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"No country has it all, and most countries are heavily weighed in one direction and severely poor in another area. Countries that are materially rich are poor spiritually and socially. Countries with the best jobs opportunities cannot usually provide too many gorgeous dates. Countries with the most beautiful women have bad economies and rotten politics. It, therefore, stands to reason that in order to have it all, living in more than one country is often a necessity."
- Ladislav, Expat and Cultural Advisor of HappierAbroad.com

(Note: This was actually the original introduction, but when I wrote the new version, I didn't want to discard it as it contained many valuable points. So I just made it a Part Two of the Introduction.)

Introduction to Global Dating - Part Two

You know, I've been through 20 years of endless loneliness and datelessness in America in perpetual frustration and unfulfillment. (Click here to read the story of my 20 years of loneliness in America)  God knows I've tried everything out there given as remedies for datelessness in America - church groups, dance classes, special interest groups, volunteer work, clubs, discos, avenues of nightlife in the US, dating gurus, dating books, seduction techniques, self-help courses, college fraternities, personal ads, internet dating sites, etc.  I've tried it all.  But all I got was polite superficial short conversation that went nowhere, not quality dates or fulfilling relationships.  And I heard all the BS pep talk from well meaning people as well, none of which made any lasting difference, fulfilled my desires, or delivered tangible results that met my standards.

For years, every situation and circumstance in my life told me over and over again that: 

"You are not dating material.  You are not desirable to women you want.  You are not meant to have love or be with beautiful women.  You aren't good enough.  Stop fighting it.  Accept it."

And you know what?  All the evidence in my life supported those statements.  But stubborn as I was, I could NOT ACCEPT it.  So I resisted in futility, over and over again, like an ant trying to move a molehill.  None of that changed though, until I began to think outside the box a little, and that's what led to this discovery.  Now I have everything I want and desire.

But unfortunately, this solution I've discovered receives virtually NO PUBLICITY, certainly not in the media, and only a little on the internet.  The reason is because it's considered taboo, politically incorrect, and goes against the dominance of the man-hating feminists in the media and social culture of America.  As a result, the millions of Americans that this discovery would help do not know about it. That's why I've taken it upon myself to create this website to help disseminate this discovery, even if it means standing alone.  (After all, if you know something that will help millions of people that is receiving no publicity, shouldn't you do something about it?!)

You know, in this world, there are some things that are plainly obvious and as apparent as the blue sky, yet are too taboo and inappropriate to talk about them, and to do so would incur condemnation and ostracization from others.  It's a kind of bizarro world, a form of the "Emperor's New Clothes", where everyone has to pretend to be blind to it.  One example of this is the anti-sociality, isolationism, and dysfunctional nature of the social and dating scene of the US, which does not flow smoothly or naturally at all compared to most of the rest of the world.  People in the US are generally stuck up, noninclusive, cliquish, paranoid, and uptight about meeting new people or talking to strangers. (An "ice barrier" exists between strangers in the US, hence the expression "break the ice")  You are not supposed to complain about any of this, but are in fact expected to like it this way, just like everyone else does.  Otherwise, you're a FREAK, loser and reject. 

Here are some pictures I took on a Seattle ferry which depict this social isolationism in plain view.

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As you can see, isolationism is the norm in this scene, (as it is in most public scenes of the US) whereas socialization is not.  No wonder why it's so hard to meet people in the US.  You are "supposed" to enjoy being alone in public.  If you don't, then there's something "wrong" with you.  I could take an infinite number of photos in public places in America that depict the same thing of course, but you get the idea.  The point is, though this isolation and anti-sociality is as clear as night and day, which any average person can see, you aren't allowed to talk about it, or you would be seen as a social reject. 

Now, normally it would be impolite to try to talk about something that people don't want to talk about.  However, this pattern of social isolationism that prevails in the US leads to suffering for many people, such as loneliness, datelessness, sexlessness, friendlessness, a feeling of disconnectedness rather than belonging, etc. all of which lead to depression, unhappiness, mental illness, and a lower quality of life.  Frankly, I don't think it's right to let so many people suffer endlessly like that simply because their suffering is a taboo subject.  That's just cruel and messed up.

The truth is, very few lonely people in America have the guts to admit to their situation.   But you can't blame them, because in America it's a BIG SHAME as well as a loss of pride and dignity to admit that you are lonely, dateless, or friendless.  (I guess based on that, one could infer that I have no shame, but I like to think that my passion for the truth, as well as my anger toward injustice and a wasted life, is greater than my fear of shame.)  As a result, many of them are in self denial and pretend not to need others.  God knows how many are out there suffering silently.

Now, some are able to tolerate these anti-social conditions for long periods of time, or else they just go for years hiding their pain. But others, like me, have no tolerance for it, so we take ACTION to do something about it, even at the peril of venturing down unconventional paths that may be frowned upon by others.  Well I braved that risk, rather than living in fear and loneliness, and it paid off BIG TIME, far beyond what I could ever dream of!  And that's the discovery I want to share with you.

Then I finally discovered the solution.  Though it was quite simple, there are huge psychological and social barriers to it.


Yep that's it.  That's the real and complete solution for loneliness, datelessness, friendlessness, and sexlessness in America.  What this means is that LOCATION is the ANSWER! (not attitude, like many Americans like to believe)  If you have trouble believing that, see these convincing testimonials and interviews from others that will confirm that as in real estate, it's all about location, location, location.

Ever since then, I've been passionate about sharing this discovery, for other lonely guys in my predicament. 

From then on, it's only a matter of selecting WHICH overseas country is right for you. But that's the fun part. You see, the trips and adventures you take beyond US borders is a journey that in and of itself brings the cure and all the benefits described below, as well as many discoveries and experiences you otherwise would never have and have never even dreamed of!  At that point, whether you settle somewhere or not doesn't really matter, because you've already begun a whole new rich and fulfilling life, so that wherever you belong or fit in best comes naturally, as part of the flow. 

The obstacle to this is that not only is this idea taboo, but it's out of our paradigm as well, because we've been conditioned by our society and media to believe that everything that is of any worth, value or importance happens in America, and that beyond its borders everything is bad, horrible, dangerous, and filled with millions of people trying to get into America.  In other words, America is the universe and only chaos exists outside of it.  Thus, to seek answers beyond US borders is unthinkable to most Americans.  Plus, our media has fed us the notion that only "losers" go get wives in other countries.

This is the propaganda we've been fed.  Nothing could be further from the truth, but you won't know it unless you go outside "The Matrix" of the US.  Until you do though, you might need some convincing, and so that's where this website comes in.  If you look over all my material - photojournals, trip reports, pictures, videos, testimonials, etc - you WILL believe and know.  The abundant proof is undeniable, irrefutable, and speaks for itself.

You know, after a life of futile dead ends and no-win situations, going abroad was the only REAL solution that worked, permanently, naturally, and with the flow.  Suddenly, I felt alive and living my dreams.  I did not have to fight uphill battles anymore or try to "make" things happen against the flow and natural order of things.  All the vast material on my site proves it.  Have a look through my Photojournals, Photo Collages, and Ebook, and you'll see what I mean.

In summary, here are the primary differences I discovered between dating, social life and mental health in the US vs. most countries abroad:

In America:

So as you can see, it's a losing battle and sinking ship, as well as a waste of time and life, at least for some such as myself.  There are just way too many factors stacked against the average single guy in America these days that make seeking fulfillment from females an almost futile endeavor. 

But in most of the other 200 countries outside the US, most or all of these factors are reversed.

In most countries abroad:

(For a side by side layout of these differences, see this Comparison Chart)

These things are a huge refreshing difference, a world of difference in fact.  All the material in my Photojournals and Photo Collage, prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Though these differences are as glaringly obvious as the blue sky above, NONE of it receives ANY publicity in the US. You aren't supposed to know about them for some reason. And that's what this website tries to remedy, by getting this info out there and educating those who need to know.  Remember folks, you don't have to put up with loneliness and datelessness in America!

If you think that foreign women are only nice to you because they want your money and a green card though, click here.

So, if you're one of the lonely, dateless, sexless men in America who has tried everything and are at a dead end, consider yourself lucky to have found this website.  There are millions of lonely men in America with no female companionship or social life, who can't do anything about it, sitting at home during their free time, jerking off on the couch in front of the TV, eating potato chips or playing video games, and living in denial. Most of them will never hear about any of this. They will never know what they are missing beyond "The Matrix", will never know about the abundant social and love life they could have, and will never experience the touch of a beautiful woman. 

But who's going to share this "Gospel" with them?  Who's going to tell them about the "Holy Grail" that will cure their lonely ailment and change their lives? The corporate media won't. The government won't. The schools and teachers won't (if they're students). Their friends, neighbors and coworkers won't (at least not most of them). Not even liberal Hollywood or its celebrities and stars will. Nor will the the newspapers, magazines, journals, independent news sources, television, or radio. Not even Howard Stern will tell them about it. Not even other expatriate sites will (they are only relocation guides or host property listings). Almost no one will.

But I WILL! :) (shouldn't somebody?)

Otherwise, there's only a slim chance they might find out about it somewhere on the internet or a friend might tell them, but the overall chances are small.  During my 20 years of loneliness in America, I never heard about it either. So if you know any of them, please pass this website on to them. If you're wondering if this site is for losers, then click here.

Or, you could take the alternative to going abroad, which is namely, staying in the US and following the conventional wisdom of 1) Working on yourself, and 2) Join clubs and activities, and maybe you'll attract the "right person" someday. To see why this approach is futile and inferior, see here.

I'll tell you, as many others in my path will, that once you go abroad and experience all this, you'll never want to go back and you'll be kicking yourself for not having gone sooner.  If you haven't yet, see the Comparison Chart I created to get the big picture.

Of course, no one path or formula is right for everyone, but if you fit most of the criteria in this Checklist, then this just might be the way for you.

Besides curing loneliness, being abroad leads to other fringe benefits:

Now, don't get me wrong, I love America, the principles it was found upon, and all that it stands for, as well as the great things it's done in the world.  But the reality is that for me and many men, America has the WORST social and dating scene in the world. And since my biggest interest is beautiful women and dating, I was doomed to be unhappy, lonely, frustrated and dissatisfied in America, unless I did something about it.  Like the saying goes, "Extreme situations require extreme measures."

In addition, there are mental health and psychological reasons to be abroad.  See my articles about that here: 

Interconnectedness vs. Separateness
Fragmentation vs. Wholeness

Anyhow, if you've gotten this far, I thank you for your interest and for allowing me to share my discovery with you.  If my cause has struck a chord with you, you may begin by browsing the rest of the content of this site from the home page or menu tabs above.  The material in each section validates my claims in some way, through photographs, videos, examples, testimonials, and trip reports, to the point of certainty.  You can also see these awesome Video Reviews by Fans

But first, if you haven't already, read these messages to you about dating abroad from my Expat Advisor Ladislav.  It's very eloquent, inspirational and full of truth.  Then consider the alternatives to dating abroad, and decide if that's what you really want.

Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at wwu777us@yahoo.com or post them on our Discussion Forum.

Thank You and Best Wishes.

Winston Wu

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