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HAPPIER ABROAD  Why You Will Have A Better Love and Life Beyond America


Bland cookie cutter architecture vs. rich stimulating one


As anyone who's been to the US or lives there knows that its architecture consists of cookie-cutter type buildings which basically look like bland bags and cubes.  There, buildings are designed for commercial use and efficiency only.  Its corporate buildings, offices, and strip malls exemplify this consistently.


Just go to a library or bookstore, and pick up a book showing landmarks of the world, and you will see what real culture other nations have in their buildings, structures, and monuments.  Then you will see how clueless America's culture and architecture really is.


Some try to excuse this and America's lack of culture by claiming that it is a new country only 200 years old.  What these linear-sighted people fail to take into account is that first of all, America's settlement and colonization began 500 years ago after the year 1492, not merely 200 years ago after the Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary War was won.  Second, what culture America had back in the 19th Century in the character of its Victorian style buildings was later destroyed, replaced by bland cookie-cutter style buildings designed solely for commercial use.  Go to any city museum with old 19th Century photos, and you will see all this.


The bland lifeless characterless architecture of the US makes the national weight epidemic even worse cause its environment just isn't stimulating enough for people to go out and take walks as it is in Europe/Russia.


On the other hand, in Europe/Russia, the architecture is rich, stimulating, colorful, historic, and full of character/personality.  For some great examples, see these links of postcards I collected and photos I took in Europe/Russia:












To see more, see my Photojournals and the Russia/Europe Photo Collage.  As you can see from the rich images and architectures above, even Russia, which is considered by the US as a third world country, looks much more "established" culturally and historically than the USA.


Even small towns in Europe look richer and more cultural than in the US, as you can see in these photos below:





In contrast, see these suburban strip malls in the US, designed without regard for style, culture, or personality, but for uniformity, efficiency and commercial use.







As they say, “We are the product of our environment.”


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