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"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

"Authority is not truth. Truth is the authority." - Mark Passio

Executive Summary of the Happier Abroad Movement

Purpose and Objectives

Happier Abroad is a movement started by Winston Wu and his Team in 2007 to bring exposure to the nationwide epidemic of loneliness, datelessness and toxic mental health in America that has made it one of the worst cultures for Dating, Social Life and Mental Health, and to offer a Proven Overseas Solution based on the Dating, Social and Mental Health benefits overseas.

The truth is, relationships, social connection and mental health in America have eroded to the point of being dysfunctional, hostile, fake, apathetic and unauthentic. There is a vast silent epidemic of loneliness, isolation, social dysfunction, sexual frustration and poor mental health that has made America a lonely miserable hell for many men, but is taboo to even mention. In short, the following negative patterns dominate in America:

  1. The social environment is isolating, lonely and devoid of human connection. People live in their own bubble and are disconnected. They are unfriendly, fake, soulless and superficial.
  2. Trying to date women is excessively difficult and problematic. They are unfriendly, unapproachable and spoiled with toxic personalities. Every desirable woman seems to be taken or too picky.
  3. The culture is toxic to one's self-esteem, personality and mental health. People feel insecure and inadequate to the core. They develop big egos and become assholes to survive. Or they go crazy.
  4. Cost of living is too high, healthcare costs are astronomical, and food is unhealthy.

These conditions combined make America one of the worst (if not the worst) cultures for Dating, Social Connection and Mental Health, and explain why it has the highest rates of mental illness and loneliness in the world (see these stats and studies). As the great Indian sage Jiddu Krishnamurti stated, "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." Overall, America is very toxic to one's mind, body, soul and relationships.

Yet these realities are taboo to mention them (especially # 2) lest you be perceived as a "loser". Instead, you are expected to always maintain the facade that "everything is great" and if you have a problem you are expected to blame or improve yourself - which changes nothing. But the truth is that the problem lies not in the victims, but in the society itself, evidenced by the fact that for many sufferers, these problems alleviate once they are in different cultures (demonstrated by these testimonials). The Good News is that in most other countries and cultures, these areas are REVERSED:

  1. The social atmosphere is more open, friendly and inclusive. People are authentic, modest and down-to-earth. They are easier to meet and connect with. There is real connection and camaraderie.
  2. Meeting and dating women comes easily and naturally. Women are sweet, friendly, feminine and down-to-earth. They are more approachable, open, sociable, engaging, curious, and warm.
  3. The social culture is more accepting and wholesome. Thus you develop a normal healthy personality without inferiority complexes or psychological baggage. No one has to see a therapist.
  4. Cost of living and healthcare are more affordable, and food is healthier.

Yet most people never hear about these comparisons because they are so taboo. So that's what we are here for, to disseminate these life-changing truths to those in need. Our site provides abundant material - articles, ebooks, photos, videos, podcasts, blogs, forums and testimonials - that back up and prove all these comparisons conclusively. We've changed lives and inspired many people to become "Happier Abroad".

We are the ONLY expat site that addresses WHY of expatriation. Other expat sites only serve as resource guides for expats who are already abroad or planning to relocate overseas. On the rare occasions they address the reasons for going overseas, they only mention the safe politically correct ones such as: lower cost of living, buying nice homes for cheap, experiencing new cultures, job relocation, etc. They NEVER mention the comparative sociological and psychological reasons, which expats themselves attest to. Nor do they address the dysfunctions in America or why it is different in other cultures, for it is too politically incorrect and taboo to do so. We are the only ones that do and detail the comparative differences, such as in our Comparison Chart. Thus, we fill a gap that other sites don't and are badly needed. That makes us unique and one-of-a-kind, as well as the most truthful expat and international dating site on the web.

Our overseas remedy works, which we know for a certainty based on our firsthand direct experiences and that of many we know. Though opinions vary, expat males are unanimous in their testimony that dating overseas is far more healthy, natural, fulfilling and pleasant than in the US, to the point where they claim that they would "never go back to dating women in their own country again".

The above claims about the state of affairs in America which are being ignored or denied are evident by a plethora of facts and statistics, such as the following:

       (Statistics for the below can be found here)

  1. Abundant firsthand testimonial accounts, both online and offline. Hundreds are presented on this site. 
  2. Studies showing social isolation and loneliness at an all time high, and that a large percentage of Americans are lonely and have few or no real friends.
  3. America has the highest rates of mental illness in the industrialized world.  Statistics of people with mental health problems range from 25 to 50 percent.  Furthermore, Americans tend to have to go to therapists or mental health professionals when they have problems, whereas people in other countries usually have close friends to talk to and do not need professional therapists.
  4. The divorce rate in the US is now 50 to 60 percent, much higher than in the past.
  5. The US has the highest prison population in the world, a fact even the media acknowledges.
  6. Rape statistics are also the highest in America.
  7. Homicides and serial killers are also unusually high in the US, arguably the highest in the industrialized world.
  8. Most people in America have a thick psychological wall around them, which you can feel in their vibes, and live in their own bubble, which they call privacy.  They are disconnected and isolated from others, except a small group of friends.  They are paranoid and afraid to talk to strangers, and are uncomfortable meeting new people (hence the term "breaking the ice").  What most Americans don't realize is that throughout the history of mankind, people were not like this - paranoid, living in a bubble and having to "break ice" to talk to strangers - and thus it is an unnatural artificial creation of US culture and society.
  9. There is an inherent fragmentation of one's self and disconnectedness that people feel in America. Foreigners and immigrants notice it too. It's as if you become "fragmented" inside, no longer "whole"... which is very "unwholesome" so to speak. The vibes of the culture also feel "dysfunctional", especially to sensitive people.
  10. Americans in public do not look very happy, but grumpy, irritable and overweight.  And children act spoiled, angry and demanding.  Any casual observer can see this.  Unfortunately, more wealth in America has not led to more happiness, as studies show.
  11. The extreme difficulty and unnatural process of the US dating scene.  Many men feel that the male/female dynamic in relationships has been poisoned and disfigured. Women no longer desire to be feminine, are super picky, unapproachable, not easy to meet, have a sense of entitlement off the charts, treat men badly, are selfish, think every guy is a creep, and often do not even need men in their lives, preferring to walk their dog alone on their day off rather than be with male companionship. Men also feel oppressed by the media, which treats them as an inferior gender.  Every woman seems to be taken, and with such a deficit of choices, any attractive women left become virtually unattainable.  The US has become so prudish that the simple act of flirting between men and women is now deemed in society as "creepy, inappropriate, and a violation of boundaries".  And in turn, many American women report that men are desperate, clingy and needy, or abusive a-holes who don't listen to them. All this is a vicious cycle that can only get worse.
  12. There are more nice decent guys in the US who can not get a date to save their lives, than there are in any other country I've seen. You will not find guys in Europe, Russia, South America or the Philippines, for instance, complaining that they can't meet women or get any dates or that women are unapproachable in their country.
  13. The existence of a ridiculous subculture industry in America for Seduction/Pick Up Artist Gurus (Mystery, Ross Jeffries, David DeAngelo, etc), where men pay for seminars and books from teachers claiming to have "mastered techniques" for meeting and bedding women. This "artificial industry" has been on the rise. Even Dr. Phil has featured some of them on his show. They've treated courtship as a whole "scientific field of study", which is ridiculous. This should tell you a lot right there. Why would such a natural thing like male/female courtship need to be reduced to a "technique" or "science" as though it were a difficult subject that needed to be "mastered"?!  In other countries, it's just like you see in the movies - boy meets girl, they flirt, hold hands, say "I like you" to each other, then kiss and so forth. It's completely natural and effortless.  (I've experienced this firsthand many times)  The students of this industry even have to "master an art" (e.g. advanced conversation techniques) just to hold conversations with women, which ought to be the most natural thing in the world!  Now the thing is, this type of industry is unheard of in other countries. I challenge you to find another country where men pay "seduction or pick up artist gurus" to teach them how to meet women. You can't, cause in other countries, the process is natural and flows normally, not F ed up like in the US. The "chumps" in this subculture never stop to ask the obvious question: "Why doesn't this industry exist in other countries too?"  (And suffice to say, I have yet to meet a single person who could demonstrate and prove that these PUA/seduction techniques turned his love/dating life around 180) (To learn more about why PUA doesn't really work, click here)

The great irony here is that a country which considers itself "the greatest in human history" also has the highest rates of mental illness, loneliness and dateless males in the world. So how can America and its media tout itself as the happiest and freest country on Earth in light of the above facts and statistics which say the exact opposite? It cannot reconcile its hype and propaganda with the truth. In fact, truth itself is often a taboo in America, whereas fakeness, political correctness and hypocrisy have become the norm. But of course, it's taboo to mention that as well. America is a country where it is taboo to say negative things about women and feminism, even if they are true, yet it is not taboo to say negative things about men, even if they are false, while at the same time boasting the right of free speech. (Gimme a break).

While America offers many nice luxuries, comforts and amenities, what it does NOT offer is a culture and environment conducive to natural healthy relationships, friendships and self-esteem/mental health. Its Social Life, Dating Scene and Mental Health are among the WORST in the world (its healthcare system is also an insane mess and its food way too fattening, chemically bad, and genetically modified). It is a culture where one has to develop superficial personalities in order to fit in with cliques and groups. You simply can't be yourself and be accepted. It is a bizarro world in which the more fake, superficial and plastic you are, the more accepted you are, but the more authentic, truthful and deep you are, the more of a misfit you become. No wonder why it's such a lonely country. I mean, geez, you can't even be yourself for Christ's sake.

The US media completely ignores all this. Instead, all they talk about are jobs, employment rates, and tragedies/disasters, which is boring and meaningless. They also perpetuate the myth that working and consuming makes one happy and fulfilled. But this myth was proven false long ago, since if it were true, most Americans would look happy and healthy, but any cursory glance reveals that they are grumpy and miserable. Yet the media still perpetuates this myth in order to boost consumerism, which is their job. And they also do it by feeding you terrible stories designed to keep you living in fear and paranoia, so that you will remain in fear and easy to control, and concentrate on working and consuming. They want to divide the population to keep them segregated and weak. Moreover, they keep you dumb and superficial by feeding you useless news about celebrity's lives (as though you had no life of your own). The US media is a total insult to one's intelligence, humanity and spiritual essence.

The economic system thrives on discontent and unhappiness in order to perpetual consumerism. It does't want people to be truly happy and content. America is a country "built for doing business, not living life."  It is souless commercialism and superficiality with no true human connection. The system is set up to benefit those at the top of the pyramid by turning the population into human capital slaves. 

People and nations tend to deny their own weaknesses, and America is no exception, which shields itself from criticism by condemning anyone who complains as "the problem". It's a purely egoic defense mechanism that does not solve anything. Americans are indoctrinated from childhood to believe that society is "normal and healthy" and that it is our job to conform and fit into it. If we don't, then we are "the problem" and must fix ourselves. Most people buy into that and never realize where the true source of the problem lies. That is why there is widespread ignorance about all of this. 

But we don't buy it. We see the truth. We recognize the false assumptions, unnatural expectations and dysfunction inherent in US society and culture.  As the Indian sage Jiddu Krishnamurti stated, "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

Many in the US suffer silently with their pain invalidated, brainwashed into believing that the problem must be them.  Society has programmed them to blame themselves if they are not happy or thriving in "the system", deflecting the problem from the true source.  So the afflicted tell themselves that they must be lacking something, and that if only they had this or that, they would be happy and fulfilled.  They are left to chase phantoms that go nowhere.

Our culture also holds that we must always maintain the facade of always pretending that everything is great and "hunky dory" else we be ostracized and shamed.  For example, in a typical US office environment, everyone greets each other with "How are you today?" to which you must reply "I'm great" or "Not too bad" even if it's not true.  The social culture demands such fakeness.  This is another reason why most are in denial about this epidemic.

One of America's weaknesses is its socialization process, which leaves a lot to be desired and contributes to an anti-social culture detrimental to human relationships.  America is especially bad for sensitive or fragile people.  The over-competitive culture has a way of making them feel unworthy.  If they break down, they are referred to therapists, who try to give them coping skills, but not a solution to the real problem.  Also, since many in the US have no one to talk to about their problems (their friends don't want to hear about them), they have to go to these shrinks instead, who cannot solve their problems but only give them coping skills to endure the insane sick society they live in.

This social and psychological deterioration in America is like a widespread silent cancer.  We believe that it is better to bring it all to light than to simply ignore it as the media has done.  After all, ignoring an epidemic will not make it go away, but facing it and acknowledging it is the first step toward coping and finding a solution.

We wish to help the afflicated by offering a real solution that works reliably, transforms their lives and fulfills their needs.  Our solution is not some "technique" that you have to master or some "secrets" that you have to buy from us, (as the con-artists from the PUA/Seduction community sell) but consists of only two simple words:


Yes it's that simple.  And our job is to inspire and guide you.

Simply put, one takes the overseas path by going abroad to cultures and environments that are still conducive to happy healthy human relationships, friendships, dating, male/female dynamics, social life, self-esteem and mental health.  It's currently the best and most effective solution, the only one that has consistently proven to work for the average male, not just for a select few or only in theory (as others turn out to be).  We and many that we know can testify to it firsthand.  It works simply, naturally and effortlessly.  But because it is taboo and unconventional, it has not received much exposure. 

While we acknowledge that there is no one right solution or path for everybody, we offer this path as an option to consider, informing others and bringing light to it, since other media outlets and websites refuse to do so and will not touch upon this issue for some reason (perhaps because of the taboo nature and "loser stigma" attached to it). We know for a fact that our solution and path has already helped and transformed the lives of many.  See these testimonials for examples.

This overseas solution also validates the afflicted by showing them that they are not to blame after all.  This is easily proven by the fact that for many, including us, feelings of social dysfunction, isolation, loneliness, alienation, insecurity, sadness, frustration, emptiness, datelessness, sexlessness, and poor mental health naturally disappear upon the changing of societies and cultures.  And doing so has culminated into Romantic, Social and Psychological fulfillment for many as well.  We offer a mountain of verifiable evidence, testimonials, photos and videos to demonstrate this, all of which are indexed from the home page.

We also know that some prefer to stay in America and try to change these things. However, we know that this would be an unrealistic endeavor for obvious reasons, and we feel that life is too short to fight a losing battle forever, especially when an easy solution exists (going abroad) that will immediately remedy it.  But for those who wish to try to change things in America though, we wish them luck.

Now we wish to clarify that Happier Abroad and its fans are not anti-American or anti-patriotic, nor do we hate our country.  We simply acknowledge the reality that the American environment is NOT conducive to happy healthy human relationships, friendships, social life, dating and mental health, rather than deny it.  And we wish to do something about it rather than "blame ourselves" as society says we should do, because doing so has not proven to get results, nor does it lead to romantic, social or personal fulfillment.  But our solution and path does.  It WORKS, leads to happier, healthier romantic and social lives, and psychological well-being.  And that's the bottom line, regardless of its taboo nature or "loser stigma" that society places on it.  We hold Truth and Happiness as the highest ideals, not conformity to propaganda and myth.  And the "truth" is, we are "happier abroad" :)

(Incidentally, the fact that our way works despite its taboo nature also says something, namely, that society is in denial about its own problems, blaming the afflicted victims instead)

The vast material available at HappierAbroad.com demonstrate and prove all this conclusively. We offer proof - an abundance of verifiable testimonials, photos, videos, guidance, and an online community for you to participate in.  We have changed lives, inspired many, giving them hope, validation and a Proven Solution that has led people like you to Love, Social Connectedness and Personal Fulfillment overseas, becoming "Happier Abroad".

So let us open your eyes and show you a better life overseas!

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Mission Statement
  1. To bring exposure to the lonely, disconnected, horrid dating and social life in America, as well as its epidemic of mental health problems and its unhealthy, unnatural, unbalanced lifestyle and culture -- which are not publicly acknowledged due to Western culture's assumption that the individual is the source of all problems.
  2. To offer a Proven Overseas Solution to the above, based on the benefits of living and dating abroad in authentic, saner, healthier foreign cultures, which we've discovered and experienced overseas first hand.
  3. To provide Inspiration, Guidance and Proof of Results of our Overseas Solution through an abundance of evidence, proof, examples and testimonials on our site in the form of Photos, Videos, Articles, Ebooks, Podcast Interviews, Trip Reports, Research Studies, and participation in our Online Community.
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