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"If anyone feels they "come out of their shell" when overseas, try to keep something in mind. That person you are overseas is the real you. The person you are in America is a prisoner, nothing more." - Grunt

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Female Encounters of the Foreign Kind (Video Series)
New! Winston's Complete Russia Trilogy Videos (Full 38 hrs, now free to view)
Music videos of Winston in Russia and Philippines (Fan-created)
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of the Foreign Kind (Video Series)

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See completed parts 1 - 7 on Vimeo here

This is my ultimate video series showing TOTAL PROOF that foreign women in many overseas countries are much more approachable, open, natural,  sweet and down to earth than in the US. Composed of clips from my Russia Video Trilogy Collection, they show how I met many attractive/cute females abroad easily and naturally with in the flow. This is a huge contrast to the US and other anti-social cultures where there is an ice barrier between strangers and where hateful women despise men are creeps, fools and predators by default.

Here you can see close to firsthand, me experiencing what I claim, as it happened. You see, anyone can claim or say that women are friendly in any particular culture because it's the politically correct thing to say (as Travel Guides and Travel Channel programs do). But it's quite another thing to PROVE that women are more open, approachable, sweet and down-to-earth by filming it as it happens. And these videos do just that. It is a great testament to my proven claims that are given no publicity in the US due to its taboo nature. Hence the job of this series.

Parts 1 to 7 are completed so far. You can see them all in my Vimeo Album for the series here.

For more videos, see my Video Index and Dating Abroad Slide Shows. You can also order my Russia Trilogy Video Collection containing 38 hours of unedited footage from which these videos were taken. The foreign females in these videos can also be seen in my Photo Collage and Photojournals.

Part One
Part Two
Shiny Toy Winstons - Fan created music video of Winston Wu experiencing dating freedom and female attention in Russia and Ukraine, set to the music of "Shiny Toy Guns".
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Open Russians - Winston socializing and joking with groups of Russian/Ukrainian youngsters, demonstrating that young people there are far more open, engaging and inclusive than in America. This is a complete contrast to Hollywood's false portrayal of Russians being cold, grim and harsh, and Americans being open, emotional and expressive - proving that the truth is exactly the opposite.
Julia and Katya - Two hot expressive Russian blondes that Winston had fun with in Russia, which could never have happened in America.
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