition with my personal

favorite Wu moment from his 3 trips, his romantic encounter with an

aging prostitute in Yoshkar Ola that resembled a dog humping someones

leg. If Wu's behaviour disgusted you in the first three parts you

aint seen nothing yet as he sinks to new lows even by Wu standards in

part four. Enjoy...


Wu the overly generous


Being the overly nice guy that I am, I found 50 roubles to give her

for the taxi (which I now regret!)


Wu trying to get a second date


But unfortunately, instead of Elena's voice, all I heard was a click

as someone hung up the phone! When I called back again, the exact

same thing happened!


Wu the giver gets a slice of karma


A good kind giving person like me does NOT deserve this at all!  I

had no choice but to sulk, feel gloomy, and depressed now.


Wu on realising he got dumped


I spent 100 dollars to come and stay here, and she just lets that all

go down the drain just like that with no explanation and no

consideration?  Sheesh, she ought to take her life savings out and

reimburse me, that heartless gutless bitch!


Wu finally takes a good look in the mirror


I was merely an unattractive creature that all decent looking females

rejected by nature and their genetic programming.


Wu and another priceless "Pot calling the Kettle black" moment


Either that, or psychologically imbalanced and f***ed up in the head,

in which case you wouldn't want them anyway.


Wu gets what he paid for with a YO hooker


Back at my flat, all my fears about her were confirmed.  When she

undressed, I saw an old droopy body that looked like it was

decomposing.  Her skin was not young and fresh like girls I was used

to.  And I was not only turned off by what I saw, but disgusted as

well. I couldn't believe what was happening.  And I paid for this?!


Wu tries to get his money worth with the YO Hooker


I thought of turning off the lights so I could maybe try to do her

without seeing her, but the images of her were already in my mind and

it was too late. Eventually, I decided that I could just jack off on

her leg (a last resort that I use) at least and get something out of



Wu celebrating New Years Eve, the biggest party day in Russia


Great, I thought. So I'm going to be one of the few losers left on

the train here at midnight. Wow, what a nice party I'm going to have

in an empty train! Whoooo hooooo!


Wu on his engagement (I'm touched he mentioned me)


Anyway, I guess my arch enemies like Dave Fuller (who wishes me to be

an eternal loser for his entertainment) will be disappointed about



Wu finds bliss with his new slave/fiancee Alina


She also happily and dutifully washed my clothes, scrubs my shoes

everyday, and similar things, etc. without me ever asking her to do

those things.  And when we are out, she never asks for anything, not

even snacks or drinks. EVER.


Wu hitting on a woman 1 week after his engagement


During the movie, when I wanted to hold her hand, she kept saying no,

however, she said it in a flirtatious way so I knew that part of her

was saying yes.  So after a little more persistence, she reciprocated

and let us hold hands.


Wu hits rock bottom and begs for 2 kopeks


She sat there and said that I had to put out two more kopeks to

complete the transaction.  Frustrated and shaking my head in

disbelief, I turned around and asked the others waiting in line

behind me if they could give me two kopeks


Wu the engaged sleaze grabbing the arse of some unsuspecting woman


I felt her tight butt in jeans while she was sitting facing away from

me, and then put my hand down her pants and felt and rubbed her ass. 

Owwwwww it felt good.  And surprisingly, she let me do it too. 

However, when she felt my second hand on her ass too, she turned

around and looked at me in shock.  Apparently, she must have thought

the hand feeling her ass was Jeff's, not mine!  She looked at me

angrily, swore at me in Russian and pushed me away.


Wu has a perv while the same woman fleeces his friend for $600


She then seemed to be fidgeting with something with her hands a lot,

but I didn't think much of it.  Instead, I stared at her tight ass in

jeans, and fantasized them, wishing I could feel them and "do" her

there. Most of the time, she had her back turned toward me, so I

constantly had a great view of her ass. So much so that I even took

out my new mobile and snapped a lot of photos of her behind. Each

time, I did she told me to "fuck off" in Russian ("pajole nawhee").


Wu showing his true sleazy qualities


When I told Jenya that my birthday was coming up, I was too shy to

ask her if we could have "sex" again for my birthday, so I asked

instead for a lot of kisses, to which she nodded playfully.  After

lunch, she said she had to get back home to her baby, and I had to

get back to Alina as well.


Wu expressing anxiety


I was relieved though, because being with Jenya sharply raised my

anxiety levels about being spotted by anyone who knew of my

relationship with Alina.


Wu on getting exactly what he deserved for his birthday


When they were cleaning up and preparing for bed, I realized that

there was no surprise for my birthday from Alina.  I was stunned

speechless in disbelief, but didn't know what to do about it.  Was

this some kind of joke, I wondered?  Nothing at all? 

NOTHING????!!!!!  Was this a cruel JOKE???!!!!  It was UNTHINKABLE! 

So for my birthday, from my own serious girlfriend and fiancee, there



Wu showing his new sensitive side


Finally, we kissed on the lips.  Soon after, my phone was ringing. 

Wondering who it could be, I looked at the screen and saw that it was

Alina.  When I answered, Alina told me that they were leaving.  I

said, "But wait….." but she had already hung up. Either way, I was

sad that Alina wasn't seeing me off all the way as she usually did. 

I didn't want us to part like that, but oh well.


Wu reflects on his crass behaviour while leaving YO


During the ride, I chuckled at how Alina left abruptly after seeing

me kiss Marina in the distance.


Wu on leaving Russia (finally, Russia is rid of him)


Yep, that's right, I'm actually OUT OF RUSSIA ALIVE!!!!!!  YES!!!!!! 

I didn't want to tell the list in advance when I was going to leave

because I wanted to make it out alive first without doing anything to

risk my escape.


Wu and his paranoia


My paranoid mind told me he might be a hired assassin from Russia

sent to kill me by someone who hates what I write about Russia.




Well that's all for classic Wu. Although his adventures are comical

at times, I think I speak for many when I say good riddance and may

Russia and the other countries of Eastern Europe never have to endure

your insensitive and ignorant ways again Wu. You are an embarassment

to Americans, Westerners and the Human Race as a whole.



Finally, here is Fuller’s response to this section of my website:


This is from Wu's website tribute to me:

<<< As far as I know, he is a big tall man in his 30's from Sydney,
.  His claimed profession is that of a computer programmer.

Well you got that part right.

<<< Like me, he sought a Russian bride before, but the funny thing is
that though he ridicules me and my attempts, he actually did worse
than me. >>>

Did worse than you? ROTFLMAO!! Considering I am about to make my
third trip to see a lady who I have an extremely promising
relationship with, who I spent 3 weeks with back in christmas/new
year, I have done a hell of a lot better than you culd ever hope. I
have the kind of relationship you can only dream of.

W:  Alright, I will update the info to include your new claim.  However, let me say that I’ve had the kind of relationship you’ve claimed to have now.  It’s just that I have higher standards than you do, and don’t settle for plain average looking ladies whom I’m ashamed to show to other online comrades, like you are now.  Why did you only show this woman's photos to two people, one of which was my friend?  What about all your other comrades on RWL-Open?  Why are you keeping it from them?

<<< You can read about his first trip to Russia in his own words and
testimony at >>>

Not denying this is mine. However Wu, understand this. This was MY
FIRST TRIP. Do you think I have not made trips since then.

W:  And no photos or details of your second trip have been published or released, so I have nothing to go on now.

<<< Fuller first heard about me through one of the many Yahoo group
email lists for men seeking love or marriage in Russia/Ukraine. 
Since then, he's targeted me as well as several others he finds easy
targets. >>>

Actually Wu in those early days I used to stick up for you, claiming
you were a young guy and misunderstood. Over time however and being
exposed to more of your disgusting behaviour I eventually saw you for
what you are. Pure unadulterated scum.

W:  When?  I don’t ever remember you saying anything in my defense.

<<< The group he most often posts on is at,
an unmoderated no holds barred forum used mostly for flame wars. >>>

And a place where you constantly get your arse kicked by everybody.

<<< He also posts on the Talk Lounge forum discussion board at under user name "kiwiguy_os". >>>

Havent posted there in months

<<< Though he had his own website before, he later took it down,
perhaps out of shame. >>>

LOL! I have never taken my site down Wu. Hell, I haven't done
anything to it for 3 years. One day I might get around to updating it
with my latest adventures. If you bothered to check my yahoo profile
then you would see the link to it you fool.

W:  Then why don’t you give me the link to it, so it’ll get more exposure?  And why doesn’t it come up in the search engines?  I tried to find it, but all I get are sites of other people named Dave Fuller, even in Australia.  What is your yahoo profile name?

<<< The only photo I have of him is this one, which he uses for his
avatar at As you can see, he sort of has a
mischievous face and grin. >>>

Maybe they would it you linked the object correctly Wu. What a

W:  I asked if you wanted to send me a photo that I could use on it.  You never responded.

<<< As for his possible motivations, I can only speculate.  I surmise
that he is probably a bully in need of a target to morbidly boost his
own ego.  Perhaps as a child, he got used to bullying other kids who
were weak and easy targets for him, but as an adult when he no longer
could do that, he used the internet to do it instead. >>>

As long as you plaster your grossly misinformed hate filled anti
Russian and anti women articles all over the web, I will be there to
ridicule you, humiliate you and make you look like the complete moron
you are.

W:  I only plaster and promote the truth.  Nothing more, nothing less.

<<< He is definitely a hater, seeing the worst in everyone, even if
it's not there, exercising extremely selective perception. >>>

LOL! My hatred is directed squarely at you Wu and it is well
deserved. Trust Me.

W:  Not according to anyone who knows me.

<<< As someone who met him told me, "He hates everyone and everyone
hates him." >>>

Considering the source, I find it highly amusing. This person is just
bitter and angry because of his lifes failures. His failed marriage,
his loss of respect, his getting shit-canned from Maxims because of
all his constant backstabbing. He was someone who had a whole and
rich life and now he has a shallow and meaningless one, much like
you. As for his comments, they were no doubt a backlash because I
changed my plans of going to Yoshkar Ola/Kazan and he wanted me to
deliver some vodka to his boss in England.

W:  And why would someone go totally against you like that for such a trivial reason?  Either way, you have not cited one credible source against me either, for I could discredit all that you’ve attempted to quote.

<<< It even gets to the point where he sees only what he wants to
see, as he often twists facts, and uses partial truths against his
targets like me. >>>

ROTFLMAO!! I use your own words against you Wu. Hardly twisting

<<< Fuller has had a constant propensity to get facts mixed up to his
advantage, which has given me a trifling time in correcting his
mistakes. >>>

Too frigging hilarious

<<< For instance, when I said that I spent a few weeks in a rehab
center, he went on to say that I spent most of my teenage years
there. >>>

I said you spent a fair portion of your youth in a mental hospital. 6
weeks is a fair portion.

W:  NO YOU DIDN’T!  You said exactly, “most of his teenage years”!  Those were your exact words.  Don’t deny it.  I remember it very clearly.  ADMIT your mistake like a real man!

<<< He can also use deceit to weasel his way out of things.  For
example, when I first quoted the above comment about him hating
everyone, he accused me of fabricating my source.  Yet, when I
revealed the source to him in private, he suddenly claimed that he
was 95 percent sure that that was my source.  Obviously, one of those
statements must be a lie. >>>

Actually Wu, I discredited anyone who had met me from saying that but
if someone was to say that, I sure as hell knew who it would have
been. Maybe I should give everyone his email address and ask them to
email him and get his opinion of you. Knowing his two faced nature,
that would be a hoot and a real eye opener for you.

W:  Admit your lie then.  If you knew who it was, then why did you accuse me of fabricating the source?!  You can’t have it both ways Fuller.  You are either a proven liar, or someone who isn’t man enough to confess his mistakes!

<<< In either case, some of my readers have remarked in disbelief
that Fuller could not be a real person, for real life people would
not do what he does, and that he seems "larger than life". >>>

"Pot calling the kettle black" moment here. I know many people who
shake their heads in disbelief at your behaviour, myself included.

W:  You say that, but you can’t cite one credible source who has met me, despite being asked repeatedly.

<<< My dad described Fuller as one of the types of people that Buddha
said not to touch, for "Some people are like a stick.  On one end is
fire and on the other is human waste.  If you touch it, you will
either get burnt or dirty.  So better not to touch it at all." 
Perhaps he is right, for that describes him very well.  In spite of
this though, he is interesting and never boring. >>>

Hilarious. Everybody who crossed your sordid path in your sexually
depraved romp through eastern europe and russia either got burnt or
dirty by you. You're a friggin train wreck Wu. If he was anyone but
your dad, he would describe you this way because it is you to a tee.

<<< Though Fuller claims to utterly despise me, calling me the worst
filth that exists, I conclude that such is not possible, for if he
really hated me, he would ignore my emails and posts, not spend so
much time and energy on me.  Obviously, he finds me to be of high
entertainment value, and therefore could not harbor hate against me,
for those two emotions would conflict.  Therefore, I conclude that he
either likes me in actuality, gets some kind of morbid entertainment
out of me, or somehow has a dysfunctional addiction toward me. 
Whatever the case, he is definitely an enigma. >>>

Wu, I despise you. Just because I get a few laughs out of your
bumbling antics it doesn't mean I like you. If I passed you on the
street I would stop and beat you to a bloody pulp. That is for
certain. Some of your disgusting behaviour can at time be hilariously
unbelievable but although some of your antics like humping womens
legs as a last resort bring much joy and laughter to me, your entire
existance I finding reprehensible, repugnant and despicable.






W:  Apparently, Fuller even attacks me while he’s on vacation, as demonstrated below, which needless to say, also proves that he deliberately fabricates things.



--- wrote:

> I ran into this woman named Elena while asking for
> directions. She recognized me as a foriegner when I
> spoke
> and asked me if I knew of a man named Winston from
> America. I rolled my eyes back and said yes
> expecting
> another horror story. Sure enough, I wasnt
> disappointed. Apparantly Winston had promised to
> marry her. She
> was so happy she said "Oh Winston, give me 12 inches
> and make me bleed". Apparantly Winston then fucked
> her
> four times and punched her in the nose, making her
> nose bleed, and fled St Petersburg never to be seen
> again.
> Sure sounds like our Winnie doesnt it.



Seattle, Washington (AP) – In a bizarre case prosecutors have
dubbed `melongate', a 57 year old taiwanese woman from Seattle has
woken from a 32 year old coma which she slipped into during
childbirth and has sued the child she gave birth to.

Apparantly the woman, Fuk Yu Wu, has claimed the incredible stress
caused by giving birth to her deformed son Wienie Wu, caused her to
go into a coma and lose 32 years of her life. Initially it was
thought that Mrs Wu slipped into the coma when first laying eyes on
her deformed child but investigators have now revealed the coma was
caused by the stress of forcing Wienie's grossly oversized melon
shaped head through her vaginal area.

Wienie Wu, described as a living bobble head doll due to his grossly
oversized cranium was at first overjoyed that his mother had woken
from her coma but when told about the legal case pending against him,
his joy quickly turned to anger.

"I cant believe my mother would sue me after all the times I came to
visit her in the hospital. I am going to tell my whole list what a
cruel and heartless bitch she is and do a ten point thesis explaining
why my mother is like a russian woman" a visibly furious Wienie Wu

Wienie continued… "It's pretty obvious that some Russian woman or
even my arch nemisis Dave Fuller has somehow used paranormal
telekinetic powers like a mind meld or Jedi mind control to turn my
mother to the dark side. When the judge sees this he will drop the
case. I am on the good side of the force so I will always prevail."

When asked what he thought of the whole scenario with his family, Pu
Pu Wu, the 59 year old husband of Fuk Yu Wu, father of Wienie Wu and
budding zen master said "When you can snatch the pebbles from my hand
grasshopper then like sands from the hourglass so are the days of our

In another unrelated case from the ward where Mrs Wu was located,
hospital staff still remain baffled at the mysterious bruising and
sticky white substance resembling semen that has been reported on the
legs of female patients in the coma ward.

(Note:  When I posted the above, a Frenchman on my list wrote:


This David Fuller is really sick in his head. He should be kept away from the public in a tight security hospital.
Is it really David Fuller? or is it someone who imitates him?)



Every single one of them are way too good for a scumbag like you Wu. You are nothing but a selfish egomaniacal self absorbed cheating unemployed scumbag and the fact you failed in every relationship in Russia is testament to this. Wallow in the loneliness of your pathetic existance Wu. By the way Wu, love the way not a smile to be found in any couple photo's by the women who endured your presence. A picture says a thousand words and there are literally thousands of words from these women showing their discontent with you. You will forever be alone Wu because not only are you physically repulsive, you are uglier inside and add to that you are a worthless sack of crap with nothing redeemable to offer any potential partner. Cry yourself to sleep with that thought Wu.



A very happily engaged riddler.



--- In, WWu777@a... wrote:
<<< Olga Rakitina >>>

Funny enough, of all the women you have taken photo's with she seemed
the most natural. Very plain looking and she aint gunna win any
beauty contests but then again, you sure as hell aint. The fact you
chose not to get intimate with her shows a lack of physical
attraction. All she was to you was company in between the hookers and
scammers you chose to pursue. I am glad she found someone else
because she sounds genuine and deserves a decent guy, not a worthless
sack of shit like you.

<<< Irina of Volgograd >>>

This woman was way out of your league on looks. You look completely
un-natural as a couple, as made evident by the look of grim death on
her photo's with you in it. The fact she is uncontactable by you any
more suggests she has figured you well and truly out. Doubt she will
ever waste any of her time with you ever again.

<<< Olya of Volgograd >>>

In other words because she has put on weight, your superficial nature
has eliminated her from any future contact. After all with larger
thighs now poor little winnie cant get any penetration. Anyway
seriously, lets just prey that this information does not get out to
the Russian populace as a whole because it might cause a nation of
women to fatten up just to avoid you.

<<< Alina of Yoshkar-Ola >>>

Nice...innocent...pure-hearted...great choice of words Wu. And what
did you do to her. You cheated on her, ridiculed her by kissing a
woman who turned out to be a scammer infront of her and then laughed
about it on the train as you departed. Your despicable nature truly
came to the fore here. 

<<< Conclusion
At this point, only two of the above are who I would consider re-
establishing relations with again, Olga Rakitina and Irina of
Volgograd.  As I said, I'm having trouble getting a hold of Olga, and
I can't seem to communicate with Irina's grandparents well, but I
will have a friend try to do that for me. >>>

ROTFLMFAO!! Newsflash Wu. Neither one wants a bar of you. One of them
has a boyfriend who no doubt treats her a hell of a lot better than
you ever could and the other one conveniently avoids any phone calls
from you. Face it Wu. You have NOTHING waiting for you in Russia.
After almost a full year spent on Russian soil you have FAILED
MISERABLY. To have failed so miserably in a country full of women who
will marry just about anyone so long as they are not a complete loser
speaks VOLUMES. US women cant stand you, Taiwanese women cant stand
you, Russian women cant stand you, wheres your next port of failure
going to be? I hear mexican women will do anything for a green card.
Maye you can try there or some third world african nation. I look
forward to reading all your future failures with much amusement.



In a message dated 8/16/2005 1:50:34 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

--- In, WWu777@a... wrote:
<<< Bullshit Fuller!  I'm the expert here on RW, NOT you! >>>

ROTFLMFAO!!! Without doubt this is the most hilarious thing you have
ever written. You an expert on RW. I think every single person either
engaged or married to a RW has just fallen off their chairs in
uncontrollable fits of laughter. You know squat about women, let
alone russian women.

W:  You are so narrow and simple minded Fuller.  What makes me an expert on RW are not my successes, but my vast experience with them in 12 cities.  Just because they don't like my race or appearance doesn't mean that I can't be an expert on them.  Those are two separate issues.  I have the experience.  Their racial preference doesn't damage my credibility in that department.


Why do you think so many email me for advice about RW?


Besides, I have succeeded many times with RW.  It's just that they weren't long term successes, only short term ones.


Either way though, you are WRONG that I'm unlikable, cause many have liked me genuinely, including the 5 I listed.


This is why you are a constant failure in
america, taiwan, russia and where-ever else you have tried. If you
are such an expert then tell us all about your successful
relationship with a RW? Whats that? Every relationship you have had
with a RW has finished in failure. The `experts' out there are those
who have been in relationships with RW for many years and even they
will tell you they are no experts and are constantly learning new
things about their partner in their relationship.

W:  You don't know anything about life.  Just because two people have compatibility and chemistry doesn't make one of them an expert on the opposite sex.  I for one, have met over 2000 RW, and that makes me more experienced than one married to one RW for ten years.


You an expert? You
wouldn't even qualify as a novice you Widiot.

As for myself, I am no expert on RW. Never have been, never claimed
to be and doubt I ever will be. I do know how to keep one particular
RW (my beautiful fiancee) very pleased though which is more than you
will ever be able to do, so I guess that makes me a bit more
knowledgable than you as far as RW go.

W:  Show us a photo of her, you coward.

<<< I have hundreds of photos of RW with me who are smiling. >>>

Bullshit you do Wu

W:  I do.  Let's bet $30 on it, by PayPal.  How many smiling faces of RW in photos with me do I have to produce to win this bet?  10?  15?  And what's the guarantee that you'll pay up?

<<< So what?  Not all of them liked me!  Get it?!  Are you
listening?! >>>

In fact not a single one of them thought you were worthy enough to be
their partner.

W:  False.  What about the 5 keepers I listed?  You only see what you want to see, not the reality.


That is why you are alone and will be after your next
trip and trip after that and after that ad nauseum

<<< Trust me on this.  I am no fool. >>>

I retract my previous comment "the most hilarious thing you have ever
written" because this is clearly more hilarious

<<< I have thousands of dollars still.  How about bet a hundred
dollars. How many smiling photos of girls do you want me to 
produce?  Name it.>>>

So you mean you had thousands of dollars when you were begging
because you supposedly depleted all of your funds.

W:  I never said I depleted all of my funds.  I had thousands of dollars back then, and I wanted to retain that status.  Besides, I provided a huge service to many people with my stories, wisdom, experiences, and informative articles.  Other sites ask for donations.  Museums do too.  Why can't I?

You are nothing
but a LIAR and a SCAM ARTIST not to mention a THIEF as well for
illegal claiming unemployment benefit. You are pure pond scum Wu. BTW
did you ever send the love of your life Marina the $800 she asked for

W:  No, she wants the $800 from you now.


> Winston Wu - Had a life of a  durak in Russia. Women said ya
> lesbianka to him. Men said ya ney  gey.




In a message dated 8/16/2005 6:24:20 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:


W:   Besides, I have succeeded many times with RW.  It's just that they  weren't long term successes, only short term ones.

ROTFLMFAO!!! Having a woman agree to go out with you on one date is not succeeding with a woman Wu. Paying her to have sex with you is not succeeding either Wu. Spending time building a relationship and maintaining that relationship is succeeding. You have failed with every relationship over there and that is why you are all alone at home, with no prospects. Just a couple of numbers which you can get no joy from. They were not short term successes. They were short term failures you fool.  


W:  That's not what I meant Fuller.  I meant I had a lot of quality relationships with girls who GENUINELY liked me.


W: Either way though, you are WRONG that I'm unlikable, cause many have liked me genuinely, including the 5 I listed.  

Yes, they are just stampeding all over each other fihtin for your affections  ROTFLMAO!!


W:  They were.  Deal with it.


W: You don't know anything about life.  

I know more about life than a self absorbed egomaniac like you ever will. 4 weeks in a looney bin and a year in eastern europe doesn't make you all knowing dipshit.


W: Just because two people have   compatibility and chemistry doesn't make one of them an expert on the opposite sex.  


Never said it did Wu. You are the one professing to be the expert where you clearly aren't 

W:  Compared to you I am.


W: I for one, have met over 2000 RW, and that makes me more experienced than one married to one RW for ten years. 


ROTFLMFAO!!! I bet all these men who have married to RW for many years are just beating down your down for advice. Wake up you delusional idiot. They are for more experienced than you will ever be. Only thing you are an authority on are russian prostitutes and russian scammers as these seemed to be the element you spent most of your time with.

W:  Show us a photo of her, you coward.


Why? Have you run out of wanking fodder you pervert?

W:  I do.  Let's bet $30 on it, by PayPal.  How many smiling  faces of RW in photos with me do I have to produce to win this bet?   10?  15?  And what's the guarantee that you'll pay up?


10? 15? What about the hundreds you claim. You say you have photos of hundreds of RW with you smiling. Tell ya what Wu. How about this. You produce all of your happy smiling pictures of RW with you. If you produce over one hundred as you claim I will pay you $1 for each one over one hundred. If you cant produce one hundred photos then you pay me $1 for each one you are short by. 


W:  Fuller, it would take a lot of time for me to email 100 photos to you personally.  But why should I?  Most of them are in my online photo journals linked to my site.  You can see them there anytime.  Besides, why should I spend hours on this bet, when you and your minions such as Shane, are proven bet welchers?

W:  False.  What about the 5 keepers I listed?  You only see what you want to see, not the reality.


Try 4 keepers Wu. And Wu, 1 wont speak to you because of a new boyfriend, 1 you cheated on and broke the engagement off, 1 you claim is too fat now and 1 you mysteriously cannot get in touch with. And you call these keepers? Too frigging hilarious 


W:  It's 5 because I forgot to add one more.  I can probably think of a few more too, but I don't have photos of them.  And yes they were keepers cause they were HIGH QUALITY NICE GIRLS WHO WERE GENUINELY INTERESTED ME.  That’s the bottom line.  Accept it.

W:  I never said I depleted all of my funds.  I had thousands of  dollars back then, and I wanted to retain that status.  Besides, I provided  a huge service to many people with my stories, wisdom, experiences, and  informative articles.  Other sites ask for donations.  Museums do  too.  Why can't I?


Huge service? ROTFLMFAO!!! Have never read anything funnier in my life. And Wu, I hope you realise that because you are not a charitable institution and you must declare all the proceeds of your begging to the tax department. No doubt we can add tax evasion along with unemployment fraud and begging to your illustrious list of achievements soon. 

> Winston Wu - Had a life of a  durak in  Russia. Women said ya
> lesbianka to him. Men said ya ney   gey.


In a message dated 8/16/2005 7:28:19 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:


Couldn't resist being a gentleman and going in to bat for this poor
defenseless lass.

<<< ELENA, LISTEN CLOSELY! Your failure to point out anything false
in mydescription of your misdeeds is an admission of guilt. What
exactly is false in the details about you in the hall of villains? >>>

I think you should rename this to the hall of heroes. A hall dedicted
to those russian women who bravely endured being used and abused by
Wu only to turn his use and abuse back on him and deal karmic
retribution by the bucket loads back upon him.

<<< Ok, so I am ugly, my dick is small, and I am not a millionaire.

Hahaha. A brief moment of clarity from the Widiot. What happened to
the "I'm think im hot shit and should have hot girls any time I want"
persona Wu.

<<< That still gives you NO RIGHT to use me and FORCE me against my
will to pay for so many things for you, after I said NO! You didn't
just do this once, but MANY TIMES! >>>

Hilarious Wu. From what I read the only times you ever parted with
any substantial cash around them was for sex. Everything else like
snacks which probably cost you 100 roubles each time are incidentals.
You showed incredible cheapness and shocking manners around them.

<<< That constitutes ABUSE Elena! And in my country, I could put you
in jail for a while for such actions. >>>

Oh this is too frigging funny. A judge and jury would laugh at you Wu
and say you got exactly what you deserved. You tried to exploit
Julia, Katya and Elena for sex without spending a cent and when it
became apparent what your scam was and what your weakness was they
turned it on you. I applaud them for treating you with the same
contempt you treated so many Russian women. There is a saying what go
around comes around Wu and you got what you deserved here.

<<< I told you many times that I cannot keep paying for you, Julia,
and Sandra, so many times everyday, and that you
need to start paying for yourselves like NORMAL girls do. But you
didn't listen and didn't respect my wishes. You abused me, shamed me,
and caused me to lose a lot of precious money. >>>

Hilarious. All you cared about here was your precious money. Funny
thing here is it wasn't your precious money to start with. Are you
aware Elena that Winston stole the money for his trip from the US
government by way of fraud. Winston is nothing but a common criminal,
thief and beggar.

<<< But my damage is not just loss of money. >>>

Oh please. Who are you trying to fool. Money or your precious money
as you like to refer to it is what you are crying about here. I can
just picture you like golem in lord of the rings, sitting over your
pile of greenbacks illegally obtained by defrauding US citizens,
saying my precious.

<<< The huge and deep SHAME you caused me is sort of traumatizing to
me, to the point where I am suspicious now of
every new Russian girl I meet. >>>

Hahahaha Too funny. Deflecting the blame of your failures in Russia
onto Elena and co. What to know who to blame Wu. Take a look in the
mirror. That's who you disgusting ugly tiny dicked creep.

<<< People who watch my video tapes where I take Julia, Katya, and
Sandra out to nightclubs every day, always ask me, "Did you pay for
all that?" When I say that I did, they are in shock and pity for me.

No shock or pity here. You are a dumbass Wu who thinks with his dick.
You could have easily had not gone out to these nightclubs but your
ego just couldn't resist being seen with `hot girls' in public.

<<< I could have used such money to spend it on better quality people
who have more kindness and respect for me, who really care about me,
etc. or on more productive uses! >>>

Better quality people like who? The YO whore who's leg you humped?
The Vyborg whore you tormented? The Polish whores? Only time you ever
parted with any reasonable amount of money on your trip was for sex.
You were the one who paid $100 for french kissing and a handjob. Hell
Wu, you paid 3 times more for french kissing and a handjob than you
did for your child brides engagement ring. This speaks volumes in

<<< You are an OPPORTUNIST. Don't deny it. Everyone knows it. >>>

Oh the irony. Sure Wu, Elena might be an opportunist. Hell, life is
hard in Russia. Sometimes Russians have to do opportunistic things to
survive. That is something you will never understand. Anyway Wu,
whats your excuse? You have grown up with a silver spoon in your
mouth compared to them yet you are without a doubt an OPPORTUNIST.
You thieve off the american government, beg on the internet and scam
people yet you don't need to. You CHOOSE to. If Julia, Katya or Elena
had anywhere near the opportunities offered to you in life I doubt
very much they would be anywhere near the opportunist you are.

<<< You ask about proof. What do you want me to prove? About the
Negotiator Scam? If so, I have the box of condoms in German to prove
it. See the photo of is below! It is the "smoking gun" that proves
the details of the Negotiator Scam in Moscow involving Julia, Katya,
and Yanis. Ask Julia to try to explain it away. She can't, and has a
guilty look on her face about it. Look below! >>>

No two ways about it. They scammed you and scammed you good here Wu
but considering the person they scammed I applaud them. Couldn't
happen to a more deserving person in my humble opinion.

<<< What else do you want me to prove in my details about you? That
you forced me to pay lots of money for you and your friends? >>>

What? Did she put a gun to your head? How did she force you Wu? If
you acted like a man instead of a sex crazed pervert you could have
put a stop to it pretty quickly but they never considered you to be a
man. You are weak physically and mentally. If you were a real man you
would have commanded their respect instead of being their wimpy
little boy to use and abuse.

<<< Why should I do that, since you know it all happened? And
besides, you and Julia have DELIBERATELY lied to me MANY TIMES, so
what credibility do you have? You know it, and God knows it. >>>

And you have deliberately lied to many russian women so what
credibility do you have. And Wienie, why are you quoting God? Do you
believe in him again or something?

<<< In any case, I am not greedy or stingy. >>>

That's funny. In the latest webster dictionary your face appears next
to both words. They also have a new word in there as well. It is Wu.
It says you are both greedy and sting amongst other things.

Main Entry: Wu
Pronunciation: 'Woooooo
Function: adjective
Etymology: Taiwenese wu, from Old Chinese
1 : to be greedy, stingy and ugly
2 : to hump someone legs with an unusually small penis
3 : to beg and steal
synonym see COVETOUS

<<< If I was, why did I spend so many thousands of dollars? Where did
my money go, you idiot. >>>

Prostitutes and paying for striptease, french kissing and handjobs
you Widiot.

<<< Here is the plain truth. I am HAPPY to pay for girls who are kind
to me, respect me, help me, etc. even if they don't give me sex. >>>

Liar. If you spend any money on a girl you expect some sort of sexual
gratification. This is a well known trait about you Wu.

<<< I am generous to true friends or lovers of mine, whom I like. >>>

Bullshit. You were nothing but stingy to your latest fiancee,
refusing her a $40 pair of jeans after taking her to the mall and
teasing her with the prospect of buying them for her. Your definition
of generousity Wu would be considered stingy in most third world

<<< But you and Julia were neither true friends or lovers. You were
simply SHAMELESS OPPORTUNISTS, plain and simple, with NO RESPECT for
me and NO KINDNESS toward me! And probably sociopaths too, since you
have no conscience about it. >>>

Hey Wu. They were probably nice people before meeting you. The might
have been great friends and maybe more if you weren't such a deviant
and a pervert around them. Elena had you pegged perfectly when she
said all your cared about was sex and your precious money and what
happened when you had to part with some money or were denied sex. You
cried like a little baby. Women respect MEN Wu, not children, and all
you were was a spoilt little brat around them. The way you conducted
yourself was reflective of the way you were treated.

<<< Though I was overly generous to you too, I TOLD YOU that there is
a LIMIT and that I cannot pay for you forever, and that it must stop
somewhere. I am generous and glad to pay for girls, but not OVER and
OVER and OVER again without end! It is sheer manipulation when you do
that, and call me "greedy" or "bad" whenever I stop! Ask your parents
if that is right! >>>

Boo hoo hoo. Only time you were generous is when sex was involved Wu.
You are a pervert.

<<< Russian men are no different than me. They will pay for someone
they like or invite out, but not on a woman who abuses them, doesn't
care about them, treats them like shit, and not repeatedly over and
over again with no limit! >>>

Russian men are completely different from you Wu. They are more manly
than you will ever be, they don't suffer from inverted dick syndrome
and they are strong enough to put their foot down and establish rules
in a relationship that the woman respects.

<<< They DO NOT say to every Russian girl, "Go ahead and take
whatever you want, and I will pay for it. Tomorrow do the same. And
the day after too! Ask me to pay for you everyday. Don't worry about
it!" especially not to girls like YOU! >>>

Sexually starved and depraved people who think with their dick and
not their brain do however. That's why you kept coming back again and
again and again. If it was so draining financially to be in their
company then why not leave? Its because you think with your dick and
not your brain.

<<< And if I am "money-preoccupied" then why do I never ask other
people to pay for me? Explain that you IDIOT! >>>

Oh my fucking god! This is incredible. You begged off the internet
for money off people to pay for you. You defrauded money from the US
government by claiming false unemployment benefits when holidaying to
pay for you. You had your daddy send you money to pay for you. You
are without a doubt the biggest parasite ever to visit Russia.

<<< You, Julia, Katya, and Sandra costed me more than a thousand
dollars, minimum. But you don't care, cause I'm nothing to you, and
it's not your money. >>>

You are the one that paid for sex. You are the one that kept coming
back for more, again and again and again. If they were so financially
draining on you Wu then why not leave? It is not their fault you are
dumb and think only with your dick. And Wu, I doubt they do care
about you. You are a disgusting excuse for a human being and they
picked up on that pretty early and treated you accordingly.

<<< You are nothing but a greedy, shameless, wicked, depraved
GREMLIN, and belong nowhere other than the dirty hellish smog-filled
factories of Cherepovets, which is your rightful karma. Do not think
that your sins and her sins are erased. They aren't, but are etched
in your karma. >>>

Here's hoping someone give you karmic retribution if you ever return
to Russia of the intensive care kind Wu.

<<< Go ahead and answer my questions above you coward, so I can
present it to my list to let them hear your side of the story. Go
ahead. A thousand people are waiting. And get more responses from
Julia. People love to hear her wicked words. >>>

Elena, of the one thousand Wu claims, nine hundred and fifty of them
would applaud you and your friends from giving Wu what he deserves.
He is a sex pervert who has used and abused many russian women and
most people applaud any woman that gives Wu what he deserves.

<<< Speak up and tell the TRUTH. We love to hear you try to defend
Satan. >>>

Satan? God? Have you dumped the Star Wars metaphors for religious
ones now Wu? Hilarious



--- In, WWu777@a... wrote:
<<< W:  Airport?  She's from Seattle, why would she need to go to the
airport or be flown in from there? >>>

Hey dipshit. Considering there is a hulking great jumbo jet in the
background of the first photo it is pretty damn obvious it was taken
at an airport or are you going to tell me jumbo jets can be found
anywhere. Before concocting your bullshit stories you should really
do your homework ROTFLMAO!!

<<< Besides, she has her own car and doesn't need rides. >>>

So it was you bludging a ride off her then. The picture is becoming
clearer now. Hilarious

<<< Sorry Fuller. You lose again. You just can't handle my successes.

Successes? ROTFLMFAO!! Never seen a bigger failure in my life. Two
unsuccessful engagements, hundreds and thousands of refusals from
women, unemployed, begging off the internet, living with his daddy,
cursed with a face even an asian would find ugly, lacking manhood in
a serious way where it counts, short and plagued by mental problems.
Oh I am just so jealous of you.

<<< Like Brad said, you are jealous of those who are successful. You
were jealous of Brad's happy marriage, and successful career,>>>

ROTFLMFAO!! Oh I am so jealous of a 52yo overweight morbidly obese
formerly bankrupt insurance salesman, living in a hick town in a $90k
starter home which he needs a 15yr mortgage to buy. And Wu, did you
ever wonder why someone who claims to earn six figures would need to
take a 15yr mortgage out on a home worth less than his supposed
annual income? Anybody with a brain knows Sharp's income claims are
bullshit. Those who have visited Casa De Sharp will testify he lives
like someone who makes $40k a year tops.   

<<< and now you're jealous of me too, cause we're accomplished
thriving men, >>>

Absolutely classic. Hell Wu, even Brad would agree with me on this
one and that is you are anything but an accomplished thriving man. If
you manage to become half the man Brad is then that would be a major
achievement for you and considering how lowly Brad is thought of by
the vast majority it speaks volumes about how far down the
evolutionary scale you truly are. And Jealous? ROTFLMFAO!!! Yeah I'm
so jealous of your career. I wish I was unemployed, living with my
daddy and getting $100 a week on unemployment instead of having a
successful role in one of the worlds leading merchant banks, pulling
in four figures a week. I wish I had two failed engagements and was
single with the only prospects in my miserable life being some women
who wont return my calls in Russia instead of being happily engaged
to a gorgeous woman so far out of your league you would need the
hubble telescope to see her. Hilarious Wu you dickless little creep.
Want to know who is really jealous. It is you. I am tall, white, with
a successful career in a successful relationship with lots of long
term friends. All things you wish you were you short, asian, little
dicked, unemployed, constant loser in relationships with an inability
to form any long term friends failure. Cry yourself to sleep with


Fuller’s goodbye “asta la vista” letter to me:


Wienie Wu, you disgusting little parasite. I have decided to take the
advice of a few others and ignore you. Without a doubt you are the
most disgusting excuse for a human being I have ever encountered. You
are truly repulsive in every sense of the word. You should be locked
away in a dark little room, devoid of all human contact. Not only are
you one repulsive ugly individual physically, with your fat little
buddha belly, abnormally large head, squinty little eyes and grossly
undersized penis, you are even more disgusting and ugly on the
inside. While you may think you are some nice, kind, noble creature
who only ever does good, those who have had to endure you know full
well you are nothing but a self serving narcissistic prick, incapable
of performing even the most basic of selfless acts.

Before I leave Wienie I will give you some parting thoughts and
advice to consider. First you are a short, small dicked asian.
Doesn't matter what you do you will always be this. You may hate
yourself for being asian, hate your parents for being asian and hate
the asian mentality but the plain and simple fact is you will always
be a short small dicked asian. People will always see you as an asian
no matter what you do. You are never going to be that popular white
football jock who is the centre of attention. Get over your caucasian
envy. And Wu, I have plenty of asian friends and they are happy with
their lives and most of them would find what you say about asians to
be very offensive. Think about that next time you slag off your own
race of people. Second, I leave comfortable in the knowledge that you
have no relationship. I cannot imagine a more worthless partner than
you for any poor woman. You are without a doubt the most selfish self
centred egotistical person imaginable. You have absolutely zero
respect for women, treating them purely as sex objects and have shown
incredible insensitivity to most who endured you. Scammers and
prostitutes were the only women you deserved and at the end of the
day that is all you were left with when you left Russia. You have now
established yourself as a loser incapable of forming a relationship
across half the globe. Congratulations. Third, seek mental help. You
clearly are about five cans short of a six pack. Your schizophrenia,
compulsive obsessiveness and narcissism are out of control. Your
parents saw this and tried to help you but like everything else in
your life you failed to see the treatment through. By your own
admission the one time in your life you were truly happy was in this
mental institution. I suggest you reacquaint yourself with it and
continue your treatment. This is not a dig at you. You are severely
mentally ill and if it wasn't for your rampant narcissism you would
see this. Fourth, get yourself a job you worthless piece of shit.
Begging off people on the internet and bludging unemployment is a
disgusting way to go through life. Who knows, maybe your job will
lead to a career and you will get some self respect and learn to
respect others in the process. This will go a long way to making you
a half decent human being. Fifth and final. This one is on a personal
note. I doubt you will heed any advice whatsoever from the first four
points so here's a thought to leave you wallow in your own self
loathing with. I am very happily engaged to a Russian Woman with a
figure like a supermodel and an absolute heart of gold. We are both
very much in love. You once wrote how can someone truly be in love
when they have to make compromises but what your feeble mind fails to
comprehend is when you are in love you make compromises with your
partner as she does with you. When you truly love some you will do
anything for them. It is something you and your narcissistic little
mind will never be able to comprehend. While I will be enjoying the
best years of my life with a loving, caring and beautiful partner,
you will be wallowing in a pit of loneliness and despair, enduring
failure after failure in relationships, constantly failing to address
the real problem, yourself. This is how I picture you spending the
rest of your days and quite honestly, couldn't happen to a more
deserving person.

So Wu, its goodbye and good riddance to you. I wish you nothing but
the misery you have inflicted on others for your remaining days. Lets
hope those days are short in number and painful for you. Call it
karmic retribution. As for your small band of brainless followers, I
hope they go over Russia, get themselves a clue and enrich themselves
with the friendliness and hospitality of Russians. Only then will
they realise what a misguided little creep you truly are, concocting
lies to cover your own shitty behaviour.

Dave Fuller aka The Riddler
Very Happily Engaged to a Gorgeous Russian Woman
Enlightened, Enriched and Inspired by his travels to Russia


My response:


"When you confront a bully, he usually shows himself out to be a coward and retreats."

- Tom Cruise on The David Letterman Show in June, 2005



Yep, you got it folks.  Yesterday my arch enemy nemesis wrote me a goodbye letter, claiming that he has decided to ignore me from now on after taking some advice from his "friends".  Good riddance!  What happened was that over the last few weeks, I had been bombarding him with lots of evidence, from photos and letters, of my accomplishments and that I am more successful than he claims.  I did it aggressively, ramming it down his throat even.  At first, he was in denial.  Then he postulated all kinds of false theories, easily proven wrong, that showed his desperation and lack of common sense.  In one of his rants, he charged that the photo of that model Lea in my car was taken because I was in her car! lol  The thing is, the photo clearly showed Lea in the right front seat which is the passenger seat of the car.  Anyone, even in Australia, knows that in the US, the passenger side is on the right and the driver's side is on the right.  Yet Fuller forgot this simple detail in his insane rant to try to discredit anything I say.  It's funny when you add up all the little blunders he makes.  And he supposedly works in the banking industry with finance and numbers? lol


Simply put, he couldn't handle all the hard evidence I was throwing at him, got jealous, and retreated, with nothing left to throw at me.  As Tom Cruise said on the David Letterman Show back in June 2005, quoted above, when you confront a bully, he shows himself to be a coward and runs away.  And that's what happened with Fuller too.


In fact, I challenged him several times with formal bets of money, wagering my facts against his rants, and each and every time, he backed down and wimped out, not willing to put his money where his mouth is (not surprisingly though, since I've heard from sources that he is a big tightwad with his money).  It's funny since I'm supposedly poor and he's supposedly rich, that he would back down from all bets while I charged forward with them confidently.


In his parting shots letter, he scorned my character one last time in the worst possible way, showing his utter illusory hatred (no one who is mentally healthy and sane could hate someone they've never met so much).  However, what he always fails to take into account is that with him, yes I do show the worst and most morbid sides of my character, but after all the vile disgusting mean-spirited things he's said about me in an attempt to incite me into suicide, what did he expect, that I would be kind and respectful to him in return?  No way.  I always treat others the same way they treat me.  I'm ultra fair.  In general, I am not like that and I don't show that side of me to the general public, especially in person, so my game against him is NOT reflective of my character.  Fuller was a special case, and earned it.  I simply gave him back what he deserved.  He is either a liar in not admitting his wrongdoing and disgusting behavior toward me, or he's deluded in that he can't even see his own follies himself.


He started this attack game against me, not knowing what he was up against, and reaped the consequences.  He may be a bigger man than me, but in these point by point writing debates, I am a king, and I've always possessed the ability in finding a way to win, as I've done in chess matches time and time again.


My former manager in Moscow, Slava, did the same thing, and his bout lasted only a few battles.  But Fuller and I have been engaged in a long war of attrition, which finally is over hopefully, with the coward running in retreat and the courageous man of substance fighting for truth emerging as the victor.  Good always triumphs over evil in the end :)


Yes I know that in these flame wars, I've lowered myself, and felt guilty and unwholesome about it many times.  As a mystic friend said, all of this is a mere contest of the immature ego, which results in nothing on either side, regardless of the victor.  She is probably right.


Anyhow, I hope that Fuller keeps his commitment this time, and never writes me again, so we can put this war to rest.  With so many new exciting developments in my life, I simply have no time for pessimists and bullies.  Good riddance Fuller!  And see how happy I am below in triumph!



Oh and Fuller, if you dare bother me again, I'll put on my Russian police militsa uniform below, arrest you and beat you up!  And I'll use the rifle below against you too! Hehehe



And not only that, but I'll be coming at him wearing this bullet proof vest too!



Winston Wu, 
Respected, Experienced, Intrepid Traveller throughout the Baltics, Eastern Europe & Russia.
During his widely acclaimed adventures in 20 cities of the FSU and Europe, he was daring and bold, receiving national media coverage in three countries.

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In a message dated 9/27/2005 12:07:52 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:


<<< Winston,
My Guess is that the basher who wrote this hateful Psalm is probably
a typical white American male who is in pain when he reads about your
experiences, and exposure of the truth. It is typical of their men
who hates other races or persons dating their women to manufacture
lies, and evil plots against such a persons. Do not let it bother you
my friend. Let him be rutting with pain in hell, because right now he
is in pain, inside hell on earth! And that is just what I love! :
Seeing such haters in  pain..ahhh!! revenge is so sweet!!!!
Deep >>>

ROTFLMFAO!! Hey Deep, are you psychic? Your uncanny ability to
predict that I was white and male is startling to say the least.
However, apart from that your antenna might need some tweaking (I am
sure Wienie would be able to oblige you in this regards) because you
are way off the mark. In fact you psychic powers are more attuned to
someone with a name very similar to you moniker. A Deepshit to be
precise. Sorry to disappoint you deepshit but I aint American. Your
antenna was way ascew by around 7,000 miles. Only pain I have had
from reading the wuzer's experience is one from too much laughing
when reading such doozies as "I cant believe my fiancee scammed me
and slept with a man she just met", "I decided to jack off on her leg
to get my moneys worth", "Five kids beat me up in Chevrepots and left
me bloody and beaten" and "Winston, can you please send me $800 for
my studies" in a heartfelt letter from Marina, the woman the wuzer
ditched his fiancee for. As for exposing the truth, you wouldn't know
the truth if it bit you square on the arse. Doubt you have ever been
to Russia. I have and I know 95% of what Wu writes about Russia is
petty little lies from a sexually frustrated freeloader who cant get
his own way and has to cry and make up lies about it. One day when
you get a life and venture abroad to Russia you might realise this.
As for manufacturing lies and evil plots, the wuzer is well known for
this. Just ask his ex-fiancee who he cheated on and then continuous
lied to and then plotted behind her back to dump her for a woman who
turned out to be scammer. And we all know the wuzer hates asians,
even though he is one. An asian hating asian who is up to his neck in
his own self loathing. As for being in pain, I am a little sore
around the triceps, delts and pecs from the gym but apart from that
things couldn't be better. Great job, gorgeous fiancee and more close
friends than the wuzer could ever hope for. Try heaven on earth
deepshit LOL! You wanna know what is hell on earth? I'll tell ya.
It's the life of the wuzer. After all he is relationshipless, ugly,
poor, unable to form any long term meaningful friendships,
unemployed, unemployable and loathing in self hatred for being born
asian. If that aint the life of someone inside hell on earth, I don't
know what is. But you know something, you are right about something
else. Seeing such a hater in pain is so sweet. That hater is the
wuzer, someone full of vile hateful comments about an entire race of
people. Knowing the wuzer is in such pain really brightens my day.
Thanks deepshit :)

The Riddler


In a message dated 11/27/2005 4:12:44 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:


W: Ugly girls are not in my league.

You are right Wu. They are clearly superior to you and way out of
your league. In fact any female human is and most of the females in
the animal kingdom.

W: I didn't say superficial things aren't important to me.

Finally Wu admits superficial things are important to him. That
wasn't too hard was it Wu. Its ok to admit you would rather judge a
book by its cover than its content, especially when it comes to
women. Now Wu, comprehend this. If you shallowly judge women by their
appearance why are you any different from all the women who deem you
as ugly when compared to other men. After all, you are fat and out of
shape, you have an ugly face and head disproportionate to the rest of
your body and you are short. You find women tend to prefer men who
have decent builds and take care of their body by going to the gym.
They also like men who are secure financially. They like men who
don't have disproportionate body parts like a huge melon head. They
also tend to like men who are tall. You may call such women (which
are a very high percentage of them ) superficial but they are no more
superficial than a man who ignores and disregards a woman because she
has a little extra padding. You're as superficial as they come Wu.
This has been clearly exposed in your journals.

W: I never said I wished I was white. I just want the BENEFITS of
being white.

Hey Wu. You want to know what the main benefit of being white is? Its
being white. Every time you say this statement you are saying "I wish
I was white" or "If I was white they wouldn't treat me like this".
But hey, don't lose hope. Look at Michael Jackson, he's almost white
now and just like you he is sexually perverted as well. And Wu, even
if you where white you would be nothing short of trailer trash living
in a trailer park somewhere in Alabama, having intercourse with
toothless trailer park sluts and immediate family members.



Subject: [WooWeasel!] Wu: A dissection of a social misfit (Part 1 – The Pre Teen Years)

Date: 11/27/2005 9:42:35 PM Pacific Standard Time


Reply To:




Sent on: 


Sent from the Internet (Details) 


Winnie likes to blame his race and everyone else for his oh so rotten
childhood. Well after having a read of his childhood in his biography
( ) it is obvious who
is to blame for his shitty childhood and you guessed it, it's the Wu
himself. Right from his early days certain behaviour from him
expressed an anti-social nature. Now I am no psychiatrist, but hey,
just for the fun of it I think I will psycho-analysize the Wu. This
first part is his pre-teen years.

First we have Wu talking about Daycare and 1st Grade. Perfectly happy
here. Interesting how he claims his whole childhood life was filled
with misery.

<<There,  I went to a daycare center called Peninsula Day Care
Center, where for several years, I was very happy with lots of
friends and warm great teachers who gave me nothing but praises in a
supportive Romper Room type environment.  Some of my friends came and
went, but my best one was an East Indian guy named Alan.  My 1st
grade started at Springer elementary, where I got good grades in a
supportive environment.>>
Here we have an example of Wu's anti-social behaviour very early in
life. At the age of 6 he was not adverse to tell a then firend that
she was dumb and stupid and getting pleasure from causing her pain.

<<Around when I was 5 or 6, I sometimes hung around this girl in my
class named Amy.  We shared lollipops together, which other boys said
was gross, and went to movies on field trips together such as
Superman: The Movie and The Empire Strikes Back.  One day though, I
told her to her face that she was dumb and stupid, and she ran away
crying.  I found that I got a morbid pleasure in that, and even told
my dad about it later, who picked me up.>>
And the pattern here continues. You would think his father would have
corrected such behaviour when hearing about it in the previous
instance but obvious a poor parenting job was done here, letting the
young Wu be a force unto himself.

<< When I was about 6 or 7, I had my first crush on a blonde girl
named Angela.  I met on a bus coming back from a field trip, and
something about her just made me feel mushy and infatuated inside.  I
had no idea what this weird feeling was, but it made me feel weak and
vulnerable around her, which kind of scared me.  When she was around,
it simply made me crazy, as I started fantasizing about being in love
with her, making me feel vulnerable.  I didn't know what to do about
it either.  So I tried to get rid of it by attempting to convince
myself to hate her, throwing wet sand balls at her on the beach, and
tanbark at her on the playground.  I didn't know what else to do.>>
Here we see the Wu forming his first long term friendship. With a
greeting line like that these two were destined to be the best of

<<After a year, we moved to Fremont, a suburb south of San
Francisco.  During the summer before I started school, I went to a
day care where I met Wesley Chang, a Chinese American who would be my
long time best friend for years.  We had a great first talk though,
for when we first met, I asked him, "What are you doing?" to which he
replied, "Going pee pee in your pants.">>
Well it has all been plain sailing for the Wu. So far life has been
good to the Wu. But now Wu was about to start the third grade and his
so called hell is about to begin. Interestingly enough, Wu likes to
say everybody disliked him for no reason at all. However, here we see
Wu went on the defensive from day one and pre-judged everybody in his
class. Now if you look at how the Wu acted when he perceived himself
to be vulnerable earlier in his life, it was with verbal and physical
taunts. It wouldn't surprise at all if someone tried to befriend him
only for Wu to verbally taunt them.

while Wesley went to Gomes. Immediately I did not like the kids in
my 3rd grade class at all. There was something about them. They had
a bad vibe about them, one that was hateful, spiteful, cliquish, and
that seemed hostile, as though they were looking for a reason to
despise someone>>
And hear we have Wu at an early age of 9 years old already blaming
all of his problems on his asian race. The whole victimization and
persecution persona was formed at a very young age, to make up for a
character flaw in which he gets verbally and physically aggressive
when placed in a vulnerable state.

much I despised her, me, and my Asian race. One night, I even made
her cry. That's how bad it got.>>
After three years at Chadbourne the young Wu decides to change
schools so he can be with his best friend. It didn't take long before
the same cycle started to emerge here. Given Wu's proven inability to
cope with new environments and his defensive nature when dealing with
such vulnerable situations no doubt he would have abused someone who
tried to befriend him here, only to gain the reputation he did at

<<< However, to give me a fresh start anyway, my parents got
permission from the school board to place me in another elementary
school for 6th grade, Gomes, where my still best friend Wesley Chang
went.  They figured I might be happier going to the same school as
him.  So I was transferred to Gomes Elementary, a school reputed to
have the highest overall academic performance in the area.  However,
after a while there, things soon began to get into the "persecute
Winston as a victim" mode again.  I don't know why.  Perhaps the
victim mentality and aura I acquired in Chadbourne carried forward
with me to Gomes as well.  Either that, or Fremont was just a bad
environment for me. >>>
The seeds of discontent start to emerge with the Wu with his only
true friend Wesley. The self destructive element of Wu and
relationships, be them friendships or other, starts to develop.

<<But at least I got to hang out with Wesley though.  Though we were
both seen as geeks and nerds, our names went well together, "Winston
and Wesley".  I soon came to realize though, that Wesley was an
enigma, as he seemed incapable of emotion, desire, or love.  It's
hard to explain, but he was lacking something that made him so
inhuman, that even Mr. Spock of Star Trek seemed much more human than
Wesley did.>>
Now Wu likes to say girls did not like him at school and they all
rejected him. As you will discover with the next statement, some
girls actually liked the Wu but in a pattern that was evident as
young as 5 and last until he was 18, Wu was terrified of the opposite
sex. I find it ironic that in his youth Wu got stricken with terror
and fled from girls but as an adult women get stricken with terror
and flee from the Wu.

<< However, I did begin to have girls chase me.  A group of them,
especially one named Kristi Hillhouse, got a kick out of running
after me and yelling "Winston, I love you!" and seemed to enjoy it
when I got overwhelmed and ran away in a nervous breakdown.  I found
them attractive, especially Kristi, but I was too intimidated by
their aggressiveness to do anything about it.  And ironically, I
found Kristi to be cute and pretty, and even fantasized about kissing
her sweet lips.  But when I saw her flirt at me in person, saying "I
love you Winston" I got stricken with terror and fled.  I couldn't
help it.  I had no choice. >>>

Subject: [WooWeasel!] Wu: A dissection of a social misfit (Part 2a – The Teen Years)

Date: 11/27/2005 9:41:43 PM Pacific Standard Time


Reply To:




Sent on: 



Sent from the Internet (Details) 


Welcome to Part 2. We have already reviewed the pre teen years where
unusual behaviour patterns were forged and established Wu developed
his hatred for being Asian at a very young age. Now comes the teen
years where the Wu has to embrace his puberty.

We start the teenage years with Wu at the age of 13 when in Taiwan.
Once again he shows his immaturity dealing with the opposite sex.

<<One of the students there kept telling me his hot sister liked me,
and I was very attracted to her, but one time when he brought her
over to me after I said I liked the way she dance, I ran into my dorm
room and closed the door and locked it.  When he arrived with his hot
sister, he said, "What a nerd!  He locks the door?">>
The strange and bizarre fantasies that go through the mind of a
teenage Wu. Dreams of Nazism and his friend as the fuhrer. Something
is not right upstairs at the tender age of 13.

<< Since I was a military war fanatic, one bizarre scenario that I
liked to imagine with Wesley was by telling him stories where I
pictured him being "The Fuehrer" of the school, as Hitler was with
Nazi Germany.  I imagined that during assembly, he would yell his
speeches to the students like a madman, and all the hundreds of
students would "Hail Fuehrer" by pointing their hands at him in
unison.  And he would have his own guard in uniform patrolling the
school halls, who would salute him when he passed by.  Then I
pictured the other three junior high schools in town uniting against
him, forming "The Allies".  And I told him that when they launched
their "D-Day Invasion" they would come in a fleet of school buses
lined up in the grassy field in front of the school, where students
would pour out of the fleet of parked buses to begin their invasion
of his reign.>>
Here we have Wu blaming his girl problems on the way he was treated
in elementary school. Interestingly enough, this behaviour was
evident well before elementary school with the Wu yet he deflects the
blame to something else. He shows the behaviour of someone socially
inept here.

<< My hormones also began to intensify during this time, as I entered
puberty.  I lusted after many girls, but I was too scared and timid,
with my self-worth ruined in elementary school anyway, to do anything
about it.  I was seen as "not good enough" so I felt unworthy to
pursue any girls, and I didn't know how to either.  While everyone
else was "going with" (dating) someone, I was out of it.  Even when
one girl named Stephanie approached me during lunch to ask if I
would "go with her", while a group of students huddled around to
watch the outcome, I panicked and ran away, with the whole group
disappointed. As a result, it went around that "Winston doesn't like
This would be one of the more bizarre moments in the childhood of Wu.
Only the Wu could come to the conclusion that his first foray into
masturbation was some devine zen like unique spiritual experience.
Thus, Wu the Wanker was born and thrust upon the world.

<< The summer after 8th grade though, I had a unique spiritual
experience.  Since I spent most of the summer alone because my
friends flaked out on me, and was forced to stay home alone everyday
because I couldn't drive out of my neighborhood and my parents were
at work, I became so bored and lonely that I began going insane.  One
day, as I cried out in extreme pain with every fiber of my being, I
suddenly masturbated to help relieve the tension.  When I did, I got
more than the usual euphoria from the release of endorphins. 
Suddenly, a thought came into me that "all your pain is of the flesh,
not of the spirit".  With that realization, I became filled with a
Zen-like state of enlightenment, as if I was the master of my mind
and emotions now.>>
Like most social misfits of his age, inevitably Wu found religion.
Here Wu was nurtured and encouraged to bring others to the religion,
which he did with his best friend. Suddenly Darwin's theory of
evolution was thrown out the window for the more ridiculous theory of
Eve being formed from a rib of Adam. After all, it seemingly made
sense to the young naïve Wu. Unbeknown to Wu was the church has a
habit of giving hope to the hopeless and filling their heads with
nonsense to further their own cause.

<< For 9th grade, I went to Mission San Jose high school.  There, an
old friend named Jonathan hooked me up with his church youth group,
after praying for one a few days prior.  It turned out to be a great
supportive environment, which was what I needed from my persecuting
peers.  It was like a rock and shelter to me.  And I was glad to
finally feel like I belonged to something.  Throughout that year, I
was happy and content, for the first time in years, due to my
Christian faith and youth group, which I had some good quality
friends from.  I was even able to convert my best friend Wesley Chang
to the faith, after I gave him some Chick Publications comic books
that debunked Evolution with Creationist arguments, which seemingly
made sense.  Convinced, Wesley became a believer and started going to
church with me too, but it made me a bit uncomfortable though,
because I didn't like to mix the life I had there with the geeky life
I had with him.>>
Here we see the socially inept Wu contemplating cheating on one of
his only friends. Had he not been so socially inept around girls, who
knows, he might just have. Interestingly though, the very last
statement about losing interest because she put on a few pounds shows
a superficial nature in Wu, already well developed at a teenage age,
that he so condemns in good looking women in the present.

<< I also developed a crush on this girl who lived in my neighborhood
named Richelle Faria.  We rode the bus together to and from school
each day.  However, my best friend James Hernandez also had a crush
on her, which he always called me about, but I never revealed mine to
him.  This whole triangle became a sort of drama throughout the
year.  However, I tried my best to focus on my faith and Christian
path instead of getting wrapped up in it.  And the fact that she
gradually gained weight helped lessen my crush on her too.>>
Now this is brilliant. Here we see Wu taking a vacation to Taiwan and
he tries to convert all his relatives to christianity, telling them
they will go to hell if they don't convert. His feeble mind is so
brainwashed by christianity that he actually believes this.

<< That summer after the school year, I went to Taiwan, and the tide
turned there.  After I failed to convert my relatives to the
Christian faith, it put me in an paradigm trauma.  How could good
sincere people like my relatives there reject the truth of God?  I
didn't know how to reconcile that.  Furthermore, another conflict
arose where due to the tenets of my faith, I believed they were all
going to hell in eternal damnation, but because I knew they were good
sincere people, I couldn't make sense of how that could be right,
fair, or just.>>

Subject: [WooWeasel!] Wu: A dissection of a social misfit (Part 2b – The Teen Years)

Date: 11/27/2005 9:41:59 PM Pacific Standard Time


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A continuation from 2a….

Here we have Wu returning from holidaying in Taiwan. After have his
new found faith roundly rejected by all his relatives, he returns to
the US dis-illusioned. He starts the 10th grade where he admits he
doesn't feel the same and even though he openly admits this, he says
everyone around him has changed and is indifferent to him, without
realising it is himself who has changed and the changes in himself
has made him indifferent to everyone. Here we see a real evolution in
winston the narcissist. All of his friendships he spent years
nurturing he destroys in this year. He isolates himself from
everybody and deflects the blame on them, not realising he could
possibly be to blame here. Thus the narcissist is born.

<<When I returned to the states, I didn't feel the same.  And the
crush I had on a girl way younger than me at my youth group summer
camp in San Diego beach, screwed up my emotions even more.  When I
started 10th grade, I was less than eager or ready, and merely winged
it.  Unfortunately, the passion, power, and magic I had in the
previous year was gone as well.  I didn't start each day with the
confidence and passion I had before.  And my friends seemed
different; more distant, less friendly to me, etc.  It was like they
had changed.  Or like I had entered a parallel universe.  Many in my
youth group last year also went away, leaving a few left whom I
didn't get along with.  I was confused and didn't know what to do.  I
tried my best to get back what I had the year before, to have the
mentality I had, and feel like the same person I was, but to no
avail.   I didn't even feel passionate and convicted about my
Christian faith anymore.  I tried to get that back, but couldn't
either.  Even my long-time best friend Wesley Chang had begun to
change, becoming more distant and cold toward me.  It seemed like he
never knew me, which was horrifying since we had been close for 7 or
8 years, and our parents were even friends too.  I couldn't
comprehend it.>>
Here we see Wu blaming his lot in life to being punished by God for
not converting his relatives. Definite signs of someone taking his
religion just a little too seriously. When his religious fanaticism
is at a stage like this is it any wonder people want to isolate
themselves from Wu.

<< And furthermore, how did I get this way?  How did it happen?  And
why was it happening to me?  What did I do to deserve such an odd and
bizarre mental hell which totally incapacitated my life?!  Was it
punishment from God for not converting my relatives to the Christian
faith last summer?  Maybe I didn't exemplify the love of Christ
enough in front of them.  I knew I could have done better, but I just
didn't have the guts to do it alone.  Maybe they were going to hell
now, because of my failure, and so this was my punishment, to put me
into my own "mental hell".  Whatever the case, I constantly prayed to
God to have him take this obsessive compulsive disorder off me, but
to no avail.  God answered my prayers before, often in astounding
ways, so why was he ignoring me now?  Surely an all powerful God
could heal this problem of mine, which was causing me great anguish
and pain, so why wasn't he?>>
Wu realises he is mentally ill and it is something he will be
afflicted with for life. Still though, he thinks it is some
punishment from god. He doesn't realise it is his fundamental
character flaws which he expained to his father at the tender age of
5 that is the catalyst for all of what has transpired since.

<< I felt doomed.  Mental illnesses like this do not go away, I read
and heard, and so it seemed I would be afflicted with these OCD-like
symptoms for life.  Rather than be happy or successful, I was instead
doomed to live the life of a handicap, denied all pleasures,
opportunities, and benefits of life.  Fate seemed cruel, and with my
prayers unanswered, I no longer had faith in my Christian religion,
which seemed to have abandoned me.  Either it wasn't true, or God had
abandoned me, contrary to all the promises in the Bible. >>
While Wu is in Taiwan for a year, he meets a girl he is attracted to.
Even at the age of 17 he still displays complete immaturity and also
some rather disturbing behaviour he still does today. He is still
terrified of the opposite sex, yet fantasises and masturbates himself
stupid over them at the same time. He learns to take pleasure in
watching them suffer mentally and derives some form of sexual
satisfaction and release from it. Here we see the emergance of the
insensitive Wu.

<< In secret though, I lusted after her and had a lot of sexual
fantasies about her.  I even masturbated each night as I thought
about her and her sexy dark skin.  But in practice though, I could
not reciprocate her interest in me, but instead took a morbid
pleasure in watching her pursue me to no avail.  It was like I
enjoyed seeing her suffer over me, which gave me greater satisfaction
than in reciprocating her interest in me and becoming her boyfriend. 
Perhaps I saw her being vulnerable and frustrated as I had in all my
past crushes, and so I enjoyed being on the other end this time.  I
don't know.  But as a result, I began treating her like crap, which
gave me a morbid pleasure, but which I would also later regret, as I
was lonely without a girlfriend.  I was already 17, and still not
able to have relations with a girl, even if I had the chance.>>
A possible future career?

<< During my last few months in Taiwan, I relocated to a more central
part of Taipei, living with another cousin's family, where I had my
first official job working in a fast food franchise in city center.>>
After attending his fifth different school, a christian one, Wu
finally embarks in his final year of high school. The socially inept
Wu finds himself isolated but not persecuted in his own words. In his
computer class however, all year Wu has had a crush on a cantonese
girl only to be rejected when he finally musters the courage up to
ask her out. How does Wu react. He denounces his christian faith to
make a statement. WTF? Maybe he thought god somehow punished him by
having this girl reject him.

<< At the end of the year, I revealed my crush and strong feelings
for this Cantonese girl named Anita Au in my computer class, telling
her that I missed so much sitting with her like I did the first half
of the year.  Immediately, she acted awkward and started avoiding
me.  I was so hurt and angry, that I decided to halt my Christian
faith in protest.  I stopped praying and reading the Bible to make a

Stayed tuned for the conclusion…


W:  In response to the above dissection of my childhood, one reader wrote to Fuller:


Subject:  Dave Fuller lives vicariously in Winston Wu's Shadow

Fuckwad Fuller,

Well, you did it!  You went back on your promise of discontinuing your
attack on the person you secretly love to hate and whose shadow you run for
whenever the shinning brightness of humanity burns your vampire skin.

It was months ago I got the word you wouldn't be participating in any more
flaming against WWu.  Well it apears you have simply taken it to another
forum.  According to what I recieved you and your group have set up a secret
forum and have researched and dissected Winston's writings.

You have created a school of wu, and you are giving yourself a psuedo-PHd in

You are pathetic.  You make me laugh.  You probably have an erection reading
this right now.




From: "Dave Fuller" <fuller_d@...>

Date: Thu Mar 16, 2006  2:21 pm

Subject: Re: Why I'm incompatible with the social scene in America          davespvtacct

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--- In, WWu777@... wrote:

<<< Russia, most of Europe, South  America, some of Asia, Africa,

even Australia are  areas that come to mind.  Social  scenes are much

more open, warm, inviting, flow smoothly, naturally, and less

uptight.  And women are approachable  and do not view me as low

social  status. >>>


Hey Wu, if you are so incompatible with everyone in the US then why

don't you go live elsewhere. Oh wait, you have havent you. A year in

Taiwan and a year in Russia. How did that work out? Both times you

hated the countries and couldn't wait to get back to the US. Face it

Wu, the US is not the problem here, it is you. You proved this point

by your scatheing hateful posts of Taiwan and Russia when residing

there. Face it Wu, doesn't matter where you go you will never be

happy. You're a narcissist and nobody likes a narcissist unless they

have the looks to back up their narcissism, which you clearly dont.

You will never be the popular lady killer you so desperately want to

be and you will never possess the looks to make you desirable to

women. You're simply a ugly dysfunctional narcissist, too ignorant to

face the realities that you suffer from deep rooted mental problems.

I really pity you Wu. You are a pitiful excuse for a human being.


The Riddler



From: "davidandrewfuller" <davidandrewfuller@...>

Date: Fri May 26, 2006  1:47 am

Subject: Re: The pros and cons of Russian women (according to Winston)             davidandrewf...

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You are still completely clueless aren't you Wu. You try to

constantly deflect the blame for your own failures from the obvious

reason, YOU. Then again, when the only pro's you deal with are

prostitutes and the con's are con artists you would have a warped

perspective on russian women. Wallow in your loneliness Wu. Wallow

you worthless maggot. There is not a women on the face of this earth

for you. Meanwhile the rest of us are enjoying life to the full,

with our significant others. Four months after marrying and the wife

and I are having a ball. Showed her some of your crap the other

night just for a laugh and she summed you up pretty well. My wife

reckons you are an idiot Wu and deserve what you got. She says you

are batting way out of your league and have a very ugly personality.

She can pretty much find good in most things and does but after

reading your crap on russians and russian women she cant find any

redeeming qualities about you. She says you are a user interested

only in sex with pretty girls and she is right. You are a parasite

Wu and you should stick to writing to playboy forums where your

style of fantasy writing would appeal to the sexual starved and

depraved audience they attract.


Go die in a gutter you pumpkin headed fuck pig.



The Riddler



Sent: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 1:17 AM
Subject: Re: Need suggestions on how to visit multiple women in Philippines



<<< As some of you might know, me and my friend here in Hawaii are

planning a trip to the Philippines together.>>>


How romantic. Is he going to be your bitch or are you going to be his?


<<< So far, I've been chatting to some Filipinas on internet dating

sites and also through Yahoo messenger webcam daily, to try to build

up some relationships before I get there. >>>


But Weenie, they are not white? What happened with your fetish for

blonde white women? How very Asian of you pursueing Asian women. LOL!


<<< And my impression has been very desirable so far. >>>


I hope you covered the keyboard and monitor in plastic first. With

you very desirable on the internet generally means self satisfaction.


<<< They are sweet, modest, clingy and hopeless romantics like me. >>>


They are also Asian like you Weenie and no doubt they love you long

time as well. As for you, you are not sweet. You are anything but you

tight arsed selfish creep. Modest? Give me a break. Modest people

bereft of looks like you don't go around pretending to be Brad Pitt.

Clingy, well you sure are that. You bug the crap out of people until

they can stand you no more. Hopeless romantic? Well you are half way

there. You definitely have the hopeless part covered. As for romance,

you wont even fork out for an ice cream on a date so somehow I cant

see you scoring high on the casanova scale.


<<< I get the sense that even if they were using me, they'd still be

loyal and treat me good. >>>


I get the sense if you find someone who does treat you good you will

simply take advantage of them.


<<< And I get the sense that they'd probably treat me better than the

Russian women did. >>>


Only due to the fact they are more submissive and desperate,


<<< But of course, they aren't as good looking as Russian women or

white girls are in general. >>>


And you aren't as good looking as a white person. In fact you would

rate ugly on an asian scale as most asian men have decent bodies

instead of a fat overweight one like you do.


<<< And they aren't as educated, intellectual, or worldly either, in

general. >>>


Neither are you. It's a perfect match. Face it Wu. A women with half

a brain isn't going to stay with you long. Your one hope of a

relationship is with a simpleton happy being treated as a doormat and

an imbecile. That's the only sort of person that would agree to marry

you in Russia. You'll find quite a few submissive imbeciles drooling

over you like that over there.


<<< But they are sweeter, more tender on the inside, and would

probably treat me better. >>>


They are more submissive Wu. Due to their masochistic nature they are

willing to put up with more crap from you than an educated russian

woman would.


<<< As you might know, Russian women don't tend to believe in romance

and are not hopeless romantics by nature.>>>


LMAO! Says you. My wife is very much the romantic and quite a few of

the other peoples wives here are as well. However their romantic

affections must be earnt first and you severely lack the required

level of maturity, commitment and compassion to invoke that from ANY



<<< We are visiting multiple women, some in the same city, and if

they are what they seem, really clingy, then it may be difficult,

cause the first woman we visit may want to tag along everywhere we

go. >>>


Its easy Weenie. Invite her for a night of pleasure. When she sees

your pitiful little weenie tot I doubt she will come back for more.

But all jokes aside Weenie. You know exactly how to get out of this.

Remember how you got rid of your second fiancee Alina. If one of them

is being clingy just kiss the other one infront of her. Hey, it's a

great idea Wu and by all accounts you got a great laugh out of it

first time. Don't know why it's a dilemma for you as you have had no

problems cheating on women in the past. Its not like you have a

conscience or anything is it?


<<< And we can't think of an acceptable and plausible reason to go

from one potential candidate to another without arousing suspicion.



You are a tool Wu. As per usual you try to build relationships on

lies and deception and here you are seeking ways to lie and deceive

to women to service your own selfish needs. You are still a classless



<<< Of course, we can't just say that we are going to visit other

women (how would you feel if someone you really liked said that to

you?) cause it would be a horrible thing to say. >>>


What would be more horrible is if you invited someone else along and

kissed them infront of her after cheating on her behind her back

after making a commitment of an engagement with her.


<<< We've been brainstorming and thinking about this problem for

hours now and still can't get a solution that would work without

suspicion or risk of hurting someone we like or care about. Can any

of you think of something? >>>


Heres a novel concept. Tell the truth you frigging moron. You

honestly think these women aren't talking to others on the internet.

They know the score. After all your failures you still don't

understand one of the most basic concepts for these kind of

relationship. You cant build a relationship around lies.


<<< 1) We tell them we have to fly to another city for business. That

may work but they may demand to come along. And it wouldn't work if

the next girl was in the same city or nearby city. >>>


Completely unbelievable since a bum like you would never pass as a

business man.


<<< 2) We blame each other - Me and my friend can tell our ladies

that the other screwed up our plans and require our presence to go

somewhere, and so we have to go with it. This is a good solution but

there is still the departure problem and they may still want to come

along. We can't say we can't afford to fly them either cause we are

trying to appear well-off. >>>


Trying to appear well off? ROTFLMFAO!! Wait a minute hotshot. Isnt

this friend of yours a millionaire who is giving you blank cheques to

cash? What a surprise. Just shot your phoney story right in the foot.

Just a couple of cheap nasty sex tourists.


<<< 3) We can tell the ladies we are going somewhere exclusive that

they can't go to, like a business meeting, monastery, bachelor's

party, etc. but they may still insist on coming along and staying in

a hotel nearby to wait for us each night, or else get suspicious if

we say no. >>>


Monastery? LMAO! Here is a Zen proverb for you Wu:  "Just because one

assumes the missionary position, a monk it does not make one."


<<< Of course I have a bunch of other silly corny suggestions, and

they may sound cute, but aren't likely to work. >>>


Wu and silly suggestions are just like peas and carrots. They go



<<< So can any of you think of a way, solution, or explanation to

them, of getting from one girl we're visiting to another, without

hurting anyone, arousing suspicion, bad feelings, or burning bridges?

We are looking for something that would NOT arouse any suspicion and

have at least an 80 percent chance of

working. >>>


Just be yourself Wu. Odds are even filipino women will be repulsed by



<<< In Russia, I didn't have this problem often cause the women were

not clingy and often flaked out anyway, so it wasn't a big issue. But

it looks like it might be an issue in the Philippines. >>>


When a woman gets to know you she will not want to be with you Wu.


<<< We are planning to leave for the Philippines within a month, so

we need to figure something out. >>>


Odds are you will end up on one of those beaches with the pedophiles

hitting on 13 year olds.


Note:  Needless to say, all his predictions above turned out to be wrong, as usual, which is not surprising since villains are usually proven wrong in the end anyway.hahaha.  See and the pages that follow it.


A funny one liner that Fuller posted on my Guestbook:

First Name :   The Riddler

URL :   

Comment :   What does Wu watch his home made pornos backwards?...Because he like to see the hooker give him his money back.




At this point, I’ve decided to stop adding any more comments from my enemies and bashers.  I figured that it was unwholesome to continue posting their hate on my site or focusing on it, and instead to focus on more positive and productive things, such as promoting and expanding my site, and making advertising revenue from it.  But if you enjoy reading the Winston bashing above and can’t get enough of it, you can read more and see the latest bashing of me at my basher’s forum, Wooweasel:  There, you can also subscribe to their mailing list to get my hate groups latest rants, attacks and satires of me and Brad Sharp, their other target.


For now, I’d like to close this page with some eloquent comments about these enemies and bashers that depicts them accurately.


Eloquent comments from my fans regarding my “enemies”


“From what I have noticed, you have made some enemies. I know mostly all of these guys are just bitter with their own life and look for an outlet to release all their frustrations. Unfortunately, your an easy target for them because of the forums. The way I see it, you have done so much more than these guys will ever do or even dream of doing. If you were to go to my ICQ profile page, you will see a writing I have posted there. It goes something like this:

People can be divided into three groups
Those that make things happen
Those who watch things happen
And those who wonder what happened

You are in the first group Winston. All those other people who have negative things to say about your exploits, well, they belong to the other two groups I'm sure. If you want, you can post any part of this letter on your forums. Sometimes, these people need to be slapped around a little no matter who they are. I wish you the best.”



I have read some of the “Winston haters” posts and I see it’s funny that just like politician’s, rather than argue a valid point, they just attack your character. Sad! The way I see it is if any of these people had a life they wouldn’t be wasting it away bashing some guy they don’t know online…it’s kind of like in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” when the English Commodore says to Pirate Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) something like,

“You have got to be the worst Pirate I’ve ever heard of”, and Depp says, “But you have heard of me…” My point, love you or hate you, if your making this much of a wave, your doing something right, and if someone was to argue me on the “right” part, well than I would say at least your doing SOMETHING! My Sensei (Classical Shotokan Karate) used to call these types of people “Armchair Warriors” as they just sit on the couch, complain or preach and DO nothing.”



“Winston, as I was watching your adventures, I was thinking what a lucky person you are to have experienced so many things - regardless if they were positive or negative.  You did this on your own, and you should be proud of yourself.  Most of your enemies simply sit and write behind a computer, but you have lived it - which means a lot more.  Think of how many men in the US will never have the chance to do what you have done.  I guess what I admire most about you is that you been willing to share your experiences with the rest of the world to enjoy, and I am happy to have come across your site 3 years ago, as I feel I have gotten to know more about Russia via you. Thanks!”



Quote by Teddy Roosevelt that applies to this case:


"It is not the critic who counts; not  the man who

points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the

doer of  deeds could have done them better. The credit

belongs to the man who is  actually in the arena, whose

face is marred by dust and sweat and blood;  who

strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and

again, because  there is no effort without error and

shortcoming; but who does actually  strive to do the

deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great

devotions;  who spends himself in a worthy cause; who

at the best knows in the end the  triumph of high

achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at

least  fails while daring greatly, so that his place

shall never be with those cold  and timid souls who

neither know victory nor  defeat."

Note:  Feel free to share your comments and feedback about this article in the guestbook or forum.


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