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Warning: These comparisons are taboo and politically incorrect and may offend some people!

Comparison Chart
America in General

Most Other Countries in General

Now how does all that sound?  Would YOU be Happier Abroad?

For a more extensive and comprensive comparison, see my 7 Point Comparison Treatise. Many of the comparisons above are backed up by experts and studies in our Research Section.

Here now are some sensible valid reasons to get out of America.

Reasons to Get Out of America

Here are reasons for Americans to live abroad that other expat sites don't have the guts to mention for some reason. Every country has a different set of pros and cons. The USA has clean air, landscapes, national parks, high quality infrastructure, a wide variety of consumer choices, etc. But on the other hand, it also has the following big negatives:

  1. Fake inauthentic social culture and people. People have to act fake, artificial and phoney in order to be cool, conform and make friends. In a fake social culture, you must develop a fake personality to fit in, which fragments you from your true self. If you are authentic and down-to-earth, you will not fit in. Fakeness requires you to suppress your true self, which erodes your mental health as well. One is not truly free unless one is free to be oneself.
  2. Antisocial paranoid social environment devoid of human connection. There is no real connection, friendship, community or camaraderie with other people. An "ice barrier" exists between strangers (hence the term "breaking the ice"). People don't talk to strangers unless it's business-related. Trying to meet people feels awkward and unnatural. Social life is restricted within closed cliques. People are antisocial, distant and paranoid, and don't know their neighbors. Friendships are mostly a facade. People have soulless empty eyes with plastic smiles, like zombies. All that matters is working and consuming.
  3. The highest mental illness rates in the world. More people have mental disorders than in any other country. And more people are on anti-depressants than in any other nation. About 1 in 3 people have had to see a shrink or mental health professional. This speaks volumes about how insane, toxic, dysfunctional and unnatural the American culture and lifestyle must be. The US also has the biggest mental health industry as well, which profits from coming up with new mental disorders all the time.
  4. The highest rates of depression and loneliness in the world. Deep down everyone feels alone, and knows that if they hit rock bottom, no one will help them. Many have no one to talk to about their problems, so they have to pay to see a therapist who doesn't even really care about them. Everyone is raised to be insecure. No one feels accepted for who they are. So they develop insecurity complexes and phony personalities to try to compensate. America has gotten more lonely and isolated over the years.
  5. Meeting women and getting dates is extremely difficult and unnatural. Women are antisocial, unapproachable, unfriendly, hateful, paranoid, difficult, stuck up, and spoiled rotten with a bad attitude. Thus they are extremely difficult to meet and connect with. They don't like to meet men and don't talk to strangers. They are not open and curious (like foreign women are) but are super cliquish, closed and standoffish. With their self-worth over-inflated, they think they're too good for most men. They are conditioned to hate men and view them as fools, creeps and predators. Being unfeminine, they view femininity as oppressive. Women are masculinized and men are feminized, screwing up both genders. Most single men go years without dates. Every desirable woman is either taken, too picky or not looking. Flirtation is considered creepy and violating. Hitting on girls is taboo. Divorce rates are the highest in the world.
  6. The highest rates of obesity and other health problems. America has the highest rates of obesity, cancer, heart disease and diabetes. There are more overweight people than in any other country. Not only is the food addictive, but life is so empty and miserable that people overeat to fill their emptiness (or they resort to alcohol or drug abuse). This makes it hard to get a decent girl that is not overweight, because they are in the minority, which drives up competition for them to insane levels. It also means that our food and lifestyle are very unhealthy. We all know that food in America contains too many processed ingredients. (Just look at the food labels in US supermarkets) To eat organic in the US is too expensive for most.
  7. Cost of living and prices are out of control. Cost of living is higher than in most other countries, and prices are out of control. Since the instatement of the Federal Reserve in 1913, inflation has devalued the dollar and raised prices every year. This has forced people to work more, have less freedom and free time, and suffer more stress, just to make ends meet.
  8. Healthcare costs are astronomical. The US is the only industrialized nation that has no universal healthcare. Medical costs are insanely expensive. Healthcare costs are the number one cause of bankruptcy in America. The American system is set up to benefit the top 1 percent, and its government would rather spend your tax dollars to drop bombs on people than provide national healthcare.
  9. The biggest prison population in the world. More people are incarcerated than in any other country. This attests to the oppressiveness and gross inequity of US society. The crime rate and murder rate are also the highest compared to other industrialized nations.
  10. The threat of turning into a fascist police state. The US government has turned into a tyrant, bully and control freak, increasingly taking away people's freedoms and rights under the phony guise of the fraudulent and baseless "War on Terror". Some fear that it may become a fascist dictatorship or police state.
  11. More laws than in any other country. The US has more laws than any other nation. Many of the laws are ridiculous, frivolous and unnecessary. This means that the US is LESS FREE than other countries, not more as it claims. Ask any Mexican immigrant and they will tell you that the US is LESS FREE than Mexico.
  12. More people in debt than in any other country. The US leads the world in student loan debt, mortgage debt, and credit card debt. Obviously, more debt = less freedom. So it's ironic that the US is LESS FREE than most other countries when it has always boasted to be "The Land of the Free".
  13. Women are the dominant gender and have all the power. America is a Woman's World, contrary to the rest of the world. Women are the dominant gender and hold all the power and rights over men. Husbands have to call their wives "The boss", and are required to be subservient and obedient to them. Women are able to trample over men and treat them like shit. Men don't have rights in a relationship. Women can divorce men and steal their property with the help of the law. When a man argues with a woman, he is expected to let her win, even if she is clearly wrong. You are not even allowed to signal interest in a woman unless SHE signals an interest in you first. So unless she does, you are out of luck. Pursuing and chasing women are now taboo. But it wasn't like that before the 1990's.
  14. Moral, cultural, spiritual and economic decline. America is in a state of decay - morally, culturally, spiritually and economically. Family values have disappeared. Narcissism is rampant. There is no culture except mindless consumerism. Everything is inversed - good is bad, bad is good, degenerate culture is popular and cool, etc. 99 percent of TV is now trash. In contrast, back in the 50's and 60's, trash content was never allowed on TV. Defiling one's body with tattoos is now mainstream, which was unthinkable in the past.

In contrast, in most other countries:

  1. Authentic down-to-earth social culture and people. Foreign people and cultures tend to be more down-to-earth, genuine and natural. You can be yourself, while meeting people, having fun, and having a good social life. You don't have to act fake or try to be something you're not. Thus you are more integrated with your true self, which is good for your mental health. Being able to be yourself is the ultimate freedom.
  2. People are more friendly, open, and inclusive. The social atmosphere is more inclusive and relaxed. People are down-to-earth and easier to meet and connect with. Talking to strangers feels natural. People are genuine and alive, with real emotions and souls. Thus you feel more alive as well. There is real connection, community and camaraderie with others. Friendships feel truer and families are closer.
  3. Meeting women and getting dates comes easily and naturally. Women are more approachable, friendly, open, sociable, engaging and curious. Thus they are easier to meet and connect with. They are feminine, sweet, modest, thin, down-to-earth, appreciative and treat men better. They cherish their femininity and have values. They seek a partner, not a competitor, and appreciate good men. Men feel valued. Niceness counts.
  4. Flirtation is a positive thing. It creates energy and excitement between women and men. Women are flattered to be hit on, and still believe in romance. It is not considered creepy and inappropriate like in America.
  5. The social environment is relaxed, natural and conducive to good mental health. You feel more accepted, like you can be yourself. "Self-esteem" and "confidence" are not even issues, and neither is "trying to fit in". There is no need to develop inferiority complexes or mental problems. People have real friends and family to talk to about their problems. No one has to see a shrink.
  6. Freethinkers will fit in better in Europe. The good news for freethinkers is that they will be a lot happier in Europe and not feel like misfits. People in Europe are more open to new ideas, more curious and attracted to novelty. They have a wider variety of interests and are more broad-minded. Thus they will be on a more compatible wavelength with a freethinker. Europeans are more apt to having deep conversations. Topics such as history and philosophy are common subjects of interest, even among young people. Also, there is a lot more culture and history in Europe. So overall, a freethinker will connect better in Europe and feel more accepted.
  7. Cost of living is lower and more reasonable. In most foreign countries, cost of living is lower, either by a little or a lot. So people can work less and have more freedom and leisure time. This is ironic, since America boasts itself to be "The Land of the Free".
  8. Healthcare is either covered or affordable. All other industrialized nations have universal healthcare that takes care of everyone. No one goes bankrupt from medical bills like in America. (See the documentary film "Sicko (2007)" by Michael Moore) This is a biggie since health is priceless and the most important thing.
  9. Food is more natural and organic. Food contains less processed ingredients. In Europe for example, mainstream food is already natural and organic, without all the processed ingredients that American food uses. So there is no need to go to expensive health food stores to eat healthy.
  10. People are more well adjusted without inferiority complexes. In other countries, people don't have the inferiority complexes, baggage, issues, dysfunctional personalities, and need to constantly pump up "confidence" that people in the US have. For example, it has been observed by many that Black and Asian men in England do not have the inferiority complex that they do in America, probably because they do not face as much discrimination and racism as they do in the US.
  11. Men are the dominant gender, not women. In the rest of the world outside of America, it is a Man's World. Men do not have to be subservient and obedient to women. They are allowed to take charge and be the leaders of their family or relationships. Women are expected to support their man and help make him the best he can be. Men have proper rights. Women cannot divorce men and steal their property. Men are allowed to court and pursue the woman they desire. It has been this way throughout history, including in 1960's America.

Of course, foreign countries have their downsides as well. Every culture has its pros and cons. So you have to consider which combination of pros and cons work best for you. The point is, as a US citizen (or first world citizen), you have OPTIONS and are not limited to only living in the US. You don't have to ignore or neglect the advantages other countries offer. Don't let patriotic pride get in the way of your happiness. For more reasons to go abroad, see these ones posted by our forum members. Next, here is a comparison chart of specific differences in an easy-to-read format.

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