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"No country has it all. It therefore stands to reason that in order to have it all, living in more
than one country is often a necessity."
- Ladislav, Chief Advisor of

Are you tired of or dissatisfied with the following norms in modern America?


?         The unattainability, unavailability or lack of women you desire, depriving you of quality female companionship.

?         The toxic, hostile and ego-deflating dating scene that is a joke, nightmare and dysfunctional beyond words.

?         The social disconnectedness, lack of human connection and constant feeling of insecurity, unworthiness, and loneliness.

?         The isolationist "in your own bubble" passionless lifestyle where working and consuming are the only concerns.

?         The fake superficial social culture that doesn't allow you to be yourself, denies all the above, and falsely pits the blame on you if you complain.


If so, then this book is for YOU!


The GOOD NEWS is you don?t have to put up with any of it. There are many overseas cultures where all these norms are REVERSED - where authentic passionate people, human connection, and quality available sincere feminine women are the NORM and in abundance!! It?s one of the BIGGEST SECRETS, but you won?t hear about it from conventional sources due to its taboo nature.

For a breathtaking visual glimpse and proof of this, see the Photo Collage inside this book.


Winston Wu, his friends, advisors and fans have been sharing their discoveries of a better love and life overseas since 2002. This grand book compiles together their testimonies, observations, experiences and comparisons which serve as a Gospel of hope for the countless frustrated lonely males in North America that there are better options for them abroad in the areas of dating, social connection, self-esteem and freedom.


Single western males will be glad to know that in many overseas countries, there are millions of foreign women who do not despise men and do not hate their femininity - who will treat them better, appreciate them, and are more sincere, natural, sweet, and down to earth. Thus, when dealing with such women, no PUA or "game" is required - one can just be oneself. This is exactly what men prefer in women, and it LIBERATES them from their lifelong insecurity that they've suffered in the American cultural environment.


These are liberating life-changing truths and benefits for single Western males, but are taboo and politically incorrect. So the US media will never tell them about it. It's one of the biggest injustices to men. This book and the Happier Abroad movement helps correct that.


But this isn't just a book about international dating. It elaborates on and provides ample proof of the following key three point comparison made by the Happier Abroad movement:


In America in general:

1. The lifestyle and environment are devoid of human connection.

2. Dating and relationships are a no-win nightmare for many men.

3. The socio-cultural environment makes you insecure and inauthentic.


But in many foreign countries (though not all):

1. Human and social connection flow more freely.

2. Women and relationships are more natural and complementary.

3. You feel more accepted, whole and authentic.

These discoveries are eye-opening, enriching, liberating and life-changing. They will inspire you and show you a freer, more fulfilling existence that will change your life forever! All of this is REAL, credible and easily verifiable. There?s a better love and life for you out there. ?So if you're ready to take the "red pill" then get this book!




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Reviews and Feedback




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Reviews and Feedback



From Fans and Readers

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?What I also love about this ebook is Winston's philosophical view of the world. I have never in my life seen an Asian guy with such a brilliant, philosphical mind. There have been times when I thought I was crazy thinking the way I was thinking, especially as it pertains to America and its awful, non-inclusive culture. However, after reading Winston's words, I totally feel relieved and vindicated, knowing full and well it's society that is crazy, not me!? ? Steve Hoca, Review of Happier Abroad


?Your book has exposed me to a paradigm shift with regard to dating. My collection of dating/seduction books is now merely a repository of rubbish.? - Jelani, NY


?I would recommend this website to anyone,, created by Wu, a genius at any rate.  He?s someone who?s actually gonna show you proof. All these other websites you go to, they really don?t show you anything.  His ebook has changed my view of American culture 180 degrees.? - Kairosan?s video review of Happier Abroad


"I thank you Winston from the bottom of my heart for showing me and other lonely men THE WAY to PARADISE.  You beat out ALL of the PUA propaganda, so called ?guru's and experts? out there and you actually are OUT THERE DOING instead of just talking about it.  Those seduction books I use to buy are total GARBAGE compared to what YOU'VE proven and you put PUA artist and experts to complete shame with SIMPLICITY and REAL PROVEN SOLUTIONS WINSTON..." - Dwayne, NY


?After reading all your ebooks and following your advice to visit Lithuania I did and met the love of my life. I really give you credit because you are 100% right. I'm never dating or going with a shallow, superficial American woman ever again. I would also like to let you know that I am getting married in MAY 2008. Keep up the good work Winston you do inspire people.? ? Fan Mail


?Sir, first off, let me tell you in one word what I thought of your e-book... OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!  I'm currently reading it right now and it is great!!!? ? Darryl, NY, Retired Air Force


?Hello Winston:

I am reading your revised, updated book as of August 2009, and I must say that so far it's are real eye-opener... good job on your ebook. You are a brilliant orator and you are very good at articulating in succinct detail the plight of men today. Keep up the good work.? ? Steve Hoca, OH


?Your ebook was refreshing. I thought I was the only one who thought this way about American social climate.? - Fan Mail


?Everything you wrote in your treatise is precisely to the point? It took me a while to realize that there was a chasm of difference between the media picture of America and real life, but when the truth hit home, I felt very disappointed and empty. I even had a lapse of self-condemnation as I thought the problem was in me. I have gotten over it now and can see clearly. Your writing puts all the pieces of the puzzle together very well.? - Yuri, Russian immigrant


?I'm currently 17 years old and like you I am a Chinese American. I love the ebooks you have online and I really enjoy hearing about your success with white women abroad. I have a research paper on "my hero" and I choose to do my report on you and your success.? ? Joseph, USA


?I'm moving to St Petersburg in the new year and as I was researching I came across Happier Abroad, and I couldn't agree more with the overall message? Winston is absolutely right from my experiences. I had to go somewhere and then come back to see the light, but I definitely see it."

- From forum:


?I cannot express in words how impressed I am by your work and how accurate and true you are to yourself.  I have lived in the US for 13 years now, and I can't but agree with every single word you wrote? Congratulations again on a job well done!!!!!? ? Fan Mail


?I am from Athens, Greece. I came across your web site while googling trying to find web sites with articles about the differences between Europeans and Americans. I am writing an essay for one of my courses at college and I needed that kind of info. I have to admit that I was hooked up by your articles. Many of the situations that you describe were like a revelation to me.? ? Kostas, Athens, Greece


"I visited your website,, and I agree with everything you write. You are my hero! You have spoken truths that many men do not understand. You have broken ground that many men have not........ You are an inspiration!" ? Mark, Washington DC


?A GREAT WEB SITE! Thanks for the many hours of work it took to put together. Also I curse you for the many hours I?ll spend reading it all. ;) Thanks again.?

 - From guestbook:


?You are a champ. Most of us, even if we did find the holy grail would either be too selfish or more likely shy and embarrassed to ever come out publicly the way you have. Your generosity of spirit is truly amazing.? ? John from New Zealand


?The stuff you recommend, winston, has always managed to utterly CHANGE MY LIFE. Thank you for being an inspiration. You will never know how much it means to me!!!? - Elizabeth, Orange County, CA


?Just thought I?d say hi and tell you how much your writing inspired me... I think people ?need? to read what you?ve written? ? Joan, USA


?I enjoy your writing and you are one of the most inspiring dudes around. Main thing is you don't give a shit what other people (especially white) say about you - highly unusual, unfortunately, for any race of people, Chinese especially.  So your stuff is absolutely awesome.? ? John, USA


?Photos prove everything they backup the talk. You walk the talk so to speak and very few of these other men on these Blogging sites can ever claim this not even the agency owners whom many are scamming many men.? - Derek, Washington


?To be honest with you Winston, I think almost all of the girls you hit on (and many of them you scored) are all very hot.  This makes me wonder how you did it, especially the fact that you're an oriental.  I know some guys who have a lot more than you, but they can't do anywhere near what you did (in terms of girls of course).?

- Fan Mail, referring to the Photojournals


?Winston, I am amazed at your ability to attract women that are much more attractive than yourself.  I wish I had more of your magic.  I consider myself much more attractive than you, but you seem to do better with the ladies.  What is your secret??

- Fan Mail, referring to the Photojournals


?Despite all the flak you get you are certainly an interesting character and probably the most famous (or infamous) self-made asian on the internet? ? Rob, USA


"I've got to say this right out: everything you wrote is absolutely dead on, and furthermore, your site, happier abroad, which was linked up to was INSTRUMENTAL in my choice to not give up on women entirely, but look overseas for women of quality...


But I can attest Winston....everything you say above, and on your site is damn true. Damn true. In 7 days I have never been so happy with a woman in my entire life? Why? Because she is night and day unlike the shit here...


Winston, I cannot recomend your site enough. And the ebook. The ebook was great. I even owe you a thank you, I'd say. What I read on there helped me to decide: JUST GO. JUST DO IT. I'm 10,000 times happier because I did. Thank you for your wisdom. Feel free to use anything I write on here or my thread as a testimony...


I was about to give up on women entirely and just be a confirmed bachelor like one of my heroes CS Lewis. But WHY? God, there are women of quality out there. Quality. I HAVE one now. And I saw A LOT MORE. Go abroad, gentlemen, you will indeed be happier...I know I am.


Thanks Winston." - Marcus, Happy Bachelors Forum




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