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“To be honest with you Winston, I think almost all of the girls you hit on (and many of them you scored) are all very hot.  This makes me wonder how you did it, especially the fact that you're an oriental.  I know some guys who have a lot more than you, but they can't do anywhere near what you did (in terms of girls of course).”


“Winston, I am amazed at your ability to attract women that are much more attractive than yourself.  I wish I had more of your magic.  I consider myself much more attractive than you, but you seem to do better with the ladies.  What is your secret?”


“Winston, as I was watching your adventures, I was thinking what a lucky person you are to have experienced so many things - regardless if they were positive or negative.  You did this on your own, and you should be proud of yourself.  Most of your enemies simply sit and write behind a computer, but you have lived it - which means a lot more.  Think of how many men in the US will never have the chance to do what you have done.  I guess what I admire most about you is that you been willing to share your experiences with the rest of the world to enjoy, and I am happy to have come across your site 3 years ago…“ - Giovanni

“Your photo album made this freestyle form of dating appealing as it provided me glimpse of how social dynamics work there, so Winston you did a great job.”


“Hi! My name is Kevin. I'm from the Philippines. I spent the last two days reading (or rather looking) at your pictures. It was a like movie!!!!”


“You are a hero for the underdog, proving that with balls and determination you can find fun, sex, love, and happiness...” - Jeff, Atlanta


“Winston you are now an Asian American Moses, and you are leading your people out of the “captivity” of boredom, loneliness, lovelessness and datelessness to the various promised lands of milk and honey, many honeys that is and milk is to come later. Lol.” - Ladislav, Winston's Expat Advisor


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The following 9 Photojournals cover 3 long trips I took in Russia and Europe between 2002 to 2005.  They contain hundreds of images in a slide show format of many beautiful friendly girls I met in Russia and Europe.  And they constitute conclusive proof of the claims in my Happier Abroad Ebook.  You can view electrified responses to them from viewers here.  And you can preview them by viewing my Photo Collage here


ANNOUNCEMENT:  My Photojournals were formerly hosted on AOL Pictures, which shut down in 2008. Before the shutdown, they were migrated to Photoworks, which then merged with Shutterfly. As if now, they are hosted as a Share site on Shutterfly. However, the slides and captions are out of order. I don't have time to spend hours re-arranging them yet. But for now, you can view them as they are on Shutterfly at the link below.



If you enjoy the Photojournals, you may order the 38 hours of video footage I shot in Russia and Eastern Europe, which many of the images in the Photojournals were taken from.  See ordering info and price list here.





Winston's Dating Adventure in Russia and Ukraine Summer 2002
Click on the link above to view the pictures in this album. This is the story of my first trip to this relatively unknown huge world and empire. Follow me in my exciting discoveries, triumphs and falls throughout 7 cities in Russia and Ukraine.










Winston's 6 Month Dating Adventure in Russia and Latvia 2003
Click on the link above to view the pictures in this album. Images from my second trip and long journey in Russia. Follow me through the rise and fall of the drama of my miraculous engagement to my dream girl Katya, and the tragic downfall. Many exotic, beautiful, surreal images of Russian cities to see as well.










Photojournals of My Journey in Russia/Europe 2004-2005
(Links below)






Part 1: New York City






Part 2: 6 Week Overstay in Moscow









Part 3: Perilous Venture into the Provinces






Part 4: Moscow, Love/Drama in Yoshkar-Ola, Discovering Vilnius






Part 5: Lithuania Sights and Barbies, Entry into Warsaw Poland







Part 6: Krakow's 24/7 Festivity, Visit to Auschwitz






Part 7: Olsztyn, Gdansk, The Return Home and Surprise Ending

















Uzbek exotic sights and female attire album
Click on the link above to view the 36 pictures in this album.
If you are interested in ordering the Uzbek attire and clothing featured at discounted prices, contact me at






Updates of my adventures in Russia/Eastern Europe in Microsoft Word may be downloaded by right clicking these links:  First tripSecond trip, or Third trip.  Or you may read a short synopsis of my 3 trips.  My Guide to Traveling and Dating in Russia is also very helpful to those planning to go there


New! My Russia Storybook 2002 (PDF) - This is the tale of my search for love in Russia/Ukraine through 7 cities which led me to start the Happier Abroad movement. It was the most interesting and memorable 6 weeks of my life!







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