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HAPPIER ABROAD  Why You Will Have A Better Love and Life Beyond America

Update:  Slight revision of my observations after touring more of the USA


Hello again,

After touring a lot of scenic Southwestern states of the US and some central ones (Colorado) during the Summer and Fall of 2006, immersing myself in abundant breathtaking desert/canyon/forest scenery, I’ve come to the realization that much of what I’ve said in this ebook about the US primarily applies to West Coast America, and perhaps East Coast too.  I’ve found people in the inland states to be somewhat of a different breed (and they think so too), much more sincere, natural, down-to-earth, and “real” so to speak.


However, the observations in this book still apply to some degree to the rest of the country, just not as much as in the Coastal regions of the country.  But nevertheless, I still found it hard, unnatural and out-of-bounds to try to get dates even in the friendlier states of the US.  But I met many friendly folks that were open to chatting in the central states, and especially the Texans, whom I consider to be the most social, friendly, and inclusive of the American population.  It was quite refreshing to meet Americans who weren’t as fake and dysfunctional as the ones I grew up around in California.




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