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Trailer For Female Encounters of the Foreign Kind

  • Shiny Toy Winstons – Fan created music video of Winston Wu experiencing dating freedom and female attention in Russia and Ukraine, set to the music of "Le Disko" by Shiny Toy Guns. Composed of clips from my Russia Trilogy Video Collection.


  • Julia and Katya – Two hot expressive Russian blondes Winston had fun with in Russia, which could never have happened in America. (Warning! Not Rated G)


  • Open Russians  Winston socializing and joking with groups of Russian/Ukrainian youngsters, demonstrating that young people there are far more open, engaging and inclusive than in America. This is a complete contrast to Hollywood's false portrayal of Russians being cold, grim and harsh, and Americans being open, emotional and expressive - proving that the truth is exactly the opposite.


  • My Russia Video Trilogy Collection – Complete video set of all three of my Russia trips between 2002 and 2005, over 38 hours worth of exciting breathtaking footage of Russia and Eastern Europe and many girls I met, interacted with and dated.  All unrehearsed and unscripted.  Allows you to experience Russia and Eastern Europe through my eyes in a reality TV format, the closest thing to firsthand.   See reader comments here.  You may glimpse them in the videos of Russia above, or in my Photojournals, which contains thousands of still images from the videos.


  • My YouTube Channel – More of my videos here (Note: YouTube has removed all my videos for no reason, so I've had to upload them to Vimeo)


  • My Vimeo Channel  More of my videos here.



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